ARS Literati $10,000 Challenge

Subject: ARS Literati $10,000 Challenge --- -Konchok Penday
Date: 17 Sep 1999 02:53:38 -0400
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Dear Mr. Minton:

Here is my entry in your ARS Literati $10,000 Challenge.

It was originally primarily a series of essays which were written in late 1995, now contained in a web page written in 1999, rather than one essay written to order for your contest. However, I believe the INTENTION of your challenge is EXACTLY met by this body of work, and none of your conditions preclude the entry of prior material.

You can view it in HTML form at:$cam/cult$cam.htm

You can also get it from the menu at the root web:

The format of publication is irrelevant to the purpose of the writing, though the introductory section was written in HTML and does suffer in its ASCII form from the lack of the illustration. I don't know how many words it contains. If there are too many, I will be happy to delete some sections.

Most of these pieces were written under the pen name of Body N. Thetan, which I usually use to to comment on $cientology. I am primarily interested in *DOING* REAL N-Lightenment, rather than exposing *FALSE* enlightment, and I ordinarily write as Konchok Penday in that endeavor. However, I have blurred that distinction somewhat lately, and one section [Rondrrhoids of the Commode] was written about LRH in 1999 by Konchok Penday. For these and other reasons, I enter this contest as Konchok Penday.

As I have publicly entertained the thought that you [Bob Minton] may well have been O$A's most brilliant operation to date, and destroyed FACTNET on their behalf, I can hardly be accused of belonging to the MFC. However, I PROMISE to join AS SOON as I am paid! :-)

Konchok Penday

P.S. I want to be paid in CASH,
AND I challenge Mr. Minton to take


["bridge" illustration missing here]

The sad thing about $cientology is that it could have been the best thing since the Buddha. The BASICS of the counselling technology work extremely well. They don't do everything claimed, but they are FAR more advanced than the established and recognized medical, psychiatric, and psychological modalities. They indeed DO know FAR MORE about the mind than many licensed practitioners. Much or most of what is loosely referred to as the "New Age" movement is DIRECTLY traceable and attributable as third-hand, badly misunderstood, thoroughly misinterpreted $cientology, though the people selling it usually don't have glimmer of the history of their ideas.

Many of the most brilliant and dedicated researchers in the human mind in the last 50 years spent their lives in $cientolgy contributing to it. Of course, their advances were stolen by Mr. Hubbard, who claimed them as his own and excommunicated and attacked, [destroying where possible], those to whom he owed the most. The workable parts of the technology were eventually swallowed up by his gargantuan psychotic faschist robotic military intelligence agency crusade to take over the world.

Well, what would you expect from a black magician follower of Crowley, who was a liar, thief, drug addict and psychotic megalomaniac, and who used up and discarded people like toilet paper?

His legacy, the "Church" of Scientology, which appears to have been taken over by black ops divisions of various governments in the early 1980's, is apparently now primarily engaged in researching gulag mind washing and slave labor control techniques, much as Jonestown was.

The really superlative, excellent and useful parts of the technology are buried in lies, omissions, complexities, errors, propaganda, exaggeration, wishful thinking, and flat-out fraud. And of course, it's all perfect, exact, unquestionable and unalterable . . . like the "Standard Technology" that was announced as perfect and complete in 1968, and then revised every few weeks for the next 30 odd years, while remaining constantly sacrosanctly perfect, unchanging and unalterable, engraved in inerrancy in eternity, in every successive soon-to-be repudiated version.

Thus, in actual practice, $cientology is the total and exact opposite of what it claims to be, and actually might have been or become, if Hubbard had been much more sane and vastly less aggressively criminal. Unfortunatey, due to its very real sophistication in many areas of dealing with the mind, it has become the greatest threat to enlightenment that I know of, bitterly and relentlessly attacking and destroying all it's perceived "enemies" . . . i.e. those beings actually attempting to help their fellow man without buying the ridiculous permission of those with a "command intention" mission to harrass and destroy others in the name of total freedom, but sadly lacking any clue about their own or anyone else's spiritual advancement or salvation.


[same illustration missing]

For an instant, but surprisingly accurate assessment of the much-promoted "bridge" to nowhere, let us examine the small illustration above, copied from the $cientologi$t$ very own web site [pursuant to "fair use" as authorized by Title 17, the Copyright Act] for discussion and commentary.

