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Copyright © 2000 by Mike McClaughry

Your author has been a practicing Scientologist for 32 years now and continues to practice it daily on self and others with positive results obtained.

For the past year and a half, I have been conducting an UNBIASED investigation into the history of the church. I have been assisted daily in this effort by over 100 of the most highly trained and processed Scientologists in the world, all having from 25 to 50 years of experience in the subject. An estimated 100,000 man-hours has gone into this undertaking.

The result of this investigation is an almost monthly accounting of church history from the time Ron Hubbard was born up to the present. And, I don't care how long you yourself have been a Scientologist, it is an understatement when I tell you that there is much about church history that you do not know!

Now, when I say we conducted an UNBIASED investigation, I mean exactly that. Our attitude as investigators was that we were neither for or against Ron Hubbard, the technology, or the church itself. Our sole purpose was to establish an honest and truthful accounting of church history and one cannot do that by favoring one side or the other.

To err is human and absolutes are unobtainable. Therefore another policy we maintain about our established church history, is we are always willing to change any part of it that can be demonstrated to be inaccurate. Thus, our product has been constantly evolving towards a greater and greater truthful accounting of church history.

The result of this work is going to be a cause for celebration. A NEW ERA is about to dawn because of this information. The long running War the church has been involved in will come to an end. At the same time, much better results will be had from church services. The combination of those two things will cause unprecedented expansion for the church.

Something very wonderful has come to light as a result of this work.

Actually, there are TWO wonderful discoveries. Just read on.

One of the wonderful discoveries was found in the axioms of Scientology. This is axiom 11 and non-application of that axiom is causing the War to persist.

Axiom 11 says:

NOT-ISNESS = use of force

In Mr. Hubbard's writings, he tells us that the ONLY solution that can bring about a change in UNWANTED CONDITIONS, without bringing about a WORSENING OF and a PERSISTANCE OF those Unwanted Conditions, is AS-ISNESS.

He also tells us that using ALTER-ISNESS (Lies) as a solution to an Unwanted Condition, brings about a WORSENING and PERSISTANCE OF the Unwanted Condition.

He also tells us that using NOT-ISNESS (force) as a solution to an Unwanted Condition, brings about a WORSENING and PERSISTANCE OF the Unwanted Condition.

So, if you say you want to get rid of an Unwanted Condition and you pick the solutions of ALTER-ISNESS and NOT-ISNESS to do it, you are working against what you said you wanted to do - because those two solutions DO NOT GET RID OF Unwanted Conditions.

Those two solutions are going to give you the OPPOSITE of what you said you wanted. Those two solutions are going to make the Unwanted Condition WORSE and PERSIST.

Saying you are going to get rid of an Unwanted Condition with those two solutions…

Is like saying - I want to remain dry so my solution is to jump into a pool of water.

Your chosen solution will give you the OPPOSITE of what you said wanted!

Let us take the example of a critic of the church, as the Unwanted Condition.

What critic do you think has been made better by telling lies about him and attacking him with force? The answer is none. Now he hates the church even worse than he did before. Now he hates the church with a passion and continues to criticize even more. You see, those two solutions made the Unwanted Condition WORSE and made it PERSIST.

Those two solutions are FALSE SOLUTIONS for getting rid of Unwanted Conditions.


ACTUAL SCIENTOLOGY or TRUE SCIENTOLOGY has ONLY ONE solution to Unwanted Conditions. That solution is AS-ISNESS, meaning Truth.



Ok, that's enough for now, just wanted to get your curiosity up for finding out more.

Later on, we will return to this subject and explain in detail the full use of this idea for resolving ALL Unwanted Conditions the church has and putting an end to the War.

Now, let's return to where we were, I was saying that we have assembled church history.

After assembling a complete and accurate church history, we performed a Data Analysis and and an Evaluation. Do not beome alarmed by those two words because we will tell you what they mean now.


Most Scientologists have some familiarity with a related series of Policy Letters that Ron Hubbard wrote, called the Data Series. This series of related policy letters called the Data Series is all about LOGIC, which means how to think correctly. These policies are an education into how to think logically and arrive at correct answers and solutions to problems.

The basic concept on which logical, correct thinking is founded is this:


Let's explain that idea for a minute here.

