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I have just sent this to Bob with the suggestion that we all split the prizes evenly and avoid the difficult, tedious and divisive work of judging.

In this finished version the second half is entirely new and different from the first version I submitted. I invite Lurkmonster and Enzo to dare to read it.


ARS Literati Contest entry, revised, complete, and magnificent. This replaces the earlier version and the revised part 1. (©) Ed XXXXX

The Way Out Is the Way Through

Please be comfortable, relax and enjoy. I am honored to have your attention. This is going to be fun, and I think you will find it positive and constructive. There will be no evaluation, invalidation, confidential tech or "make wrong" here.

To save a lot of typing I will use "Scn" for Scientology or Scientologist, "Scns" for Scn-ists in the plural, "SO" for Sea Org, "GO" for Guardian's Office, "OSA" for Office of Special Affairs.and "C of S" for the church as a corporate beingness.

The audience I have in mind here is someone like me who has given a sizable part of a lifetime to Scientology. You who are relative newbies are very okay here, too. I was one once myself.

Particularly I am speaking to a group I'd call, for lack of a better term, TNXers. (TNX is Theta News Exchange, a private Scn moderated listserv.) You have been in Scn for a long time; many of you are in LA or Clearwater (CW), you have a really good, happy life going; good family, home, a successful business, a happy philosophy of life, lots of friends. Many have been on staff and thoroughly know the ropes in Scn. You work hard. You are not very different from a lot of productive and happy members of other churches. You are able to hold your space, the registrars know that, and you have reached a mutually beneficial accomodation with them. The reges don't hassle you, you give money on a regular basis; there's no wasted time and unpleasantness and they can concentrate on other people. You have a sizable community of fellow Scns and access to auditing, training, and upper level services all within an easy drive. Life is sweet and you feel that you are supporting a very vital cause.

LA and CW are by far the two biggest Scn locations. The other continents' SO org locations have much smaller communities, and in general, anywhere else you probably feel somewhat isolated. Ever since ASHO was opened in 1970 and Flag Land Base in CW in 1975, Scns from the rest of the world have been migrating from other orgs to these two places and staying. LA and CW have grown and grown as Scn communities at the expense of the lower orgs and missions. The reason that I mention this is that Scns in LA and CW are likely to have a different reality on the state of Scn than others. You may think the church is doing just fine, since you're in an active community with substanctial PR Area Control, especially in LA. From a larger planetary view, the church is in deep trouble because PR AC is shaky at best.

My purpose in this writeup is to explore for the common ground that former Scns and current Scns can start from, so that we may look at positive options that serve us all. We need to find some way to reform the C of S management and its policies. If that could happen in the right way, we could all look forward to these benefits:

1) Vast amounts of upset, nastiness, suppression, illegality, and confusion could cease and begin to be cleaned up.

2) The attacks on the church would stop. (Not because some conspiracy of enemies can turn a switch off, but because the substantive reasons for concern would be handled.)

3) The authoritarian and totalitarian aspects, which neither of us like, will be cleared away. Present and former Scns and enemies of Scn can surely agree on one point, that the most obnoxious single aspect of Scn is its totalitarian structure.

4) The ideas and practices within Scn tech would be available, for better or for worse, for actual beneficial use in the world, without stifling and monopolistic control.

5) You could have peace and harmony with the "free zone". Tech and quality of tech could be restored. People could freely talk about, explore, and improve tech. Large numbers of staff and SO members who are now occupied with unproductive admin management superstructure and OSA can move into work more aligned with tech and helping people.

6) The different interests here (broadly speaking, current members, former members, and never-member advocates for justice, human rights, internet free speech, etc.) could reach a common middle ground and go on their separate ways and paths.

7) All of us could learn from the experience, release it, and move on from it. We especially would benefit from the experience of seeing this particular peace-making (an epic challenge) go right.

8) Many difficult and complicated details lie ahead, in their time. In this time, right now, the idea is to see how we can co-create the broad outlines that further the elements that all of us agree on.


I'm not going to waste any words at all telling you about Scn. You know whatever you know and your experience is whatever it is. I will discuss briefly a couple of very important points in past Scn history that may have passed before you became involved. I will mention here and there some bits of my personal Scn experience, but that is not the main focus. My reason for getting into history is that ever since about December 1968 I have been trying to understand exactly why Scn no longer felt right, at first, and later, why it steadily got farther off the rails. Quite possibly you have done the same. Over the years I voraciously read practically everything of LRH's policy and tech writings as well as a lot of the Flag Orders and other SO issues; I have served through a staff contract and had some tech training. I could have been a fine C/S or Data Series evaluator.

When I went into Scn I had heard the whole grand story of Scn by word of mouth from a college friend and I knew I wanted to be involved. I wanted to be an expert auditor and case supervisor so that I could help people, one at a time, to progress from where they were spiritually towards a better place. Virtually everyone I know who has been seriously involved in Scn was moved by a strong purpose to help people, either as an auditor or as a general admin staff person in the organizations that support the work of auditors.

Now I have to admit that I also wanted to experience Power, Clear and the OT levels, because they were mysteries that seemed to be desirable, and quite a few people that I really liked and respected also wanted to attain those levels.

I also detested Nazis, Communists, and the stereotype that Scn had of psychiatrists as characters who wouldn't have felt out of place doing experiments in the death camps. I appreciated that Scn seemed to share my loathing for totalitarians and oppressors. They also were strongly against the use of drugs, and in the late '60s the spiritual fun aspect of the druggie hippie movement had already begun to move beyond that to ugly excess. Scn seemed to have a position that didn't dump on the spiritual fun; it just added a useful spiritual discipline of keeping the body clean of poisons.

Most of my Scn friends, like myself, came from generally unreligious backgrounds and had little interest in or attraction to religion, which seemed to be more about oppressive rules of conduct and wearing uncomfortable clothes to boring services than anything of value. Scn was the first spiritual group I encountered that seemed to offer something on my wavelength.

I happened to come in through New York Org in the late '60s, which was one of the few cases in history where any org really boomed and the boom didn't depend on gross off-policy actions.

In NY in late 1968 Sea Org missionaires came in and dramatically spoiled the fun. The place never fully recovered its sense that Scn could succeed and be an enjoyable life. Many of the tech-trained people moved to LA and became the nucleus of the Scn community there, and remain so to this day.

In the NY boom there was joy. It was a pretty exciting time to be alive, anyway, of course. People handed out tens or hundreds of thousands of "You are cordially invited..." flyers on the subway. At that point you could openly, joyfully disseminate Scn and not feel a need to be defensive at all about it. A lot of the people who were drawn to Scn were very intelligent and creative. They were winners, not losers in life.

Today of course most of the winners in life in Scn countries have already heard bad stuff about it. Telling strangers about it is a lot more work than it used to be because they ask tough questions about organizational policies and practices rather than the substance of what the practice of Scn is about. I recall noticing in 1971 that I could tell my friends about Dianetics and how the tech worked, and they would listen raptly, but they wanted nothing to do with the org, because it was too weird. "Org" was an alien-sounding word. If they went to the org the people were really nice, but there were a lot of weirdnesses just under the surface and the people at the top strutted around in military uniforms, but without the comfortable presence that a real officer in uniform has. Sea Org officers were missionaires putting out organizational fires; they didn't get to relax and mingle with the natives much.

I want to emphasize that my intent is not to put down or make wrong. 1967 through 1971 was a very, very important period. It happened, it's over with and can't be changed now.

After the change, if you wanted to get a friend into Scn, it would involve explaining and rationalizing the fact that part of the package was that if you got involved, you would have to go along with the organizational weirdness if you wanted to help yourself and others with the tech. If your friend asked why the org weirdnesses and Sea Org missionaires on billion-year contracts were part of LRH's design... there was no easy good answer.

You could say "I love the tech and want to use it to help myself and others to clear insanity" along with "I really don't know why LRH has things set up the way they are; who am I to presume to understand that, but since he is the source of the tech, I'll go along with it." That didn't feel right to me because I wanted to feel that I could understand and embrace the whole of the package if I was going to recommend it to another.

If you talked in depth with people who knew what was going on, you could learn of the whole story of LRH's valiant struggle against the international bankers' conspiracy, the World Federation of Mental Health, governments, KGB, CIA, FBI, FDA raids on the Washington, DC org, attempts to ban Scn in various countries, and so on.

Why would they all want to suppress Scn? Well, that's a long story. My only point here is that it WAS a long story, not easily told, not something undertaken lightly. Not only that, much of the story was considered "out-gradient", something new people weren't supposed to hear about because they might be confused and distracted by the questions it raised.

So to me, and I'm sure this was and is true for many others, the activity of disseminating Scn changed from being joyful and open to being something that had aspects of compartmentalization and scripting. You get people to buy and read books and go to the org; get your answers from LRH in the books or the people in the org, not me. I could give you my ideas but you should go direct to the source instead. Read the book, go to the introductory lecture.

Today, much more than in the past, Scns are discouraged from discussing the tech and policy with others both inside the org and outside. Over three decades a gradual change happened slowly and was hardly noticed: in many, many ways within Scn communication has become something to be careful about.

It wasn't always that way. As I said, Scn was fun and communication was quite open in the pre-SO era before LRH went "fabian" when he was expelled from England in 1966. (It isn't my intent here to find fault with LRH's or anyone else's past attempts to deal with the problems Scn faced.) LRH set up the SO and its management command lines and fired off SO missionaires to drastically shake up the orgs. Often the SO missions destabilized the orgs and really freaked people out. Lots and lots of wrong ethics conditions flew around. In NY the party ended in late 1968 and NY Org was never again the same. A lot, maybe even a majority of the staff, when their contracts were up, elected to live the good life in the LA area where they could have a decent job and study at ASHO. This pattern was true for the other eastern US orgs as well.

Serious "crush sell" registrar tactics didn't become widespread until 1971. Prior to '71 you could often get along in Scn without having it cause you money problems. When the first Flag Executive Briefing Course (FEBC) graduates took over control of the orgs in 1971 they cranked up the intensity of the pressure on ethics and regging at the same time that "management by statistics" was becoming ever more tightly organized in the Flag management command lines. The result was that suddenly incredible pressures were put on public to donate all the money they could possibly get or borrow as advanced payments for org services.

In heavy regging often one reg would "tag" for another. Using salesmanship closing tactics which they drilled extensively, two reges could really overwhelm a person, but not with force or threats of force. The pitch was the whole idea best expressed in the policy letter "Keeping Scientology Working": you are in this battle with us forever, win or die in the attempt, we really need you, please don't desert us. You have objection X or problem Y? You're gonna let some little thing like that stop your one and only chance to "make it" out of the muck to immortality? Are you with us or not, for God's sake? You !@&*%^ namby-pamby pantywaist dilettante!! You miserable pathetic loser!! Nice reg asks you if you can see any possible way you could possibly get the money. I'll help you with that. I really, really appreciate you for having the guts to make it go right. You are such a beautiful person! Then we go very quickly from A to B through the thicket of cash, checks, credit cards, loans, and getting it here by 2 PM on Thursday.

I promised above not to do any making wrong. I have no problem with anyone whose belief system includes that when they are asked to demonstrate a sincere and deep commitment to the financial support of their church, that they will dig deep, especially if the survival of all of us is at risk. I have nothing but the deepest respect for the personal courage and strength of anyone who is so resolute in their faith that they accept the rightness and necessity, according to their Scriptures, of registrars and their standard methods.

I also have the deepest respect for the personal courage and strength of the owner of the little neighborhood candy store when Big Vito and Tough Tony come by and ask him to dig deep, really deep, because the local neighborhood social club and fraternal society really needs a contribution. Yeah, a big one, right %$#^& now. You knew we needed a payment this week, you %@#$!! (and so on, you know that one from the movies.)

Anyway, if you believe that is a necessary part of your faith and spiritual practice, I respect your choice and wish you well.

And I also recognize that most readers have made their accommodations with the reges so as to minimize the stress involved in making your donations.

Personally, I don't like heavy regging. I was taken to the cleaners in 1973, I joined staff when I ran out of money, I served very well for four years, and I knew I wasn't going to deal with registrars ever, ever again until I had made such a large amount of money that I could just throw it around. And if I had to wait a very long time before things got better in the church, so be it.

Before 1971, maybe some of 1970, you could be a public Scn and not have to deal with extortion. The books, the courses and auditing were cool and reasonably priced, the people were really nice, and it was easy and natural to want to explore the subject and progress to the next step. Seeing the registrar was a pleasant part of the process, never stressful. But with the FEBC in 1971 the intensity level was cranked up and never allowed to relax. LRH ordered that "Big League Sales Closing Techniques" by Les Dane was to be the basic salesmanship text for all reges. I've heard that Pubs Org bought up much or all of the existing stocks of the book from Prentice-Hall and had them airfreighted to Copenhagen, then sent on to all the orgs in the world. Since the early '70s I think you could safely say that most public Scns (beyond the intro course level) have at least occasionally experienced out-rudiments and PTS situations related to the orgs' relentless and irresistible demands for money.

Basically, between '67 and '71 things went sour.

I want to make two points here.

1) Whatever you, dear reader, may choose to do in Scn, please take advantage of the opportunity you have available to read, on the net, the accounts of Scn history which are beginning to appear from many of the key players in that history. (I certainly was not a key player by any stretch of the imagination.) For better or for worse, as a community of many, many people who joined Scn for idealistic reasons to help this world, we need to figure out and understand what happened, what parts were good and successful and what were the causes of things going the way they did.