The first thing which you see in the illustration is a GATE. The purpose of the gate, of course, is to keep people OFF the "bridge to total freedom" [as they dub it] . . . to keep out the "downstats," "freeloaders," "degraded beings," "Potential Trouble Sources," "Suppressive Persons," and other undesireables . . . TO PREVENT PEOPLE FROM ENTERING OR CROSSING ["the bridge to total freedom"]. In their normal state, these tall stout gates are closed and locked tightly, and vigilantly defended by dedicated, ferocious and unreasonable Guardians . . . all in the name of "total freedom"!

Of course, the gate can be opened . . . for a price. Current estimates for a trip across the bridge run around $350,000 . . . without any of the extensive and numerous side-trips, detours, and extras which abound and proliferate. To open the gate, you need to bring GOLD. LOTS of gold.

In fact, if you simply look at the picture, you will see that, in actual fact, the bridge itself is PAVED WITH GOLD. Bring lots of gold. Hey, I used to know a guy who spent $250,000 in ONE YEAR at the Flag Land Base ["the Mecca of Technical Perfuction"]. At the end of the year, he was more fucted up than ever before, and not too surprisingly, also out of money. At that point they lost interest in him and told him he was "unsuitable" to be helped. [Bring lots of gold!]

Continuing to look, you will then see that the bridge rises very steeply [just like the prices] [making it a real EFFORT to climb that hill] and takes you WAY out to sea, over the vast and uncharted ocean. After you have gone too far out to swim back, you suddenly run out of bridge . . . and it drops you several hundred feet into the ocean . . . to your certain death. The sharks fight over your carcass.

It doesn't go anywhere . . . except to oblivion. It's the GOLDEN GATE to SPIRITUAL SUICIDE!

And the other thing that's BLINDINGLY CLEAR about the bridge? THERE'S NO ONE ON IT! It's totally barren and EMPTY! All the suckers who brought their gold and paved the bridge have either gone off the deep end or been overboarded along the way for being "down$tat$" or "Potential Trouble Sources" [when they ran out of gold or stopped paying]. The $cientologi$t$ are way too busy guarding the gate from undeserving intruders and scouting for new $ucker$ to get out and take the trip over it. All this huff and puff stuff from the $cam Cult is about a bridge to nowhere . . . that isn't being travelled by anybody.

THERE YOU HAVE IT!, the whole story in a thumbnail: all neatly summed up in one small image, courtesty of the cult itself. Who would know better than they? Pathetic, isn't it?


For more of the latest info, read alt.religion.scientology, a very busy and interesting newsgroup on usenet. The few $cientology $hill$ who dare to post there are regularly humiliated by their own shameful incompetence and dishonesty, and the raw naked truth about their loathesome cult.

Here is an unordered series of alt.religion.scientology articles by Body N. Thetan from November, 1995. They give a good broad overview of $cientology and L Ron Hubbard. Some are now dated and obscure, but others were precisely accurate in their assessments and future predictions.

Here is a charming little piece that reflects the e$$ence of $erious $cientology :


Here are just a few of the many well-known anti-$cientology web sites. There are MANY others which you can easily find from these, or from a search. Apologies to those whose sites I do not list.

Here is the only substantial pro-$cientology site I know: the $cientologi$t$. [Pathetic, really, when most of the world hates you so much that hundreds of very able people are willing to volunteer their valuable time competing with each other to put up web sites vilifying your criminal $cam cult fraud. In fact, with the exception of this page, the www itself could be considered an anti-$cientology site!]



If you are interested in a spiritual practice designed in part to rescue the good and workable elements of $cientology --- from the catastrophic clutches of $eriou$ly deranged, greed-crazed, hate-filled, criminal fanatic$ --- and to improve, simplify and integrate them into an elegant, powerful, teachable, learnable, usable methodology of do-it-yourself N-lightenment, please check out:

"Get Your Ducks in a Row @!"



This is a very vague history of LRH / Church of Scientology from an auditor's viewpoint. Feel free to comment, add, or disagree. It's my opinion only, dates are only approximate, and a lot of it has necessarily been pieced together over the years from hearsay.

In the fifties, I believe LRH had [mixed in with his secret agent/used car salesman/race track tout/con artist motivations] a sincere desire to share his understanding of the mind with others. I do think that he saw many things more clearly than most of the people around him.

His own writings, [Evolution of a Science, 1948, if my memory serves] reveal that he was experimenting with auditing on drugs during the late 1940's. I suspect he was flying high on speed or coke [much as I understand the NLP originators were] and was seeing much of the same patterns as the NLP boys. [Witness very parallel technologies.]