The human mind is a perfect computer and it never arrives at any wrong answers.

The only time it gets a wrong answer is when the DATA it is using to compute with, is faulty. If you enter faulty data into a computer, you will get a faulty answer.

There are about 10 types of faulty data but I am going to only list two of them here to make the point that REASON DEPENDS ON DATA:

Omitted Data

Both of those types of data are faulty and will cause you to arrive at a wrong answer if you use them to compute with. For example:

True Datum - John was at home with his wife last night at 8 PM.

True Datum - Across town at 8 PM last night, Joe was murdered.

False Datum - One of Joe's neighbors says that he saw John murder Joe.

WRONG CONCLUSION = The police use the False Datum to think with and they arrest John for murdering Joe.

Here is an example of Omitted Data causing a wrong conclusion:

True Datum - John works at Pete's Bakery.

True Datum - People like Pete's Bakery and are happy to shop there.

Omitted Datum - Pete is a serial killer at night.

WRONG CONCLUSION = John thinks that Pete is a nice guy who only helps people.

Do you see how FAULTY DATA causes you to reach FAULTY CONCLUSIONS?

Do you see how REASON DEPENDS ON DATA? In other words, you only get right answers and conclusions when you are thinking with complete and correct data.

Mr. Hubbard gave the various kinds of Faulty Data a name, the name is outpoint. So, hereafter when I use the word outpoint, you will know I mean FAULTY DATA to compute with that results in a WRONG CONCLUSION.

Now you should understand what I mean when I say we went over the church's history and did a DATA ANALYSIS, meaning we noted any outpoints we found.

We were then aware of what outpoints the church had in its past history and so we could see how WRONG CONCLUSIONS and WRONG SOLUTIONS were arrived at. We could now tell where the church had gone wrong, whenever it did go wrong.

At this point, let me make it clear, that our intention here is to help the church survive.

We have gone to an awful lot of time and trouble here to do this, at our own expense. Why did we do that? Because we CARE about the church and the people in it and want to see it do well.

So, after performing our Data Analysis on church history, the next thing we did is called an Evaluation.


Basically, a group has a purpose to do something. That would be its intended product.

Let's say it is to grow tomatoes.

The IDEAL SCENE would be lots of viable tomatoes growing or grown.

The EXISTING SCENE can fall away from, or depart from the IDEAL SCENE.

Let's say the Existing Scene is - no tomatoes to eat or sell

There is a reason for the lack of tomatoes, and that reason is the WHY.

Thus, an investigation is started to find the WHY.

One collects data on the tomatoe growing operation and finds outpoints.

The outpoint trail leads one to discovery of the SITUATION, which is defined as -


SITUATION = tomatoes are dieing

Why are they dieing?

They were growing just fine in June. Now dieing in July. WHAT CHANGED?

We find that on July 1, the water system broke. No water to tomatoes.

So, here is the EVALUATION on the tomatoe growing company:

IDEAL SCENE = lots of tomatoes

EXISTING SCENE = no tomatoes

SITUATION = dieing tomatoes

WHY = no water to tomatoes

HANDLING = fix water system, water tomatoes

The correct WHY and HANDLING will move the EXISTING SCENE back towards the IDEAL SCENE.

Pretty simple, really.

So, the basic idea of EVALUATION is when the EXISTING SCENE departs from the IDEAL SCENE, there is a SITUATION and we look for the WHY (reason) that is causing the SITUATION.

We then fix the WHY with a HANDLING and the EXISTING SCENE will now go back to the IDEAL SCENE.


By now, you should have an understanding of what we have done. To review:

1. We assembled a complete history of the church.

2. We did a Data Analyis on the church history - we noted all of the outpoints.

This told us what outpoints (faulty data) the church operated on in the past and so we could see how WRONG CONCLUSIONS and SOLUTIONS were arrived at.

3. We then performed an Evaluation to find the SITUATION and WHY so we could devise a HANDLING that will move the EXISTING SCENE towards the IDEAL SCENE.

The result of all of this work is the best EVALUATION ever performed in the history of the church, bar none. Implementation of the HANDLING will turn night into day.

Before we give you the EVALUATION, you must first have some of the data from church history. There is no way to give you all of the data we have on church history here. All we are going to do here is touch on some of the highlights.

You can read the entire church history at our website - reformedscientology.org.


The first thing you should know is that the church is dieing.

Contrary to church PR that would have the members believe that all is well, this is not the case at all. Currently, there are several countries in Europe that are considering outlawing the church and the practice of Scientology completely.

People at the top of the bridge, OT 7s and Class VIII auditors are leaving in alarming numbers. There are currently over 50 refund requests at Flag and they are coming in at the rate of about 1 a week. Why are so many OT 7s leaving the church? What do they know that you do not know?

The promised products of doing the bridge are:

Theta Clear
Cleared Theta Clear (OT)

The product is missing. The stat on number of Theta Clears and OTs made is zero.

NOTs was released in 1978 and 18 years later, no honest OT 7 completions yet!

The number of people on lines is contracting, including at Flag. Compare recent Flag completions listed in Source magazine to say 5 years ago in 1995 Source mags.

Several orgs cannot pay their own bills are being kept open using Sea Org reserves.

Scientologists who have around for a couple of decades, know the number of people on lines does not compare to what it used to be.

The point here is - contraction is taking place and all is not well.

The next thing you should take a look at is the group can be divided up into categories:

1. Top management

2. Normal staff members delivering services

3. Public Scientologists taking services

What does the normal staff member and the public know about the daily operations of top management? Next to nothing. Therefore, I would like to point out something -

Normal Staff and Public have OMITTED DATA on top management & its actions.

Now remember that Omitted Data is an outpoint that causes WRONG CONCLUSIONS.

Remember our example of Omitted Data causing a Wrong Conclusion?

Datum - John works at Pete's Bakery.

Datum - People like Pete's Bakery and shop there.

Omitted Datum for John - Pete is a serial killer at night.

Wrong Conclusion by John - Pete is a nice guy who only helps people.

Well, that is exactly the scenario with the church right now. The normal staff members and public have OMITTED DATA on top management and what it has been doing that is causing the contraction of the church.

The normal staff members and the public only have the positive data about top management and so they have reached a WRONG CONCLUSION that all is well with top management. As you will soon learn, nothing could be further from the truth.

The following is only a small amount of the data we have but is enough to open your eyes.

What you are about to be told is all documented at our website.


Remember that we are practicing Scientologists and none of what you are about to read is meant to be an attack on Ron, the tech, or the church. None of this means you should stop being a Scientologist. Remember that this is all leading up to an EVALUATION that will correct all of this and a NEW DAY IS ABOUT TO DAWN FOR SCIENTOLOGY.

By the way, knowing the following is going to make you a better Scientologist.


The first thing you will learn is that Ron was not a perfect man and he had his faults, much as we all do. You likely already realize Ron is not a god, but you don't know the details. These details have been intentionally hidden from you by church management. There is no reason you should not know the truth about Ron. I am grateful to Ron for the technology he gave us and knowing the following has not changed that.

Prior to Ron writing Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health in 1950 his activities are quite different than what you have been told in church promotional materials.

The reason this is known is because on 8 January 1980, a Sea Org member by the name of Gerald Armstrong wrote a letter to Ron asking Ron if he could do a biography on Ron. Gerald had in his possession about 20 boxes of Ron's personal papers, including Ron's teenage diaries, and personal letters written by Ron to Mary Sue, etc.

Ron approved and so Gerald began. Omar Garrison was hired to write the biography and Gerald was to provide him with the necessary materials out of Ron's personal papers. At the outset, Gerald was a dedicated Scientologist and Sea Org member. But, as the project went forward and as Gerald continued reading Ron's personal papers, he and Omar realized more and more that the short biographies written about Ron's past in church literature, simply were not true.

In fact, they came to realize that they could not do a true biography at all because Ron's actual history would have made a mockery of church statements about his past. Armstrong left the church over this and retained possession of Ron's personal papers. The church sued to prevent the release of this information to anyone and to get the papers back.

In court, the church finally got Ron's papers back, but not before much of the data in those records had been made public during the course of the litigation. The judge made a ruling after reviewing these materials that the papers showed Ron was a liar about his past.