And 2) On the net you can read quite a few Scns' personal stories. They cover periods throughout the SO era and less commonly the pre-SO period. What you can observe as a common theme over the last 30 years are that, uniformly at all times, staff and SO members put up with miserable poverty and 90-hour or longer work weeks; they were and are pale, tired, lack leep, consume lots of coffee and cigarettes to keep going, and often need medical or dental work that they can't afford to have done or aren't allowed to. And at any time over the past nearly 30 years intense money pressures have caused lots of chronic money problems, ARC breaks with reges, withholds and missed withholds about money, and frequent need for money to pay for auditing to handle all these out-ruds and PTS-ness related to the money demands.

Along with the ARC Triangle and the KRC Triangle we have the yet unnamed one that includes 1) demands for money causes financial stress, BPC (bypassed charge) and/or PTSness to the org 2) money is used up for auditing to address the BPC or PTSness or out-rudiments connected with these, and 3) Ethics to enforce that the cycle keeps going.

As I've said, I have only the highest respect for those who consciously choose to experience this cycle as a necessary sacrifice on account of their faith.

It wasn't always like that, and it doesn't need to be that way. I don't like it being that way, and I've carefully examined all the intellectual rationales for it being that way, as well as the emotional processes that keep it being that way. At the very core of my being I chose to refuse to be part of any organization that was so dependent on stress and duress.

Before that point I found a thousand reasons to go along, to hope that if we all followed LRH's policies patiently things would get better. They got worse. In all honesty I'd say that both tech-wise and policy-wise the trends have been downhill ever since SO management began, with only occasional brief periods counter to the decline, though the tech didn't become a disaster area until the early 1980s.

Please follow here as I try to get into how management has made tech go sour.

The World Begins With TR 0

It begins with TR 0 whether you are a beginner or an OT 8, or no Scientologist at all. Readers who came into Scn after the '70s may find what follows to be of some interest. I am including a minimum of basic information for any non-Scn who may be reading.

TR 0 is Being There. It is being there comfortably in a centered and grounded state, in the here and now, doing nothing. It is really, basically, a meditation. There is no staring, no controlling, no projecting intention, or any other kind of doing anything except being there comfortably. Many critics of Scn misunderstand this point and regard TR 0 as a practice for dominating others by hypnotic control.

There have been quite a few changes in TRs over the years and it's my impression that in current practice in the C of S the TRs have been twisted and altered substantially for the worse compared to the '60s and '70s.

The purpose of TR 0 was to accustom a person to being able to sit comfortably for at least two hours while auditing someone. The point was for the auditor not to distract the preclear by fidgeting or seeming to be knocked off kilter by anything the pc said or did. This is good common sense for any kind of therapist or counselor.

Now unfortunately the orgs were poor, as always, and usually they used cheap slatted wooden chairs for TRs. Lucky people got hard metal folding chairs; at least the seats are smooth. It is very hard to sit for a long time on those chairs and not feel plenty of discomfort. If LRH could do it all over again he might well address the problem of the skipped gradient that always bedeviled TR 0, which was learning how to have one's body sit comfortably on a hard chair for a couple of hours. But there is a good reason why that didn't happen: the simplicity of the original urpose was overlooked. The point of doing TR 0 for two hours was not to practice enduring pain on a hard chair, it was to be comfortable in the presence of a pc when you gave a real session where you would be in a comfortable auditing room, like a psychoanalyst or other therapist.

TR 0 is really quite easy to do if you are physically comfortable. In the '70s Scn finally came up with a much-needed lower gradient drill, OT TR 0, where two people sit facing each other with eyes closed, doing and saying nothing. OT TR 0 is a very pleasant way to pass the time in meditation, though Scn would not regard it as meditation. The meditation is on being there, relaxed and comfortable, doing nothing while being as fully aware of the surroundings as possible.

Before OT TR 0 came along, people spent a lot of hours trying to successfully do TR 0 with a partner for two hours while sitting on uncomfortable chairs. The TRs bulletin said there was to be no fidgeting, blinking, moving around, or confronting with a body part. Confronting with the body or part of it, i.e., staring, holding the head stiffly, etc., would lead to somatics turning on. Typically your eyes water, your neck or shoulders get sore, or the like. What exactly was the exact standard meaning of fidgeting, blinking or moving around? Originally, common sense: what would distract the attention of a preclear in session? Obviously there is a reasonable expectation that you occasionally shift body position, blink your eyes in the normal unconscious way once in awhile, and generally, just be a normal undistracting human presence.

In the crazy and high-stress world of the SO on Flag in 1971 the practice of "Hard TRs" began as a rather fundamentalist interpretation of the text of the 1961 TRs bulletin. "Hard TRs" was tried as an experiment and then exported to all the orgs. People had to pass two hours of TR 0 with no blinks at all. They would have timers and start all over when someone blinked. For about three months an awful lot of Scns were practicing the exercise of holding the eyes open without blinking for two hours. Occasionally people managed to do this, but pretty soon Scn's stats were hurting everywhere because so many people were stuck in this drill, while new people failed to be very excited by this drill as something they wanted to do. So later in 1971 "Hard TRs" were no more.

I did close to 500 two-hour confronts mostly in 1969 and '70 in SF. I was on the HSDC, Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course, which is now called NED, New Era Dianetics. This is Dianetics using the R3R process, not DMSMH style. In '69 and '70 we had a complete shortage of pcs we could audit because they had to have their Grades 0-4 done first and there were no auditors to do that. So we sat around in the academy doing lots of TRs and the R3R practice drills TRs 103 and 104 where we would simulate real auditing situations using a doll. We all became quite good and had a lot of fun. (SF then had the three best course supervisors I ever had.) The SO hadn't yet ended the party there as it had in NY. I had the very good fortune to completely miss the "Hard TRs" period.

Please forgive this lecture on TR 0, but, well, everything starts there.

TR 0 with another person, or OT TR 0 by yourself or with another, or TR 0 with yourself in a mirror, all are magnificent drills. You can find them in other practices from long before Scn. (Consider that as homework if you wish.)

Some non-Scn readers who regard TRs as dark and evil exercises may be misunderstanding the simplicity of the term "confront" as used in the bulletins on TRs. Confront means to face, in the way a house faces a street. It is simply facing in the sense of physical positioning. Confront also has two additional senses: 1) to deal with, as with a problem or something unpleasant; and 2) to face someone physically with an attitude, generally stern, serious or hostile. Confront in Scn is generally the 1st sense above in speaking of TRs, just a physical facing, but with awareness. If the auditor faces the pc but falls asleep or daydreams, he isn't confronting.