The tapes of the 50's reveal him speaking as fast as he could to try to get as much information as possible out. He was excited. He wanted to tell you! He wanted you to know! He could SEE! He wanted to SHOW YOU! The tapes are often fascinating, if not revelatory. His understanding of flows and the four conditions of existence [which he did NOT originate, as they were clearly elucidated in the Dzog-chen and possibly Bon religions long before the Buddha's birth --- not that it's relevant to LRH] are a startling occurrence in basically anti-spiritual western culture. Good for him! He was not completely nuts! That's a BIG PLUS!

In the fifties, Scientology was done almost exclusively by private practitioners, who didn't have to join or belong to anything. A lot of good auditing was done by people who bought Dianetics and never saw an org or heard of Scientology. They were totally unregulated. If they did got to an org a take courses, they left on their own to do their own thing. Many of them did very well and helped a great number of people.

In the sixties, on the tapes LRH speaks .... very .... slowly .... with .... long .... comm ... lags. Mostly, when he is talking, he is making himself right about his errors and blunders [witnessed by wholesale cancellations] on earlier tapes, or screaming and thundering in rage that he NEVER SAID what you VERY CLEARLY heard him say on a tape just last week [and have right here in your tape notes].

Every year, he tells you that the 40% of cases that we couldn't handle last year are 100% easily crackable by this latest new [fad] technology. Then, next year, he tells you the same thing. There isn't any new technology developed since the 50's. There is lots of new technology announced, but if you know the history, you can see it is the same old stuff dusted off and re-issued with new titles: for bigger, more expensive can't-do-without courses.

He reminds me on the 60's tapes of a chronic coke abuser who is past the new addict's rush of enthusiasm and is burning his brain out rapidly, but still thinks he has a lot to say. He can't quite remember what it is, so he spends much of his/your time telling you how important it is --- while he's getting around to it. Those tapes are BOR-ING to listen to. In the 50's his attention was on the subject and he was trying to get you to see it. In the 60's his attention is on himself, and he is trying to get you to see how important HE is, and how you can't live without his data. What a drag.

In the early 60's, believe it or not, orgs were really decent places to be. They were filled with AUDITORS [not Rondroids and SS military functionaries in prop department uniforms], who [amazingly enough!] audited. You could go into an org and, for reasonable prices, get good auditing from a good auditor who cared about YOU [not about his holier-than-thou "technology" crap] and who earned enough money to live a lower middle class life with his own apartment, a reliable car, and maybe even a spouse or children. Wow! What a concept.

By '65 to '68, I think LRH had gone totally psycho. I know that by this point he had developed his psychotic paranoia of germs [typical of coke/opiate abusers]. This dates at least as early as the first Class 8's on the Apollo [a converted cattle ship] being forced to scrub the bilges and insides of the hull with toothbrushes to make sure it was clean enough for HIM. This psychotic fear of germs continued till the end of his life. [Witness the bizarre air conditioning systems he designed to protect himself from GERMS at the "COMPLEX" in LA.] His bizarre torrents of rage and livid screaming throw-them-overboard temper tantrums were a fact of life until his death. These and his opterm --- everyone [they're ALL out to get me!] "quirks" are ALL TYPICAL RUN-OF-THE-MILL COKE ADDICT BEHAVIOR.

Yes, yes, I know, LRH *WAS* VIOLENTLY ANTI-DRUGS --- FOR *OTHER* PEOPLE --- and especially for the people whose minds *HE* wanted to control.

I know from one of his cabin-boys that he had STACKS OF PADS OF PRE-SIGNED BLANK PRESCRIPTION FORMS in his cabin. [I believe that Nibs testified somewhere under oath that Ron carried heroin and other illegal drugs on sea org ships --- could someone confirm this with a cite?] [I also heard Ron fed Quentin pheno-barbital-laced chewing gum to keep him quiet.] I THINK LRH WAS A COKE ADDICT. HE HAD *ALL* THE CLASSIC SIGNS. I think he smoked it in those Kools he always had at hand, and only smoked a few puffs from --- as if he had put a few drops of liquid coke in the end of each one.

Part of his burgeoning craziness was the creation of the Sea Org, which Scientology had functioned just fine without until about 65/66. Not content with building orgs to teach people to audit, he needed a praetorian guard to hide him from governments, keep him out of court [his crimes were starting to catch up with him, again] and silence his enemies.