We are not going to re-iterate all the details but will tell you a few things about Ron that has been withheld from you. He was not a war hero and he was not blinded and crippled at the end of WW II and he did not recover fully from said injuries as a result of applying Dianetics to himself. His veteran's administration records show this. He had a minor eye infection that did not prevent him from seeing and he also complained he had an ulcer. The ulcer bothered him his whole life apparently and he received a small disability pension his entire life, by telling the VA from time to time that he had not recovered from his symptoms.

Ron also used drugs for research purposes. He states this in his own voice in taped lectures he gave on 15 June 1950 Case Factors and on 23 June 1950 Institutional Dianetics. He used street drugs when he was researching OT 3 in the late 1960s. This is known because he said this in a handwritten to his wife, Mary Sue Hubbard. Towards his death in January 1986, Sea Org members near him reported they saw every imagineable drug in his medicine cabinet.

On his death in January 1986, the coroner found the drug Vistaril in Ron's body. Ron died of a cerebral vascular accident, a stroke. He was in poor physical condition and had had two earlier strokes. He came close to death when he had a stroke in September 1978 and David Mayo audited Ron back to life, which is how NOTs was developed. Mayo wrote ALL of the NOTs tech, not LRH.

At Ron's Death Announcement event in Los Angeles we were lied to by David Miscavige and church attorney Earl Cooley. The false PR story we were told was that Ron was in perfect health and he left his body at cause. They said he voluntarily laid his body down because he needed to discard it now to continue his OT research. That was a blatant lie.

It was also a lie that Ron was not getting the money from the church. The Church of Scientology of California was founded in 1954 and it acted as the Mother church for all other churches and missions. All other churches and missions in the world paid the Church of Scientology of California a 10% tithe. Ron was not the owner of the Church of Scientology of California so on the surface it appeared he was not getting the money.

But, the little known fact was that Ron founded the Church of American Science in 1953 and he was the sole owner. It had no membership, it was just a corporate shell, a paper organization. The Church of Scientology of California paid the Church of American Science 20 % of its income. That was only one way Ron was getting church money. In 1982 alone, the target was to get 85 million dollars of church money to Ron and it appears this target was met or close to it.

Ron was not reporting and paying taxes on this income and thus the IRS was after him. This is why the church lost its tax exemption and had many legal battles with the IRS, which the church lost. Ron's own legal battle with the IRS was also lost and the IRS proved in court that Ron was getting large sums of church money.

Thus, Ron lied to us when he told us he was not getting church money.

Starting in the mid-1960s Ron was getting more and more irritable. From then until his death in 1986, the staff who worked closely with him remarked on his rages, screaming and ill temper.

In 1965, Ron and the church were under heavy attack by several governments around the world. It was in this setting that Ron wrote the most destructive policy imagineable and this policy has caused the church and individuals untold destruction ever since it was written and is the biggest reason the church is dieing today.

This policy is called the Fair Game Law. It is quoted below:

HCOPL 17 March 1965 Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists The Fair Game Law

A Potential Trouble Source is defined as a person who while active in Scientology or a pc yet remains connected to a person or group that is a suppressive person or group.

A Suppressive Person or Group is one that actively seeks to suppress or damage Scientology or a Scientologist by Suppressive Acts.

Suppressive Acts are acts calculated to impede or destroy Scientology or a Scientologist and which are listed at length in this policy letter.

A Suppressive Person or Group becomes "fair game".

By FAIR GAME is meant, without rights for self, possessions or position, and no Scientologist may be brought before a Committee of Evidence or punished for any action taken against a Suppressive Person or Group during the period that person or group is "fair game".

The families and adherents of Suppressive Persons or groups may not receive processing.

Until a Suppressive person or group is absolved…. no Committee of Evidence may be called to punish any Scientologist or person for any offenses of any kind against the suppressive person…

The homes, property, places and abodes of persons who have been active in attempting to suppress Scientology or Scientologists are all beyond any protection of Scientology justice, unless absolved by later justice or an amnesty.

A Scientologist connected by familial or other ties to a person who is guilty of Suppressive Acts is known as a Potential Trouble Source or Trouble Source.

Therefore this Policy Letter extends to suppressive non-Scientology wives and husbands and parents, or other family members or hostile groups or even close friends. So long as the wife or husband, father or mother or other family connection who is attempting to suppress the Scientology spouse or child or member, then that Scientologist or preclear comes under the family or adherent clause and may not be processed or further trained until he or she has taken appropriate action to cease to be a Potential Trouble Source.