It is my understanding that by and large virtually all of the processes and auditing methods used through Class 8 involve confronting with no added "attitude" but that the "L's" include some Class 10-12 methods that add "attitude" to confront in the third sense of the paragraph above. {I welcome corrections here.) In real auditing other than L's the auditor generally has no need to stare or look intently all the time at the pc. You watch and pay close attention to the pc as a matter of your awareness, but this doesn't mean you're supposed to turn your body into a wide-eyed robot or something. Imagine having an important conversation in your office with someone: do you feel obliged to constantly stare at the other person? Any belief or implication that auditors are supposed to do that is an additive. (I would add that in this discussion I'm not talking about abusive sec checking, which is NOT auditing, and the common TRs are NOT drills for abusive sec checking.)

In the old days Comm Courses (which teach TRs to new public) were very successful and a lot of fun. It is my impression that NY in its boom had tremendous success with that. I also believe, but may be mistaken and welcome correction, that a lot fewer new people get to do TRs now, especially since roughly the time when the C of S made a major decision to shift towards getting new people involved with DMSMH-style Book One auditing back in the early '80s.

I like TRs. TRs are fun and beneficial for almost anyone, almost any time. My theory is this: in doing TRs, you are communing in a loving way with another person. It isn't about "love" in any sense of sex or exploitation or relationship soap opera. It is a sort of communion of souls and can be as intimate as you like, but it is in a positive friendly context. You see the inner wonderful beingness of a person and let them see yours, that's all. It's about communication, which is good.

And it doesn't surprise me that an organization that has gone so far down the road towards regimentation, uniforms, discipline, strict adherence to scriptures, and all that good stuff, will have moved away from having large joyful Comm Courses with all sorts of people discovering communication and laughing a lot. Instead they try to do Book One Dianetics, which has never been particularly easy to teach or predictable in results. Sometimes the new person gets to experience running an engram, sometimes not, sometimes it's left unflat, but in general, the new person is thinking of self as a preclear, "at effect", if you will, rather than as "at cause" like a happy Comm Course grad.

I see a gradual change slowly happening over decades. Fun, communication, lightness, laughter, bullbaiting used to be what people loved about Scn. Do the people in top management ever do TRs and bullbait each other and roll on the floor laughing?

Laughter is bypassed charge discharging. We build up charge, problems, heaviness, seriousness, out rudiments, PTS and stress out the wazoo. Sometimes when we are lucky, something or someone triggers "line charge" and all that mass blows off spectacularly and you laugh uncontrollably.

Your next homework, should you choose to accept it, you may do right now.

Recall having fun doing TRs. Recall the good communion with another soul when you have been very much in love. Recall something so funny that you were laughing uncontrollably.

Think of all the people there are who love you and would so much love to be in communication, and imagine a relaxing of the walls that have been created between current and former Scns. In just the last few weeks I have been using the internet to locate old friends that used to be on staff with me, and I hope you will soon feel free to do the same.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this far.

I have gone to some length here with TRs and communication ideas because I want you to feel at a deep level that perhaps we are sharing a lot of common purpose with regard to the ideals we got into Scn for in the first place. And that we both prefer those ideals to regimentation, uniforms, and Hip-Hip-Hooraying to David Miscavige.

The Auditors' Hall of Fame

If there were a Hall of Fame for the very best of auditors and Scn tech people of all time, even if LRH, wherever he is now, were its entire admissions committee, it is probably true, I'd guess, that at least 85% of the members, representing a similar fraction of all the Well Done Auditing Hours ever delivered, would be out of the C of S now. Most of them did not just retire or die of old age. My percentage estimate is conservative.

Scn tech quality and quantity both reached their high point, I believe, about 1980 or 1981. Lots of orgs were doing well and there were many large and successful missions as well. In 1981 or 1982, I can't recall which, the ED (Executive Director) of the Mission of Stevens Creek (a major road in Santa Clara, near San Jose) was Kingsley Wimbush. It was a large and prosperous mission. Later, after Wimbush was "shot" the staff became the nucleus of the San Jose Org. One day someone in that mission had a bright idea which Wimbush decided to try out.

They had all the staff pair up and coaudit "What have you done to _____"? and "What have you withheld from _____"?, alternating the questions, where the ____ would be a "terminal", someone interesting and important such as family, bosses, co-workers or anyone the person had charge on. So the staff did this in their study time for a few days and they had an absolute blast! They noticed how much better communication was. They called the process Remedy for Subtle Internal Suppression, SIS for short. SIS was all the small ways that the staff screwed each other, didn't help each other out, let selfish considerations interfere, etc. The staff in that mission discovered that running the alternate questions of the process brought up all sorts of ways they were SIS-ing each other. They began going out of their way not to SIS each other, and their income soared spectacularly each week for a couple of months.

You might not be surprised to hear that since the staff were suddenly all pulling together and newly enthused, that they were able to get into heavier regging practices than they had previously used, which was one reason they had been successful before. They let go of anything that would hold them back from unreservedly going after all the money they could, with gusto. So they furiously made money, and they regarded it as "flowing power to power" and sent some of it up to their seniors. Soon Wimbush's mission was making more income than most of the world's orgs. He made a set of six cassette tapes telling this story, and sent them out to many other missions. Soon they too were doing the SIS process and having soaring GI. Then a few of the western US orgs started doing it, too.

Wimbush's tech had caused a huge rise in income in the places that did the SIS process, while the rest of the world was little changed. Flag management was divided. Some of the executives were thrilled; they invited the successful mission holders and their org seniors to Flag. There was much excited communication and a glimmer of potential opening of bridges between Flag and the mission holders, who generally were in different worlds. On the other hand, other parts of management regarded the whole business as a serious off-sourceness. LRH's management did not authorize it. The off-source guys were embarrassing "Source".

Shortly thereafter there was a huge crackdown. Not only Wimbush and the others who used the SIS process, but almost all the other mission holders as well, were stripped of their assets and declared suppressive. Many said they were overwhelmed by the intensity of the attack on them. Most have been inactive in Scn since then. Some of these mission holders and high classed auditors who worked for them would have been in our Hall of Fame.

The crackdown extended far into the orgs and management levels. There was basically a witch hunt to catch and get rid of everyone who didn't like David Miscavige and those around him who were now in power. The witch hunt was done in the name of the cause of getting everyone and everything strictly and exactly and "standardly" "on-source". Nothing written or said by anyone other than LRH was to have any value. Anyone not 110% willing to jump at "command intention" as delegated by LRH to Miscavige was gone in a hurry. Many people were expelled and many blew, often writing up long explanations for their choice of that action.

Approximately 2000 Scientologists were declared Suppressive in one massive ethics order that followed. These included a sizable majority of the key Tech and Qual staff in the orgs and SO orgs, most active field auditors, mission holders and auditors working in missions. Among the 2000 were some more Hall of Fame auditors.