At about the same time, he got over his shyness about his own importance, announcing in 1966 that all the research had been done, there was nothing else of importance to discover, and he was now releasing it as the Clearing Course.

Of course, there was still that 40% of the cases they couldn't handle, and he couldn't take back his announcement of the STATE OF CLEAR, so then they had to develop OT levels [something above clear]. These are all new kinds of levels in that they don't ask the pc what is wrong with him and handle that --- they tell the pc what is wrong with him and what he is going to do about it.

I see this as evidence that he was so totally drugged out and lost in the mystery of his own case and dramatizations that he forgot what he knew in the 50's. Like Koos, he became convinced that, if HE thought it, it must be true! He became, in his own mind at least, the ONLY ONE EVER to rise above the "bank." He graciously traced a route for others to follow him into their own insanity.

In 1968 came STANDARD TECHNOLOGY and the Class 8 Course. How something can be 100% PERFECT AND STANDARD [definitely NOT uncertain, vague, under development, and open to your interpretation or contribution], and nevertheless change every two weeks, is one of those mysteries only Scientology can solve. The original Class 8's brought back with them STRAIGHT FROM LRH and Flag the QUICKIE GRADES, which meant that instead of AUDITING the preclear for a LONG TIME until he was a lot saner, you took his money, and then TOLD him he was sane at the first sign of a floating needle. Prices for auditing [in line with this new, more valuable, non-delivery of auditing, and the need to support his exploding intelligence/dirty tricks network] took a commensurate stratospheric RISE.

This of course, crashed the orgs stats. Pc's couldn't afford auditing. When they could afford it, they couldn't get it. The didn't get much saner, but they were encouraged to pretend that they were. The Scientology organizations, which had actually been booming in the early 60's based on the delivery of training and auditing, began to collapse. The natural solution to this was, of course, HEAVY ETHICS: annihilate those treasonous motherfucks who DON'T PRODUCE.

The Sea Org took over the running of the orgs. Auditors wages were cut to nothing. We got ethics conditions, amends projects, dirty gray rags, declares, etc.. The Guardians Offices was fired up with great enthusiasm to crucify those suppressives that were ruining Scientology. The witch hunts [which Scientology had prospered without for so many years] were on!

Of course, this drove all of the good auditors out of the orgs into private practice and missions. No one with any sanity, havingness or ability would put up with being the whipping peon of hordes of brainless ignorant arrogant self-important Flag Missionaires who not only couldn't audit, and hadn't had any auditing, but had no concept of what auditing was about, and didn't care. Orgs became dumping grounds for people who could be "body regged" off the street and told what to do 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter how stupid and loathsome it was. A great victory for the Commodore!

During the 70's, the orgs struggled to survive. Robotic staff, insane management, and non-delivery of the valuable product of auditing were crippling burdens. Surprisingly, however, the Mission Network [staffed by all of those good auditors driven out of the orgs by Shultz-Staffel Blitz Krieg Management Techniques] delivered great service and expanded. This kept the orgs alive by feeding them lots of people who associated Scientology with the friendly helpful sane competent loving people they met in missions, rather than the nightmares of military brutality and insanity that they were about to experience in the orgs.

In 1977 you had the big FBI raids in LA and DC.

Reasonably soon after that was a huge purge of personnel from the Sea Org and from orgs. Many people would say that the process of the insane robots driving out the sane competent people who kept things going was accelerated.,

[I suspect that this was the effect of agreements between the raiders --- who now had tens of thousands of pages of evidence of felonious dirt on the Co$ --- and the Co$, who had been collecting dirt on the raiders for decades. I suspect that the raids let the government make the offer-that-can't-be-refused to the Co$ to join the "country club" of the old-boy network. They were in with the big boys, and had to get with the program. Everybody who thought for himself and didn't do what he was told, no matter what, was an expendable liability. I suspect that third parties now starting taking a hand in shaping Scientology policy. This paragraph is my conjecture only: I have no secret data on it I have not revealed.]

So not only did you have people like David Miscavige --- essentially Hubbard's butler --- elevated to positions of great responsibility, but their mission seemed to be to get rid of people who had decades of auditing and management experience and knew what was going on and wouldn't believe the latest bullshit and do insanely destructive things just because they were ordered to by a Bozo in Braid.

