ARS Literati $10,000 Challenge

From: (Martin Hunt)
Subject: Re: First Annual ARS Literati Challenge---The Winners
Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 09:42:42 GMT

Bob Minton <> wrote:

>Seven people received 2 votes each from the three judges and therefore have
>submitted entries which qualify in the eyes of the three judge panel of
>Baba Rom Dos, Gerry Armstrong and Martin Hunt. I would sincerely like to thank
>the judges for their hard work and wise choices! Hip Hip Hooray for the Judges!
>This means that the seven names listed below win $10,000 each as a qualifying
>entry award:
>Joe Cisar
>Scott Mayer
>Arnie Lerma
>Jeff Jacobsen
>Konchok Penday
>Ralph Hilton
>The Grand prize winner of an additional $10,000 is Joe Cisar in a landslide.
>His essay was magnificent and came closet to meeting ALL the requirements for
>the challenge.
>Second Place, which gets only kudos in addition to the $10,000 qualifying entry
>gift, goes to Scott Mayer.
>Third Place, which also gets only kudos in addition to the $10,000 qualifying
>entry gift, goes to Arnie Lerma.
>Fourth place, and I fully agree with Baba ROm Dos about this, goes to Jeff
>Jacobsen for his essay which is the best essay for non-scientologists.
>I would sincerely like to thank everyone who participated in this challenge and
>I think we all learned more about Scientology as a result.
>Thank you,
>Bob Minton
>P.S. Those who have won, should email me at with a name and
>address to which you want your check sent.

Congratulations to all the winners! You really earned your awards. I would like to add one footnote to this essay contest, and that is to follow-up on the excellent idea of publishing all the essays in a book.

Altogether, including the late entrants, the essays come to about 800kb of text. This is the same size, roughly, as the well-know books on Scientology by Jon Atack, Bent Corydon, and Roy Wallis - in other words, a pretty substantial book.

The cost of running off 1,000 copies of this would be about $10,000 - only 1/8th the winnings of the entrants. I offer my services as an editor for the essays (things like spell checking, tidying up the grammar, making an index and so forth) if this idea comes to fruition. And, of course, it would be very nice to see all the essays on a single webpage; I'm willing to write them all up into basic html if someone would like to host them, and if none of the entrants object to webbing their essays. Better luck next time to those whose essays didn't make it into the winner's circle; Bob has added "first annual" to the subject line, so it looks like you have one year to come up with another entry - get those fingers flying on the keyboard.

Congratulations again; very good job to all the writers!

Cogito, ergo sum.

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