To put it mildly and conservatively, management tore the heart of Scn out.

From another viewpoint, a schism was inevitable and it happened.

Basically Scn had evolved to where it had two groups of people who really didn't like each other at all. The one group, techies, oldtimers, and people who preferred to think for themselves; the other side was those who prefer strict structure, discipline, and everything exactly by the book, even if the leaders are cruel and abusive with their power.

This sort of schism has occurred in many other religions over the years. One side wants to have a structured authority and everything just so according to the scriptures; the other side wants to apply the spiritual teachings without oppressive control being a part of the picture.

When such a schism starts in motion, members of each "side" begin to realize how different they are from the other "side". Each side's deepest spiritual belief structure finds the other to be a horrible affront, even evil. Each side would rather have to deal with their own type only and have the others be gone far away. The neutrals are forced to choose which side to stay in alignment with; usually a "neutral" position is unacceptable to the "church" side. Splits happen, and this process was going to happen sooner or later in Scn. Remember this group schism process, for I will have more to say about how this relates to very important metaphysical and spiritual basics later.

Please excuse my harsh words, but yes, David Miscavige and his fellow storm troopers, thugs and lawyers did intend deliberately to smash and silence the people who were the heart and soul of the spiritual movement called Scn. Quite likely in other times and places they would have physically killed us. Fortunately that doesn't go over well in the developed countries of the late 20th century. And yes, Scn has undergone a sea change and a decline since the schism. Tech quality and quantity never recovered and every part of Scn activity is more robotic and fundamentalist than it was in the past; and since the "Source" is dead and the "Source" policies can't evolve with time, the organization has to operate more and more on orders unconstrained by wise policy.

Most if not all of the OSA/GO policies on PR and Intel operations have long been on the net and Scn's opponents are familiar with them and are less intimidated every day. They have found that the best defense is the offense of telling the world that the C of S is a machine robotically following the "fair game" policy and the confidential (to you!) issues on Intelligence Branch's covert ops and dirty tricks. These are taken right from Hitler's "Mein Kampf", Lenin, and other political revolutionary sources which were used in GO training. Governments, newspapers, and freedom of speech organizations worldwide regard the C of S as a church in name only because of its practices of relentlessly attacking its enemies whatever the cost and taking advantage of the legal system by using lawsuits to bankrupt their opponents, never mind whether they win or not.

Please excuse me if I have offended your sensibilities here, but if you will explore a bit you may be shocked and horrified, not only at what OSA does daily, but at how well they keep it hidden from members.

Personally I'm outraged at what my former church has done and is doing. I am concerned for my basic rights as an American because, so far, our legal and judicial system has been totally unable to cope with the phenomenon of an internally disciplined organization using Nazi and Leninist tactics while being protected as a "church", and which believes it is above any legal or judicial systems.

I would not be able to justify those acts by ANY sort of "ends justify the means" reasoning. Not if the tech made OTs, not if LRH was a saint. He wasn't. You know that, I hope, by now. It may turn your stomach if you haven't yet researched the true facts of Hubbard's life, but I recommend it, because until you do (if you haven't already) your computer is full of false data around which your whole life may be misaligned.

When the schism happened in the early '80s I was far from LA and didn't know what was happening. (I didn't know about schisms and didn't use that word till years later.) Eventually I heard of there being a big crackdown on "squirrels" and saw a lot of very glossy RTC promo full of photos of hard-faced SO executives. They vowed to maintain a "cold steel" hardness of resolve to rid Scn of "squirrels." RTC was watching every tiniest bit of Scn like a hawk for any deviation from "standard". All public were to turn in Knowledge Reports to the Inspector General if they saw anything unstandard. And what is standard? There is no positive way to define what is standard. Things are nonstandard when something goes wrong or when nothing goes wrong but someone makes the police want to get you.

If you were not in Scn before a certain point in '82 or '83, you would not have noticed how suddenly a sizable fraction of church promo mailings at that time began featuring the new regime and there was a lot less emphasis on LRH. At this point Miscavige had already seized power and was consolidating it; Mary Sue was marginalized; she and her children were screwed in a re-drafting of LRH's will; Mary Sue was held in house arrest. Jon Zegel, a Class 8 auditor, released three cassette tapes which detailed a lot of what was going on. Later he was pressured heavily and recanted in Zegel Tape 4 which the church mailed out widely to anyone they believed might be under the influence of squirrels. Transcripts of the four Zegel tapes are on the net: see what you think.

Bottom line, I didn't like the new regime. They gave me the creeps and still do. Their communication is purely and mechanically nothing but propaganda by formula.

I hope you'll understand by now how I chose the "nice people" over the "fascists" when I had to choose sides back in 1984.

I hope that some readers might imagine something like the new age idea of a group "soul mate": the other half, the more than other half, of the good people who used to be in Scn to help people with auditing and communication, just like you might have been. They were purged and blown off. Some still have an involvement with tech, some don' t. Many believe they have found better spiritual paths. Some are probably old buddies waiting for you to cognite.

[end part 1]

[begin part 2]

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel Here

The people who were the heart and soul of Scn when the split happened have been progressing in many ways for the past fifteen plus years. My purpose here is to present an overview of some of the leading directions, so you can do your research and follow your interests more efficiently than might be the case if you just start from scratch.

In 1983 and '84 and '85 many of the independent Scns in LA, having chosen not to do the A to E steps (which are the fairly hard requirements that someone declared SP has to fulfill to be restored to good standing) for Miscavige et al, began looking for alternatives. Bear in mind that the "independents" then by and large still generally believed everything LRH had ever said or written. Bear in mind that they had had lots of good experience with auditing and knew the value of real communication.

One of their first discoveries was the phenomenon of channeling. The new age channelers were a couple of years before their peak of publicity, which was probably about 1986.

"Channeling" by Jon Klimo is the definitive book on the subject, for those interested in how the process works. You don't need to know how the channeling process works and you don't have to know exactly who or what the channeled source is, or where it comes from. Listen to what is communicated (and the style and vibration and feeling, as well) and decide for yourself whether the information seems true or useful. Quite a lot of it is pretty ordinary or uninteresting or obviously filtered, meaning the channel's personality and interest is influencing the output and corrupting its integrity. Many of the best channeled teachers are (or say they are) beings on higher planes whose chosen "job" is to communicate information to us about realms we can't directly perceive, but would benefit from becoming aware of.

Channeled sources are as varied in style and quality as writers or creative artists. Writers and artists and other creative people, when they are "on", are actually channeling, in a sense. Virtually everyone at some times, maybe frequently, has experienced this. When you are creatively "on" you know that your creation is "right". You have inspiration, you are productive, and the creative output just seems to naturally flow in a way that it doesn't when you are "off". Imagine being a painter; you step back from the painting wondering what to do next, you go into a space where an answer comes and you know to put a blob of green down there just so. You just do it without thinking. It didn't come as the product of a long intellectual reasoning process, it just came from a direct connection to your own knowingness, bypassing the mind.