By 81/82 this wholesale op-terming of the best people extended out of the orgs into the field. It was determined that the reason the orgs were collapsing at an even greater rate was because of those suppressives in the field --- all those EVIL auditors and mission holders that were sending people into the orgs. So all the good people in the field were declared and their very valuable missions and buildings were seized by the church with no compensation. Suppressives were everywhere, and only the Sea Org had the unreasonable ruthless determination to exterminate them wherever they might be in the name of total freedom.

[As a GestapOSA agent auditor, I noticed that many of the Young Turks either were or thought that they had been Nazis in their last lifetime. Watching their behavior is a good argument for the reality of past lives. At least Ron had the courtesy to provide them with a ruthlessly cruel military/religious crusade against the suppressives/degenerates to make them feel right at home and give them something they were good at to do.]

[Around this time you also had the noticeable non-activity of Mr. Hubbard in running the organizations, and rumors of his Howard Hughes-like drooling idiocy or death were rampant for the year or two before it was announced that he had completed the immortality rundown and no longer had any need for his body. It was suggested that someone was keeping his body on ice and signing all of those papers for him. Now that's what I call MAKING IT GO RIGHT!]

Eventually, one way or another, he did die. [You know, I still don't know where they buried him. Why isn't the body/grave a Scientology Shrine? They should have a glass coffin like Lenin, or at least an eternal flame. Better yet, prop him up behind the desk in the LRH Comm Office. I'd PAY to see him dead!]

Since the 81/82 purges in which Scientologists, and particularly auditors and mission holders, became the EVIL PEOPLE, I think that you could make a good case that the Mission of the Church Scientology has been [as demonstrated by ACTUAL RESULTS] to PREVENT AUDITING, PREVENT COMMUNICATION, AND PREVENT ENLIGHTENMENT. At this, they are WORLD CLASS.

You could almost imagine the powers that be looked at what was going on and decided that only the very well heeled [or the agents of very well heeled agencies] were going to have access to whatever technology of enlightenment existed. First the good auditors were driven from the orgs to the missions and field. Then the missions and field were slaughtered by declares and all kinds of highly illegal terrorist activities to drive ALL THE COMPETITION out of the field.



After many years of fear-induced silence, I am writing these articles now only because I see in the Net a *possibility* of stopping their insanity: not a certainly or even a likelihoodjust the only hope. This open window of global communication may close any day. They are doing their absolute best to slam it shut on your throat RIGHT NOW! If they succeed, they will again rule with their iron fist of totally unreasonable brutal psychotic intolerance, and those who have spoken out against them will be silenced forever by any means necessary.

HELP YOURSELF GO FREE. SPEAK UP NOW --- while you still have the chance of many lifetimes.



I used to know someone with a background in Military Intelligence who says ALL modern printed circuits and micro-electronics were Reverse Engineered from CRASHED UFO's. He's one of the most able people I have ever known. I see no reason for him to lie to me. He DOESN'T work for the government. I believe him. He KNEW MR. HUBBARD at Navy War College in New Jersy in 1941. It seems likely that Commodore Ronald was also privy to this information.


If you had some crashed UFO's, I think you would be VERY INTERESTED in questions like: Where did they come from? Who built them? Why did they send them here? What do they want from us? What kind of weapons do they have? How many of them are there? What are their weaknesses? Etc.

Where would you go for answers to these vital questions: Reader's Digest?; Encyclopedia Britannica?; Jehovah's Witnesses?; LAPD?

$cientology, which Officially believes in UFO's, offers possible answers these questions. Much or all of their theories May Be dub-in hallucinatory nonsense. Nevertheless, in the absence or paucity of other explanations, they might be of great interest to MANY intelligence agencies. The irrefutable crashed saucer would premptively DEMAND explanation. In the land of silence, the one-story liar is king.

If the only people who assert any knowledge of flying saucers are nuts and fruitcakes, so what? Even if Hubbard made up all the past lives and space opera stuff out of whole cloth because he had secret information that the crashed saucers existed, so what? Confronted with the saucers themselves, you would have no choice, you MUST find answers to your questions. If all you have to work with is nuts and fruitcakes, you start with the nuts and fruitcakes. Even if they are crazy, they may know something. Some of their babling may be based on truth. Maybe the truth is what made them nuts. What else could you do? Where else would you look?

Since $cientologi$t$ ALSO have, in addition to their flying saucer scenario, a Tested and Proven technology for group indoctrination, enforced belief, and blind obedience, AND they are *MASTERS OF INTERROGATION*, I think they would at TOP of the government's want-to-know-all-about-you list.

