ARS Literati $10,000 Challenge

From: Dave Bird <>
Subject: ARS Literati $10,000 Challenge---(Dave Bird)
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 20:16:55 +0100
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ARS Literati $10,000 Challenge---(Dave Bird)

This is submitted after deadline, and may not qualify; that is up to the judges. I originally posted it anonymously.

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>2) It must be not only relevant to Scientology, it must reveal its
> hidden workings and show Scientology up for what it is.


Imagine a man.

Imagine a man who has little real idea of others, or how others feel: they are part of him to manipulate.

There is not much love in his life.

The world is not about love; it is about survival, and control.

His world is.

He doesn't converse like a real person, as if he was dealing with real others who have real needs. This conversing thing, it's a game -- he sees it -- you go in there and you just keep saying your version till you get what you want.

Another way to manipulate people. It's easy.

The boundary between self and other is a vague one, and movable. What he does not like of himself can be outside; the world's bad purpose, somebody else's fault. Every mistake is always somebody else's fault. You have to be in control. Hey, there isn't any reality out there. Reality is what you want it to be. If you don't like it, change it, rewrite it, lie--you have to lie to people to control them. If something went wrong to your discredit, edit the thing so it's someone else's mistake and tell the new version with a bold front. You can have what you want by wishing. It's your world; honestly.

So he is a liar and a romancer too. He edits and invents his past, to make himself look good. He has no idea of others' property -- he will take without guilt, and walk away. Even though he could pay; just because he can do it. Why did the scorpion sting the frog? It's his nature. He knows that money puts you incontrol. the purpose of anything is to get money: money is control

But those bad purposes, those things you sent outside -- watch out -- they're always creeping back, persecuting you. They're outside and they're after you. There's always someone perscuting you. If anyone outside tries to make you responsible, put guilt on you, bring guilt back in; they're an enemy. Don't reason with them: attack first. Find out why they're persecuting, and hit them hard with it.

He is an intelligent man. But somehow the practical, rigorous things escape him. He cannot make a go of maths or engineering: they evade him. His is intellectually lazy. The world can be controlled by wishing, he will not work to understand it on the world's terms. He hates those who can do what he can't, too. Understanding the world can be faked, romanced, rewritten: just pretend a ''fake wooden wristwatch'' science, and the gullible will fall for appearances. people are very easily manipulated.

Don't confuse ''an insane appreciation of reality giving insane purposes'' with ''a poor grasp of reality, an inability to control it, a tendency to be overwhelmed by it.'' If he was a weak man, things would get too much for him, and one day all those things pushed outside would come back to haunt him --- he would run down main street naked, screaming he was pursued by a herd of invisible wardrobes.

Imagine that.

But he is not a weak man. His purposes are insane, but he grabs the world hard and makes it insane to suit them. If he has not the reality of communication, he uses his strong intellect to all the more determinedly fake it better than most with genuine empathy -- and uses it ruthlessly to manipulate. He is the clever and wellhidden paranoid, using his wits to keep up a front. He is a likeable rogue, a tale-teller, a man with charisma. Because he will put up a better show of false liking than those troubled with working out first whether they like you, he seems very affable. Because he ignores the normal limits, because you think ''nobody with a sense of decency would go that far,'' he's off and done it and outflanked a normal person by his shamelss audacity. He is a natural showman, a new P.T.Barnum: there's a fool born every minute, and he knows how to soon part the marks from their money.

Such as him have been historical figures, and made whole nations dance to their insanity. One was a president recently. He was called Ron, too. He too had the bullshit bonhomie that bamboozles the unwary; and the cold, manipulative lonely and loveless individual behind the actor's mask. Our man hasn't the political skills for that. There is one thing he is good at: manipulating words, manipulating people, romancing and making up lies. He becomes a writer. Not a good one, but good enough and in bulk by Thursday (''we don't want it good, we want it Thursday''). It is a profession of sorts. He is a hero, a god, really, in his own mind. But he is also a writer. It pays the rent.

Outwardly, he does not crack up. But it is not comfortable, being him. There are snakes in his head. He drinks a lot to cover it up. He has towering and unpredictable rages when anyone crosses him. He has a terrible day-long vision in a fit of delirium tremens, of the world cauterised in a wash of nuclear fire and visions of gods and demons and angels and charriots. He is a writer; he writes it down feverishly the in the next few days, hardly stopping to eat. The things wrong with him, hidden and papered over with tight control, get worse and worse. A new complication is delusions -- he keeps them hidden under the mask, tells no one -- of demon things infesting his body, crawling out of his nostrils and under his armpits, moving, slithering, all over him. He becomes terribly obsessed with dirt and decay, goes into screaming paroxysms of rage at the tiniest speck of uncleanliness.

And then a strange thing happens.

He offers himself to the world.

''You too'', he says ''can have a mind like mine.''

''Come, and go mad.''

Like Tommy, beckoning the multitudes into his holiday camp, giving each earplugs to be deaf and a gag to be dumb; he writes down how to be mad, like him, and teaches it for money. Yes, the marks even pay to be made insane.

First he stops their busily moving attention for a long while to disorient them, and make them a little suggestible. Then they learn to think, like him, that the world is for survival and control. To converse, like him, not recognising the other's needs but simply pushing what the want over and over until they get it. To blame any mistake on someone else doing them deliberate harm, and react to any criticism with an instant spasm attack on the source of it as enemy. To believe that the purpose of evrything is making money and more money so as to keep him in control. To center round a ritual which concerns entirely being controlled, and later when permitted learn to control others in the other role of that ritual. To systematically lie to others in order to control them. To think, hey, there is no reality out there, reality is what you want it to be, you can edit the world just by wishing (intending). And all based on fake ''wooden wristwatch'' science, on bluster and flimflam and playing round with words.

In six months you can take a normal person and make them systematically act out the role of a psychotic. Hell, what they consistently do **is** them: you can have a pretty good go at actually making them psychotic.

And for the advanced students, there's more. First they can have their very own delirium tremens vision of the wrold seared byHBombs and erupting volcanoes, which he has carefully recorded to share with them. Then they can learn the magic words for slowly conjuring away the demon spirits which--because everyone else is like him really, they just **pretend** to have different reactions--everyone else must secretly without admitting have crawling and writhing everywhre over and in-and-out of their bodies.

And when you get people to act out the minor signs of insanity, the the visions of the world consumed in fire, then the infestation with demon spirits crawling all over their bodies.... sometimes they become what they have acted out. Sometimes they collapse into incoherence and are taken away, grabbing--as someone who saw it definitely DID say--at the demon spirits they think are crawling all over them.

Imagine that.

What a strange and coincidental side-effect.

You teach people to act out the psychotic behaviour of a psychotic individual (yes, a clever and dissembling psychotic who takes care the world does not see the true extent of the snakes in his head). You get them to act out stage by stage the deepening steps of his madness. And some of them actually become the madness they are acting out. Whoever would have thought so: it's utterly baffling how it came about....

And after he dies, some of his friends say ''hey, we can take pieces of this being made insane, and it can serve the good purposes he pretended it would and none of the actual controlling. We van still make people use conversation only to get their way. We can make a person sit dazed in a chair and practice being controlled. We can maybe even teach them there are a **few** demon spirits crawling over them, and just exorcise those. It is after all supposed to heal; all of this is neutral and not about controlling or making mad as its made author, is it?''

Imagine that: how people could be so blind to what is right before their eyes.

But, hey -- it's only an exercise in imagination.

Nothing that insane could really happen in the world.

Could it?

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