The validity of this policy is born out by the fact that the US government raids and other troubles were instigated by wives, husbands or parents who were actively suppressing a Scientologist, or Scientology. The suppressed Scientologist did not act in good time to avert the trouble by handling the antagonistic family member as a suppressive source or disconnect fully.

Disconnection from a family member or cessation of adherence to a Suppressive Person or Group, is done by the potential trouble source publicly publishing the fact, as in the legal notices of "The Auditor" and public announcements and taking any required civil action such as disavowal, separation or divorce and thereafter cutting all further communication and disassociating from the person or group.

A truly Suppressive Person or group has no rights of any kind and actions taken against them are not punishable.

Any HCO Secretary may receive evidences of disconnection or disavowal or separation or divorce and, on finding them to be bona fide, may publicly announce them on a public board and legal notices in the Auditor.

The disconnecting person then ceases to be a Potential Trouble Source.



Omitted application of Scientology tech - LRH:

Man can be handled by reason alone - Science of Survival

Omitted application of Code of A Scientologist - LRH:

10. To work for freedom of speech in the world.

(Enforced disconnection = cut communication)

Omitted application of the Creed of the Church - LRH

We of the church believe:

That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinion of others;

And we of the church believe that the laws of God forbid man:

To destroy his own kind;

And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.


We need to point out something here -


And therefore, the Fair Game Policy cannot set aside these inalienable rights.

Just because somebody voices an opinion that does not agree with Scientology, that person is viciously attacked by the church?

Religious freedom means TWO things -


And freedom of speech means they can VOICE what they don't believe in.

These critics have every right to say they do not believe in Scientology.



Also, how many families were broken up, resulting in harm to children, because of divorces due to ENFORCED DISCONNECTION?

The Fair Game policy also says:

"the US government raids and other troubles were instigated by wives, husbands or parents who were actively suppressing a Scientologist, or Scientology."

How the hell is Disconnection a cure for that? Disconnection made it WORSE. Now they are really going to squawk. And they did too. They screamed so much about Disconnection that governments really started coming down hard on the church for doing it. So much so that Hubbard was forced to write an HCOB in 1968 Cancelling Disconnection.

As time goes along, the application of this policy is seen to be CREATING more and more attacks from individuals and governments around the world, instead of curing them.

The practice of this policy has the church peddling fear into society, instead of ARC. It has given the church a bad PR image and is causing contraction.

In PT, various governments around the world are moving towards outlawing the church. If it isn't abolished, this policy will bring about the demise of the church.

The Fair Game law was also used to attack any person who left the church and practiced Scientology. The justification was that they were squirrels. Some were and some were not, but either way it does not matter because it violates the Creed of the Church, which says:

We of the church believe:

That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance

That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist and support their own organizations, churches and governments.


In March 1966 Ron wrote another policy called the Guardian. This established the Guardian's Office run by Mary Sue Hubbard. The Guardian's Office had bureaus:

Public Relations


This is why the Guardian's Office became criminal.

Because the Fair Game Law policy AUTHORIZES CRIMINAL ACTS.

So, anyone who criticized the church was viciously attacked by the various GO bureaus and any crime committed by the GO was not punishable because the Fair Game law allows it.

Thus the Guardians Office was turned into a criminal group. And, in July 1977 the FBI raided the GO for its crimes and Mary Sue Hubbard and 10 other Scientologists were jailed for their crimes.

The dictionary defines fascism as "rigid censorship and forcible suppression of opposition."

The Fair Game policy turns the church into a FASCIST organization. And down through history no fascist organization has ever survived. People in society eventually grow tired of it and one day they will rise up and wipe it out, just as they did to Hitler in WW II.

And so, you have governments in Europe right now, considering passing laws to stop this fascist organization from existing in their country anymore.

Because, when the GO was disbanded in 1981, the criminality and fascism did not stop! RTC and OSA continued applying the Fair Game policy and they are every bit as criminal as the GO was, even going to the extent of using hired thugs called The Minutemen to go out and physically beat up on critics.

What other church acts like this? They do not get hired thugs to beat up anyone who voices an opinion that goes against their religion and THEY ARE SURVIVING JUST FINE.