The Tubbard Intelligence Agency [TIA] far surpasses former CIA Director Bill Casey's Fuck-the-Congress Contra Wet-DreamTeam. It is a secret, unaccountable, amoral, free-standing, self funded, rigidly controlled, international Intelligence Gathering and Dirty Tricks agency of thousands of fanatically comitted do-anything say-nothing members, with its own navy, a global pool of hundreds of thousands of potential agents [volunteers or blackmailees], and a mandate from SOURCE to take over the planet in the name of Total Freedom to become Gods! How could you do better than that?

Answer: If you also collected ENORMOUS amounts of dirt on the government, and started aggressively revealing it per Ron's "publicly destroy your enemies" policy, I think you could make a offer that can't be refused.

If the FBI raided your office and discovered that you had an intelligence agency that had already infiltrated the FBI, IRS, Coast Guard, police department, Justice Department, etc., who wins and who loses? The raid doesn't erase all the dirt you already have on the raiders; it just reveals the massive extent of your knowledge, the awesome expertise of your agency, and the global scope of your criminal activities. It gives the raiding parties some bargaining chips to make a counter-offer.


If you can't beat me, I have to join you. This is a natural merger scenario in which who takes over whom is continuously re-negotiated: a Win-Win deal in the making: multiple criminal agencies blackmailing each other into mutual silence and global back-scratching.

The Co$ used to dig up and publish LOTS of dirt about the SS/Nazi origins and control of Interpol. I haven't heard any of that lately. Now they USE Interpol to crack and paint the cross hairs on dangerous dissident internet criminals who have crossed over beyond the pale of civilized behavior into the rabid terrorism of FREE SPEECH!

The Co$ used to sue the IRS every other day and publish exposes weekly. Now they dropped their 71 suits and are using IRS tax exempt status as "proof" that they really ARE a religion. I guess the IRS was suddenly "born again" and instantly totally reformed itself, completely ceasing all the criminal activities that were the basis of the 71 suits? No?

Do you suppose the RICO Statutes [beloved of the persecuted Co$ lawyers] could be applicable to this accomodation of criminals?

Against this background, is it hard to believe that Clean Gene Ingram's arrest warrants disappear regularly from NCIC? How much dirty work is the Co$ doing for OTHER criminal organizations? How much are they OWED by goverments? HOW MUCH ARE THEY FEARED? Existing on lies and secrets, government has much to hide, and is very susceptible to devastating black pr campaigns by people who specialize in lies and black truth.

What elected offical dares go up against them knowing he has to get re-elected? He doesn't even know if they have a mole in his office. [They probably do. If he opposes them, they CERTAINLY will. They framed the mayor of Clearwater, Florida in a fake hit-and-run. Fortunately, someone noticed there were 5 $cientologi$t$ {are my numbers right, Milne?} and the mayor involved in the "accident" and the whole thing blew up in their faces.]

As a science fiction writer, Tubbard was the worst of hacks.

As a compulsive liar, certifiable paranoid, greed crazed megalomaniac, vicious dictator and Captian Hook, Commodore Ronald found his True Calling.

He vastly surpassed CIA Director Bill Casey, whose publicly failed dream was to create an agency that was still only a small scale model of $cientology. Tubbard didn't just excell, he triumphed! He created his own global spiritual SS/Mafia and forced the Big Dogs to come to terms with him! In the climate of fear and oppression he created and perfected, plausible deniability never had it so good!



If I were in the G[estap]O...

[No!, Wait!, I'm the same person at the same desk in the same room with the same goals, plans, policies, projects and files, but *NOW* I'm in the [gestap]O, $.A.! [Isn't $cientology wonderful? I've been promoted!]]

... I would do AT LEAST the following:

Remove ARS from the net if possible. If not, remove its effectiveness by cross posting lots of stuff from other newsgroups. Drown it in noise. Get all kinds of irrelevant threads going on questions like: Did jesus really exist?, Is Win'95 a good OS?, Sex Any One?, Is TM really a cult?, etc., etc.. Cross post to lots of news groups and get lots of pissed off people posting back. Get a bunch of "disinterested third parties" like Thurston/Gibson/Guilmette to write long convoluted irrelevant nit-picking BS posts attacking the anti-Co$-crimes posters. Distract them from the flanking moves discussed below, while temporarily providing the apparency of support for the Co$ in the form of "independent" attacks upon its critics.