By the way, the phenomenon of channeling is just one of many very interesting and important subjects, quite well explored in some new age circles, that LRH and the C of S never talk about, for reasons which may become obvious to you as I proceed.

The independents in LA found some very excellent channels in 1984 and after. What do you think they wanted to ask about? What would you ask about, right now, if you had access to the very best channel you could find? (I'm not asking you to consult your own inner knowingness, though that's okay!) Take a moment to think about the question before you read on.

The obvious questions that needed to be answered were these: what was LRH all about? what should they do about the schism situation in the church? and was LRH's account of cosmic history and reality correct?

The channeled entity "Bashar" was channeled by Darryl Anka, who was never connected with Scn at all and knew nothing about it. Some of the independent Scns discovered Bashar and asked him all the obvious questions. Some readers may think all this is la-de-da crapola, but if you want to cut through a thousand new age books worth of crapola to get right from point A to point B of what the independents needed to hear, get "Bashar: Blueprint For Change" by Luana Ewing. (Look up "Bashar" in a search engine also.)

Again, never mind who or what Bashar is, just follow what he says and form your own conclusions.

Bashar was asked about whether LRH's OT 3 incidents and other specific accounts of cosmic history he had mentioned in tapes were true. Bashar said that maybe in his (LRH's) own universe they might have been true, but they were not generally true for other people. This was confirmed by every other channel who was asked these questions.

If OT 3 was fiction, and many independents had suspected as much already, things were very wrong.

Auditor's Code Breaks; False Memory Syndrome

It is a major code break for an auditor to tell the preclear that something is in his or her reactive mind. The whole point is for the pc to find out his or her reality, not to impose the auditor's or LRH reality.

False Memory Syndrome is a fairly new phenomenon which drew a lot of attention in about 1990. A fascinating book focused on one tragic case, which I'll describe here. It may have some relevance for some readers.

A man named Ingram lived in the country near Shelton, Washington. He was a local police officer and was happily married with four teenage children, lots of pets and animals. He was loved and respected in his area. One day one of his teenage daughters accused him of sexual abuse. The other daughter added her own accusations. The local sheriff interviewed everyone and didn't really have much choice but to put Mr. Ingram in jail. Ingram did not remember ever having committed any of the alleged acts, and according to his religion, they would have been terrible sins. But he thought, quite reasonably, that if he HAD done the acts of abuse, he probably wouldn't be able to remember them because they were so terrible. He really didn't think he would have abused his daughters, but he couldn't know for absolute sure because of the belief that extremely painful memories are hard to access.

He was very embarrassed and ashamed of the whole predicament. He would have happily confessed and asked for forgiveness if he could remember doing these horrible sinful acts. Now it so happened that the two girls' stories changed every time they told them; in no way did they corroborate each other, and no evidence of any sort supported them. And the accusations were very bizarre. The sheriff was careful and conscious and had several officers from other jurisdictions interrogate Ingram and the girls. Finally he admitted to a whole batch of horrible acts, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to a long prison term.

Before long it came out that one daughter had rented a video that was circulating in their church about the horrible prevalence of sexual abuse of children by parents; the other daughter had seen something similar in the library, and they had made up the stories. (A long story, but the point was that they made it all up.) Meanwhile the father was stuck in jail because he had pleaded guilty. Tough luck.

Eventually many people became interested in the case and one expert came and did an experiment. He asked Ingram to try to recall a certain specific incident of the abuse, which he described in detail. Ingram looked and looked and slowly "found" it. But the expert had made it up entirely. It was a fiction!

So false memory syndrome can happen when a person believes that he has a buried memory of some very painful incident, not because he remembers the experience but because someone else has described a possible incident that "happened" and suggested that, if he tried hard and really looked, he might recall it; and the person very much wants to "find" the "memory" because of the spiritual relief that will occur when it is "found". Ingram wanted to confess whatever sins he had committed so he could be forgiven by God. People being tortured want the torture to end. Scns want to go through the "Wall of Fire" to immortality.

The person mocks up a "picture" of the supposed incident and mislabels it as being "memory".

Lots of people have described this being the case when they ran OT 3.

Other evaluations: LRH's book "History of Man", according to a woman who was the Director of Processing in London Org in the '50s, was "researched" by LRH and his son Nibs auditing people very late at night, when they would normally be asleep, and while they were on drugs, in order to see what sort of unusual findings they could get with an e-meter. They wanted to get out an exciting new book to drum up business. I have never met a single person in Scn who has corroborated any of the HOM "data" from their auditing experiences.

A friend told me that he had heard John Sanborn (a well-respected oldtimer in Scn) tell of a time when he and Hubbard had made up the Marcab story in the early 1950s.


Bashar and others channeled extensive and very interesting material about what does go on out there in the stars. There is a good level of corroboration in these accounts, but obviously there is no easy way for us to verify the truth from our own earthbound experience or perceptions.

The most important thing about it is that the universe is benign, beautiful, magnificent, extremely diverse, and the good guys are in control. Space opera is not the general pattern. There are several specific extraterrestrial civilizations that have been and are entangled in earth's history. There are different vibrational planes of existence in which conscious beings exist. Mostly they are in a less physically dense vibration than we are physically. There is lots of data about this sort of information that seems to fit together pretty well. It's beyond the scope of this discussion of Scn and Hubbard, but it is pretty well available if you are interested.

Jamie Sams is a prominent channel who has sold millions of copies of books and "Medicine Cards". She had done all the way up through Scn as a celebrity in LA until, in 1979, one day in an audited NOTs session she saw clairvoyantly LRH and Aleister Crowley together. Jamie was pretty upset at that, for Crowley was a famous black magician and a rather creepy guy. He had never worked in his life while getting by as a consummate con artist. Crowley wrote the book on "sex magick". He would have his goddess-lover defecate into his mouth as a ceremonial act, according to Francis King's biography. He explored many drugs, like Hubbard, and was an addict. Crowley's books are filled with esoteric quotations in Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Sanskrit, usually not translated. It's pretty obvious when you look at his work that his main intent is to snow you with his intelligence and the extent of his education in whatever it was he was talking about. What stands out when you study Crowley is the obvious question: if the man is so wise and such a great teacher, where is useful communication, where is something people can apply to life, where is any humility or love of one's fellow man?

LRH had discovered Crowley's works in his teens and wanted to be his disciple. Crowley was the source of much of the heavy-duty philosophy in early 1950s Scn such as Axioms and Logics, the Philadelphia Doctorate Course and what became the Phoenix Lectures book.