The backlash from society is killing the church. Government attacks are increasing and orgs are picketed regularly. The PR image of the church is that it is hated and feared, not loved. That is a direct result of this insane policy called Fair Game.

The SITUATION we found in our EVALUATION is :


And the Fair Game policy is one way the GROUP IS DESTROYING ITSELF.

Look up REFORM CODE on page 440 of the Admin Dictionary. It says…

"the Reform Code of Scientology. We sent out mailings and we received back anything that people thought should be corrected. This resulted in reform code in which the sec checks were cancelled and all old folders on this have been burned and disconnection is cancelled as a relief to those suffering family oppression. Its no longer required in SP orders and the person has to handle. The fair game law was cancelled and the prohibition against writing down a recording of professional materials was made and this was actually the extent of the Reform Code. - Ron's Journal 1968"

So, the church reformed in 1968 but somehow, years later, Fair Game and disconnection started up again, to the detriment of the one and all. It not only destroys the people it is used on, but ut destroys the users of it and the church too.

Its time to put REFORM CODE in PERMANENTLY and get rid of the Fair Game policy and disconnection FOR GOOD. Never to rear its ugly head again.


Our web page is - reformedscientology.org
E-mail - vmcc@icehouse.net
Phone - 208-773-8240

What critic has ever been cured by beating up on him? You have made the situation even worse because now he hates the church with a passion.

The Fair Game Law policy uses ALTER-ISNESS (lies) and NOT-ISNESS (force) as a solution to Unwanted Conditions. The axioms of Scientology state that those two solutions bring about a WORSENING OF and PERSISTANCE OF Unwanted Conditions.

Therefore the Fair Game Law is causing Unwanted Conditions to get WORSE and making them PERSIST.

Therefore, the Fair Game Law is a FALSE SOLUTION to UNWANTED CONDITIONS.

The axioms also state that AS-ISNESS (truth) is the ONLY solution that can bring about a change in Unwanted Conditions without bringing about a worsening of and persistance of those Unwanted Conditions.

Therefore -

TRUE SCIENTOLOGY = AS-ISNESS is the ONLY solution to Unwanted Conditions


Now, here is how to use AS-ISNESS to get rid of UNWANTED CONDITIONS.

I could get the Lisa McPherson Trust to go away happy with AS-ISNESS.

You know why people picket orgs and Flag? They are out there because they have a LEGITIMATE BEEF. That is the Truth (As-Isness) of it.

What Flag did to Lisa McPherson is just plain wrong. That is the truth.

So, you acknowledge the truth of that and take responsibility for it and handle the BEEF.

The people at LMT are not just out there over that incident though. They want to see an end to ALL abusive practices by the church. This includes the cessation of use of the Fair Game policy and also includes the abusive treatment of people in the RPF.

We are not going to go into all the details about RPF abuses right now except to say the sub-human treatment of Sea Org members in the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) is akin to psychiatric brainwashing technology. People are held against their will, locked up in isolation on occasion, denied proper food and rest, given physically abusive work, and degraded and humiliated by the negative attitudes of other Sea Org members.

They are also given what is called "gang-bang sec checks" where the RPF person is holding the cans of the meter while he is abusively interrogated for weeks on end by 3 people at once. The auditors code is thrown out the window, the 3 people yell at him for hours and evaluate and invalidate him, and don't let him eat or sleep, until the person goes into a psychotic break or apathy. They end product of this is a "broken" person, who has lost his will to resist. He will now follow orders without questioning them or talking back. They made a mindless robot. This is essentially "reverse processing" or "black Dianetics".

Not everyone in the RPF gets reverse processing and there are those who say they benefited from being in the RPF. But, there are those who were completely broken in the RPF as stated above and it is those kind of abuses that need to be stopped.

So, the LMT folks want to see all of the abuses stopped. So do I. So should you.

That is the AS-ISNESS (truth) of that Unwanted Condition and when the abuses of the church go away, so will they. So, stop the abuses and you will have no more LMT!

So, lets talk about "The War".

You want the war to end today? Here's how:


You know, its awfully hard to have a war when one side isn't fighting.

In other words, the church is MOCKING IT UP, ITS CREATING IT.

Why is a church mocking up enemies and fighting them? I thought churches helped people.