Work for legal "reform" to license and regulate the internet. Allow only identified and trackable people to communicate in cyberspace. The interests of the NSA/CIA/Co$/FBI are parallel in this respect. They will provide a LOT of pressure for this. If you can't get public legal licensing requirements, joint venture with CIA/NSA/FBI in the secret tracing and recording of millions of telephone calls as just proposed by the FBI.

Hire the best hackers and virus writers in the world to figure out how to disseminate a deadly virus into the computer systems of all en-thetans. Let them EXEcute the Total Doom [TM] Virus if they want to mess with the Holy Defenders of Total Freedom.

Use the Golden Era Studios network hardware analyzers to analyze the traffic to ARS, ACT, etc.. Find where it would be most useful to have your own ISP's and "anonymous" remailers. Trace the traffic in and out of all anonymous remailers with high volume to ARS, ACT, etc..

Set up MANY of my own anonymous remailers under third party fronts to own a large percentage of the remailing traffic and read any of those "secret" messages. Especially try to locate them where they will intercept as many messages as possible going to ARS or legitimate anon remailers. If possible, intercept the messages so they never get to ARS, but go straight to the GestapO$A for "Special Handling."

Set up my own ftp and http sites so that I could compile a database of everybody who logged onto those sites.

Tap the phones of all of my known enemies and especially any anonymous sites they might maintain. There are only a few of them, and if they go down, I will have done to the web what I do everywhere else, and no one will have any way of finding out.

If I can't tap your phone, I AT LEAST have somebody at the phone company who can get a copy of your phone bill and see who you call. Probably I can also run a reverse search and find out who called you every month. This traffic analysis tells me most of what I need to know, even if you use PGP and I can't tap your phone.

I would also try to get "handles" on sysadmins of other anonymous remailers by either finding or creating blackmailable dirt on otherwise innocent service providers. Frame them for something if you have to, but get access to all their secret traffic. If you have enough remailers under your control, you ought to be able to trace even messages that have been chain remailed and/or PGP'd.

Put my hackers to work crashing or hacking into any and all of the anon remailers that I don't already OWN. Either shut them all down by trashing their systems, leaving me in total control of remailing, or hack into the ones I don't own and crack their privacy without alerting any one. Let them think they are anonymous while I monitor all their traffic. Money is no object.

Build a nice database and crossindex all of the above to find the remaining key targets.

Once you have identified the important targets ... Well, you know what to do ...

Just remember, the whole agonized future of every man, woman and child on this and the neighboring 26 planets depends on the outcome of our desperate struggle for total freedom. Ron has given us our last chance. If we don't make it now, we will succumb to the black hole of the dwindling spiral for the rest of eternity. The continued existence of sentient beings and the fate of the universe itself rests in our hands at this very moment. We CANNOT allow the $P's to stop us. We MUST take decisive action now to Clear the Planet. We are the last Hope! Ronald is counting on us! Make it go right! [Did I get that right Milne? Is it 23 or 26 local planets we have to save?]

Sorry for being realistic about this, but it's not exactly news to most of us who have experienced the Co$ intimately. I used to audit dedicated religious proactives [GestapO$A agents], and I know how they think and operate. I'm not doing any thinking for the Co$: I'm sure they have projects and orders on this already.

[Okay, I admit it: it's really embarrassing, but I used to be a dedicated religious proactive myself. I've struck a few blows against the "$P's" for the Co$ RED BOX [TM] boys myself, so my data is not just second hand; my own experience makes me very paranoid: I KNOW what happens to people who fight Total Freedom.]

MyRon!, I've even been privy to the occasional plot to assassinate rival cult leaders. I encourage Co$ and RonDroids to leave me and my anonymity alone: Not Everything they do has been made public YET and they may not want to Really Piss Me Off. I might get Motivated! [If I disappear too ... open the Envelope Please!] If these plots become fully public the Co$ may be facing Enormous civil suits from Severely Pissed Off very well funded Rival Cult Leaders, as well as multiple Felony Indictments. I'll bet the Co$ would LOVE the PR from that!

Besides, there must have been hundreds or even thousands of people who became privy to those RED BOX [TM] escapades over the decades: how will they know which one is me? How will they know Which Plots? They'd have to INVESTIGATE, and I WANT TO READ ALL ABOUT IT in Ron Newman's "Church of $cientolgy vs. the Net" page.



Question: Are $cientologi$t$' religiou$ freedom$ being Denied?

Answer: Yes, Mr. Milne is CORRECT that they are being DENIED the right to practice their religion.

