LMT Literati Challenge, Year 2000

From: Stacy Brooks+Bob Minton <judges@lisatrust.net>
Subject: Lisa McPherson Trust Literati Contest 2000 Update 12-12-00
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 03:58:21 -0500
Message-ID: <mmpb3tgs8m3vn3q7lvr70ipmja3bfrn6eo@4ax.com>

The judging for the 2nd Annual Lisa McPherson Trust Literati Contest has been completed and we would again sincerely like to thank the 32 entrants who worked so hard and wrote such enlightening and insightful essays.

Until you sit down and write the type of papers that the following 32 individuals have done (or alternatively read all 32 of them :-) ) it's difficult to comprehend how much work goes into such an endeavor. It really is a major effort and our only regret is that all of the entrants could not win a monetary prize in recognition of their enormous achievements.

To reiterate, here is the final list of entrants that have submitted essays:

"Christina Wilson"
"Darla deToledo"
"Peter Smith"
Arel Lucas
Arnie Lerma
Cheryl Sola
Chris Owen
Dave Touretzky
David Aden
David Cecere
David Rice
Eldon Braun
Frank Columbo
Frank Larson
Lisa Gibson
Madeline Paradis
Mark Perrin
Mark Plummer
Mary DeMoss
Maureen O'Keefe
Mike McLaughry
Paul Martin
Patricia Krenik
P.L. Johnson-Holm
Rick Sherwood
Roger Gonnet
Roger Wilson
Steve Jasmine
Tim Walker

We will announce the winners of the contest on Wednesday, December 13th, by which time we will have finished the copy editing changes on the winning essays.

We would also like to thank the entrants for their patience while allowing the judges the extra time to complete our evaluation of the large number of entries, many of which arrived during the last minutes of the contest.

Further, we would like to assure all the readers of ARS, and many others who will see these essays, that some great reading is in store for you.

With best wishes on behalf of the Lisa McPherson Trust,

Stacy Brooks, Bob Minton and the other judges who wish to remain anonymous.

For more information on the 2000 Lisa McPherson Trust Literati Contest please see the Lisa McPherson Trust web site at: http://www.lisatrust.net/literaticontest/contestmenu.html