So Jamie Sams, who knew about Crowley, told her auditor about seeing LRH and Crowley together. She was ordered to Ethics and she soon left Scn. In the middle '80s she was another of the LA channels. She told me about the story above. She regarded all of Scn as evil and urged me to be very careful with it. I knew at that point that I was no longer obviously going to pursue the OT levels. Not long after that I encountered some people, not Scns, who liked Bashar and let me listen to a lot of his tapes. I discovered the question and answer about OT 3 mentioned above, which was in a January 1986 tape. Up to then I had never thought much about the nature of evil. I just wasn't interested earlier. In Scn tech, a true suppressive is someone stuck in the past, usually a past life, "still fighting the last war". The person is still at war with some enemy who is long gone, but transfers the psychosis of it to the present. Nothing will make such a person sane except addressing the long past situation. (This is generally easier said than done.)

In a couple of the tapes someone asked Bashar about "the Ra Material" and I had to track it down, because it seemed to have the data about evil I was looking for.

I finally got the Ra books. There are four of them. (The Law of One, Vols 1-4, by Elkins, Rueckert and McCarty; see their website They were channeled in Kentucky between 1980 and 1982. The channel, Carla Rueckert, was under frequent psychic attack and had many physical ailments, which finally became enough of a problem that the contact was left incomplete and never resumed after Elkins died a year or two later. Most of the important material is in the first two books. These are very dense books. The language is the most precise I have ever seen. If you want to get into metaphysics as given by fairly recent sources, the Ra books are as Shakespeare is to drama.

Ra described a situation called "Harvest". Many religions, prophets, and channels have described this phenomenon in various ways. I would try to describe it so: it is a time when our solar system moves into a sector of space in which there is some kind of field operating, some sort of higher vibrational light not measurable by physical instruments. As the planet moves into this area the effect is sort of like turning up the flame under a giant kettle of water. Everything speeds up, communication speeds up, all forms of love and light are stronger. Some new age sources refer to this idea as the "Photon Belt", meaning a sector of space with more light (of some sort) than the area around it. The idea is also called Atonement or At-One-Ment, meaning all the barriers and things hidden between people and beings dissolve, sort of like a big cosmic hug. (In nice hugs, by the way, we drop out of time for a bit; and in that outside of time interval learning, healing and integration happen much more efficiently than when we are in normal regular time; that's from A Course in Miracles.)

"Light" and "Dark" Polarities of Consciousness

Ra (and others) describe different "densities" of consciousness, in the sense that more dense means stronger or denser light; it is the opposite direction from physical density. 1st Density is the consciousness in inanimate matter; 2nd Density is that of plants and animals; 3rd Density is that of sentient beings like ordinary humans who have no spiritual awareness. 4th Density is the consciousness of sentient people who are spiritually aware and know they create their reality. 5th through 7th density are non-physical beings working together in increasingly large-scale groups of "light".

3rd density people believe some outside God creates their reality and they are a rather passive participant in it. They are unaware of any possibility of being outside of linear time, whereas those in 4D know of timeless states and that they create and choose the circumstances of their incarnations into physicality and linear time. People in 4D know that they as individual souls are part of God and can create or change their reality in magical ways. Many people now on earth are in 4D some or all of the time, but a large majority, especially in the "third world" are still very much 3D. "Ascension" is evolving to a place of being fully in 4D all the time. In real life, people on spiritual paths go back and forth but gradually trend towards more stably being 4D. Neither being 3D nor "ascension" has anything to do with dying; that's a misunderstanding added by Christians.

To ascend to 4th density, you need to be strongly oriented to either the "service to others" or "service to self" polarity. Service to others, taken to an extreme, would be sainthood, and service to self, taken to the extreme, would be the focused, intense selfishness of Nazis or committed satanists. A large majority of people are in the middle ground, selfish to some degree, kind and charitable also to some degree. The word "service" here means something like "application of one's love energy".

Ra said that if one's energy is 51% or more service to others one can ascend to 4th density "positive"; if 95% or more service to self, you ascend to 4D "negative". Note the different percentages. A normal nice unselfish person can pretty easily be 51% service to others, but the 95% selfish requirement for 4D negative requires that one be extraordinarily focused on self.

In terms of energy, technically, Ra says that in service to others, one moves energy through all the chakras through the 4th or heart chakra outward to others. This is love. Other people perceive the person's essential beingness as warm and friendly. In service to self, the heart chakra is shut down more and more with increasing discipline or focus. Those people learn to use the other six chakra energies without any "heart". They feel cold and heartless in their inner essence to others. Some are violent brutes; others develop great intellectual powers. The love of people who are oriented towards service to others can be what is called "unconditional" in the sense that it is there for anyone. The functional equivalent in service to self orientation is "conditional" love. It has a price, it is part of a deal or an alliance. Conditional love is not free.

Ra predicted in 1980 that in this current "Harvest" period 15% of earth's population would ascend to 4D positive and 2.5% to 4D negative.

The small minority of people whose orientation is service to self most often get to be that way because, on one level, they have experienced heavy abuse and cruelty inflicted by someone pretty heartless early in life (and the one who did it had been victimized earlier, etc.), and on another level, because the person had chosen to have that experience in this lifetime for some reason. If someone has a longterm purpose to refine and concentrate his ability to be cruel and vicious, 'tis best not to choose kind sweetheart types for parents.

People with "heart" have a ready potential connection with God or "All That Is, whatever you want to call it, the wondrous loving Whole. People in strong service to self orientation have shut their heart chakras down. They believe there are not connections between souls. They believe that souls are individual units of awareness eternally separate from each other and basically existence is about playing games in the Scn sense. It is a sterile and loveless universe. Any "God" there might be is just an artificial creation made by other souls to control.

Within such a universe beings devise ways to dominate and control each other. To be successful or great is to have many followers or slaves. One gets followers in some circumstances by force or threats of it; and sometimes by elaborate trickeries, or "esthetics" as Hubbard described it. Quite a bit of LRH's early speculation, probably heavily inspired by Crowley, is about what thetans did to each other early in this universe, when they supposedly had great powers.

There is no love in the basic nature of beings according to the philosophy of Crowley and Hubbard.

For someone to believe that, his experience would have to include enough abuse and cruelty that he could rationalize away everything else as being not real love, but selfish and twisted. At this point the person is very susceptible to the elaborate creations of a Crowley or a Hubbard. (I'd add that there are many others, but these are most prominent.)

Within a philosophy of a universe without love, what people most want are abilities, knowledge, intelligence and power, so they are better able to be successful players in the war of life.

Among people whose heart chakras are closed down, the illusion is that one ascends toward an adept enlightened state which would have great powers in all the chakras other than the heart. People over the centuries have pursued this in schools (often secret) of occult and magical knowledge, of which Crowley and Hubbard are just two prominent recent examples.

