LMT Literati Challenge, Year 2000

From: Bob Minton+Stacy Brooks <judges@lisatrust.net>
Subject: LMT Literati Winners
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 20:08:35 -0500
Organization: The Lisa McPherson Trust, the conscience Scientology doesn't have!
Message-ID: <r97g3tk43634ipepdofecp4kgo1ammguq5@4ax.com>

Three essays stood out among the 32 entries for this year's Lisa McPherson Trust Literati Contest and have been selected as winners. Their essays will be posted to alt.religion.scientology and the LMT web site following this message. The winners are:

FIRST PLACE: Chris Owen for his well documented essay entitled "The Control Agenda: Control, Responsibility and Freedom in the Church of Scientology." Chris was able to describe the four spheres of Scientology's control -- Personal, Organizational, Societal and Cosmological -- in terms that can be understood even by someone who is completely unfamiliar with Scientology's totalitarian political agenda. Congratulations to Chris for his prize of USD 7,000.00.

SECOND PLACE: "Anti-Virus" for "Scientology: Soul Hackers," an insightful and well-researched essay by a former very high-level Scientology auditor who was able to communicate clearly a viable technical explanation for how Scientology is able to control its adherents. Congratulations to "Anti-Virus" for winning the USD 2,000.00 prize for second place.

THIRD PLACE: "Peter Smith" for an insightful and disturbing essay entitled "Doubletalk: Orwellian Reversal of Meaning in Scientology." His Scientology comparisons to 1984's "Ministry of Truth" and "Ministry of Justice" will ring true to anyone familiar with Scientology's totalitarian, extremist doublethink. Congratulations to "Peter Smith" for third prize winnings of USD 1,000.00.

SPECIAL AWARD WINNER - Junior Category. The judges decided to include a "Junior Category" in this year's Literati Contest for a very compelling account of a 16 year old's experience with Scientology. Congratulations to "Darla deToledo" for her Special Award of USD 500.00 in the 2000 LMT Literati Contest for her essay, "When Can I Start My Life?"

Four other essays deserve special recognition. Honorable Mention goes to Eldon Braun's "The Attention Fix: Scientology as a Figment of Narcissism," David Cecere's "Scientology: Control, Freedom and Responsibility," Arnie Lerma's "The Art of Deception II," and "Christina Wilson's "Rose-Colored Glasses." These four entries will also be posted shortly on ARS and on the LMT website.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's LMT Literati Contest.

Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks