ARS Literati $10,000 Challenge

Subject: Thanks to Bob Minton
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 13:40:33 GMT
Message-ID: <7svp8e$vfi$>

Dear Bob:

This message is intended to publicly thank you for sponsoring the $10,000 challenge. It is difficult to express just how beneficial it has been to me to finally sit down and explore all of the ramifications of my decision to join the Sea Organization so many years ago. The contest has totally solidified my purpose in bringing light to the world about the truly evil nature of not only Scientology, but cults in general.

I have already budgeted a significant portion of my part of the contest forms in support of Citizens Against Corruption, which Arnie Lerma and I are going full bore on in preparation for making making some sorry days and nights ahead for the Hubbard Heads. I'm looking forward to working with both you and Stacy to bring some equity and recourse to those the cult harms on a daily basis.

As to the bonehead wanna-be OT critics out there on A.R.S., who don't lift a finger to do anything for society, yap like a gaggle of hens and criticize you for helping to fight the good fight; were they genuinely decent human beings, they would be pulling money out of their pockets, contributing to a Citizen's trust fund to fight corruption, and would make people like you unecessary in order to put bad guys in their rightful places.

I promise you this. I can smell an unethical son of a bitch a mile away. The fact that they're writing behind a hidden screen somewhere for fear of the light of day, doesn't mean a thing. The proof of the tree is in its fruit, and their's is always rotten. Pray they that they do become OT because until they get a real identity, I intend to put a spotlight on their evil little minds.

Again, I salute your patronage of good citizenship.

Scott A. Mayer
U.S. Fleet Captain
Church of Scientology International
Sea Organization