People in the service to others orientation go into various spiritual paths which ultimately lead to a feeling of oneness with God and realization of connectedness with all life.

Scn always pitched itself as offering a route to ability, knowledge, intelligence and power, but of course almost everyone seeks these, so Scn found itself having all three types of people: service to others orientation, service to self, and neutral.

Ra describes how in this particular time people feel more of a need to align with their preferred polarity. Many people have moved around to be in places and circumstances that "feel" better. In a compatible environment a person feels he has good potential to make spiritual progress, that is, ascend. Similarly, people of either preference feel drained of energy around the other type. That's why in Scn one "rollercoasters" in the presence of an SP, and that's why devout Christians and satanists don't pa rty together.

Of course each polarity regards its type "as "light" or "good" and the other as "dark" or "evil". Ra, for convenience, calls service to others orientation "positive" and the other "negative". Now the positive type are concentrated in spiritual paths and groups who like the idea of love, God or Goddess, Oneness, unity with others, etc.; and the "negative" side regards those as implanted delusions. Any service to self group sees itself as the only few people who see the light of understanding among a vast sea of masses who have been made dull and passive by deceptions and implants imposed on them by evil controllers. So LRH had to teach initiates that there was no Jesus; and one way or another he had to debunk any and every possible other competing source of spiritual power.

To someone with the heart chakra fully shut, what the rest of us might call "love" is an evil death ray energy flow deceptively labeled as love. A warm embrace is not appreciated!

It is the essential nature of souls to want to ascend into the higher densities of consciousness (5th through 7th density) when they have mastered the lessons of physical plane life (3D and 4D). 5th density is a non-physical realm which 4th density people of either polarity can ascend to. 5th density "negative" beings are uncommon. 6th density is called "Christ consciousness" and is a large-scale field of light in which many individual souls partake. According to Ra, 5th density negative adepts can never ascend to 6th density because they are inevitably weakened by the light. They ultimately have to repeat the whole cycle from 3D.

So the dark adept wizards of 5th density negative who inspired Crowley and Hubbard and Hitler and many others, and the whole area of "left-hand paths" which pursue occult powers without heart, all are doomed to fail.

Ra repeatedly emphasizes that in the grand scheme of things, both polarities have a place and are okay, when viewed from a detached perspective. Having both makes for a much more interesting and diverse world which offers experience and lessons not generally available at other times and places, because this area has been in a "Luciferian Rebellion". That means, basically, one of the juniors on God's org board, so to speak, declared independence. This happens occasionally but not often. Apparently we are well on the way to seeing the first time an area in this situation has turned around to come out of it.

Getting back to the applications of this to Scn: in the schism you had service to others types go independent if they hadn't left earlier; the strongest of service to self were deep in management, and neutrals (in between) generally went along with management, not having had close enough connection with the people who went independent to understand the issues involved from a heart level.

A lot of people in the SO are living lives strongly in the service to self polarity, whether they intended that or not originally. Their energy is sustaining the parasitical energy of now-discarnate Hubbard and the heavy-duty negative characters who control the church now.

Casewise, all these people need love, lots of love. Communication with loving intent can heal the heart with spectacular power. Or is a suppressive evil killer death ray to be avoided by all except those specially trained to deal with it.

Bashar on Hubbard's Purpose with Scn

Bashar was asked a few weeks after Hubbard died in 1986 what LRH's purpose in creating Scn was.

Now Bashar was very, very good at getting people to find a positive value in whatever circumstance or problem situation they were in. He usually did not give people answers, but instead would lead them to find them. (Good channels do this, and good channels are very careful about making predictions without carefully qualifying that they are stating the possibilities and probabilities they see, with the future not yet created so anything can happen.)

Bashar gave the following as the purpose of LRH in creating Scn; this is from the perspective of Hubbard's "higher self" (having multi-lifetime awareness) rather than the personality of LRH.

The purpose was to create and make available, for people with an Orion background*, the opportunity to experience the juxtaposition, on a free planet, of the idea of a "bridge to spiritual freedom" together with the control methodologies (the inner operating policies of the Scn organizations) of the old Orion system, so that the people could choose their preference.

*Orion background. Bashar described (as have other sources) a past civilization on many worlds in the general direction of Orion (where exactly is not important) which was for a very long time a totalitarian world with an all-powerful state somewhat like the Empire in "Star Wars". It had a permanent resistance called the Black League, which was like an archetype for our guerrilla movements. The civilization became bogged down because spiritual advancement wasn't happening. According to Bashar many soul s here now have past lives in Orion and they want to learn about freedom. (The formerly Orion souls mostly are in countries which have tight control and little freedom.) Whether or not this is true, it is a good story. If you want further info, read the Bashar book and look up Lyssa Royal's book "The Prism of Lyra" (see and her tape list in the website; and look her up in also.

To summarize the purpose above: it is to teach the promise of a way to spiritual freedom but to surround that with stifling control. You have there a constant conflict between the promise of freedom and the reality of imposed unfreedom at the same time. The idea has also been called "honorably serving a corrupt master". Sooner or later you repeatedly face issues of whether you want your good name associated with the corruption, and when one finally musters the strength to stand up for one's integrity, and leaves the group, it is the biggest "win" that group has to offer.

There are a great many people who have had the big win of leaving not only Scn but many other similar groups. I have to thank LRH for providing that lesson. It is a VERY valuable lesson.

We still have the problem of the current C of S management, which does not offer freedom, is not nice in any way, and is "source" of nothing but control. When Hubbard was in charge you could say that by and large he kept up the illusion of the promise of freedom pretty well, so there was some balance between the experiences of freedom and the control methods. The current regime has ruined the tech so badly, partly because the top management people have neither good auditing tech expertise nor "heart" and partly because they have long since ruined their chance to recruit good people easily. So they have a large preponderance of totalitarian control with a small portion of the promise of total freedom. With Hubbard dead and the massive corruption of his life exposed to the light, Scn can only attract people of the "negative" or service to self orientation.

This doesn't work very well or offer much hope of working well as a mass spiritual movement offering the experience of choosing between the promise of freedom and the reality of control that Bashar described. All there is now is control.


Thanks for following all the way through this. Welcome to the world of freedom.

Whatever you do, I offer a couple of thoughts. There are still several thousand SO and staff members generally living lives of fear and poverty. Someone will need to take responsibility for salvaging them. They will need a lot of love, emotional support, rest, sleep, medical and dental care sometimes, good food, and the means to travel to reconnect with families.

Truth and love are going to sweep the evil away. You might as well get into alignment and help the process as much as you can.

Do it with joyful enjoyment, love and gusto. Regard it as a major decision point in your life, an opportunity to apply everything useful you have ever learned. Don't be shy, get your friends involved. Have fun.