If the church would go to these critics and talk to them and HELP them - 98% would stop.

For that 2% that would insanely continue to attack despite no wrong-doing by the church -

AS-ISNESS is STILL the solution.

All you need to do to handle critics or attackers who LIE -

Document they are telling lies. For you see, THAT solution is AS-ISNESS, isn't it?

And, that's all you have to do with them - just prove they're lieing.

And, "The War" would be over.

The Fair Game Policy is only one way the GROUP IS DESTROYING ITSELF.

The church has an altered importance going wherein it thinks the group is more important than the individual. In the policy letter Keeping Scientology Working, Ron says it is the bank that says the group is all and the individual is nothing.


An individual comes into the church to enhance his dynamics.

It can happen that the opposite takes place, and his dynamics start getting destroyed.

The EXISTING SCENE in the church is:

Aberrated people, lacking understanding, unintentionally misapplying datums

Resulting in destruction

Aberrated people, wilfully misapplying datums

Resulting in destruction

Senior Policy - Deliver what was promised:

Theta Clear
Cleared Theta Clear
UP the tone scale
Survival on ALL dynamics
Self or pan determinism, not other determinism
Freedom - spiritual and human
Creed of the church
Civilization without criminality, insanity and war

To prevent destruction to the INDIVIDUAL and his dynamics, we give the INDIVIDUAL a tool he can use to prevent this destruction to himself and his dynamics. That tool is:

1. Spot when MISAPPLICATION is occuring by Evaluating every order, action, etc directed at him, against his END GOALS.


a. Refuse to carry out the destructive order, action, or what have you.
b. If pressured to anyway, leave.

The idea here is for the INDIVIDUAL to keep in my mind why he joined the group in the first place. He joined to get "what was promised", as stated in the list above. Those are his END GOALS. If other members of the group start handling him in such a way that he is being moved away from the END GOALS, he should refuse to go along with it.

Basically, all trouble results from having Senior Policy out.

If everyone who came into the church was getting what the church promises to deliver, there would be no complaints and trouble because they would be happy with the church.

Any businessman knows that if he mistreats his customers his business will fail.

He must deliver what is needed and wanted by customers and whatever he promised them.

Let's say a shoe store advertises shoes for sale. People come in to get the shoes but incompetent employees can't help them. Worse yet, the employees beat up the customer while he is there and smash his car in the parking lot.

This business will now have angry customers because they did not get what they came for and worse yet, they were caused destruction. Now they will picket outside of the shoe store, which is the scene you have with orgs today.

No person should fear leaving the church because he will lose his bridge. The entire bridge is available outside of the church, for a lot less money.


The current top management has made a massive amount of alterations to LRH issues.

This means all kinds of LRH issues - books, tapes, policies and bulletins

The books have all been re-written and the author is not LRH. Church of Scientology International is the author. When they copyrighted their re-written version of the LRH book, they made the word "L. Ron Hubbard" part of the book title. This way they could put Ron's name on the book cover and unsuspecting people would assume that Ron wrote it.

A specific example of an alteration is Scientology Axiom 3. Check an earlier book by LRH that has axiom 3 in it, and compare that to the CSI Book O-8 The Book of Basics. You will see they changed the axiom.

RTC is in treason as its articles of incorporation mandate they keep LRH as source.

The amount of alterations to LRH issues is massive and destructive. OT 7 has been sabotaged into unworkability by RTC squirreling of that level, which is why there are no completions for 18 years. By reason of doing this, it can be said that top management has counter-intention to making OTs and is actively preventing the church's final product of freed beings.


David Miscavige was not appointed by Ron to run the church after his death. Pat Broeker was Ron's appointed replacement for running the church. Miscavige used blackmail to oust Broeker. There are a lot of details about destruction caused to the church by Miscavige, which we will not go into here. They can be read about in our assembled church history.

The church history we assembled shows that the current top management is guilty of destroying the group, its technology, and end product of freed beings. So, the SITUATION now becomes:











In a nutshell, the HANDLING is to remove the treasonous top management and replace with sane leadership that will:

1. Cancel Fair Game and any policy that calls for ALTER-ISNESS and NOT-ISNESS as a solution.

2. Put all LRH issues back exactly they way he issued them.

3. Get in Senior Policy and Deliver what was promised.










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