They Believe that they have not only a Right but a $acred Duty to thoroughly investiage ["Sec Check"] ALL problems, misdeeds, criminal acts, secrets, drug use, criminal records, sexual practices, and so forth that their parishoners [counselees, pre-clears, pre-ots, students, etc.] might have in their present or past. They want to know every bad thing you have ever done, including, time place, form, and event, and the number of times. And they want to know every person who you are afraid will find this information out. Who could really hurt you with this? They collect this exhaustively detailed and complete information in large files, cross index it so any dirt is instantly accessible, and give the secret police function of the organizations complete access to it so they can "reason with" [I did NOT say "blackmail," or "extort" so don't slander me!] any current OR FORMER cultie [oh, excuse me, "parishoner"] about doing anything which would be embarrassing to the Co$ or NOT DOING anything which would be embarrassing to THEM.

["We just want to see who uses your anon service, and maybe read a few messages here and there, I'm sure you understand." "We know how much you value your privacy and we wouldn't want anything to disturb it." "If you don't know whether you want to help us OR NOT, you're Obviously in a Grave Condition of Doubt, and you had better Cognite Quickly that you need to Make Amends by Striking a Blow to the Enemy. Here is what you WILL do..."]

They Believe that the person who has paid thousands or hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to create these "counselling" files [supposedly for their own $piritual benefit] has no right to see or own these files, and cannot control them or prevent access to them by the very people whose job it is to harass, crush and destroy them if they SAY ANYTHING OR DO ANYTHING against $cientology. They have a duty to prevent you from seeing or acquiring your "PC Folders" because it might enturbulate you and you could Fall Off The Bridge. You could even Lose Out On Total Freedom. They have a Right to attack All of their enemies with truth or lies, whatever is more vicious and deadly. They have a Right not to have to defend themselves and their vulgar actions. Any other course would be a direct violation of HCOB'$, HCOPL'$, Flag Order$, and other inviolable $acred $cripture$ of the Co$!


IF THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TO THIS, THEY ARE NOT BEING ALLOWED TO PRACTICE THEIR RELIGION AS THE INERRANT HUBBARD HAS COMMAND INTENDED AND DECREED IN HIS INFALLIBLE HCOPL'$, HCOB'$, etc. If you deny them their rights to do this, you are opposing Freedom of Religion by Command Intention, and have revealed yourself as a Suppressive Person. Surely you must realize this. If your dog happens to drown soon afterwards: He Pulled It In! He must have been Out-Ethics in order to have a Motivator! Right?!

[Somebody IS telling them they can't do this, right? I mean, they ARE being denied this right, aren't they? I mean, Mr. Milne wouldn't SAY that THEIR rights were under attack if they weren't? He wouldn't put up a "Smoke Screen" now, Would he? No? No... you're kidding. They actually DO that? No? You must be joking... I don't believe it. They couldn't Get Away with THAT!...could they? ... ... ... Well, OK, they HAVE gotten away with it over and over with nauseating regularity ALL OVER the world for 30 or 40 years. But *Maybe* they won't get away with it on the Net.]

The Necessity of net censorship will be argued Mostly Brilliantly by them in the name of Religious Freedom and they will covertly enlist everyone with Dirty Secrets [especially the Dirty Secrets that THEY KNOW ABOUT] to agressively defend their Sacred Right to Hide behind Internet Accountability [except for cancle poodles, forged messages, and encrypted GestapOSA transmissions].

If they don't defeat the Net, that may bode badly for them.


Maybe someone actually *will* interfere with THEIR PRACTICE of THEIR RELIGION, which, unfortunately, but regularly and BY POLICY, REQUIRES continuous criminal activities. This "vicious religious persecution" against them [as they will eloquently holocaust it] has been ernestly prayed for by MANY people and was long overdue decades ago.

In addition to prosecuting them for their many crimes, they should also be REQUIRED by law upon demand to immediately and without fail surrender ALL "PC FOLDERS", "ETHICS FOLDERS" and any and all other information that they have gathered, compiled, or invented about current or former members, AND POST A LARGE BOND that they have not copied, extracted, noted, or otherwise retained ANY of YOUR information. There should be substantial penalties for failure to comply fully and completely without delay.

Further, since they have claimed they possess and guaranteed to deliver "100% Standard Tech" in exchange for LARGE financial compensation, they should be required to deliver upon their contracts. Upon examination of their returned folders, any former pc should be able to have ANY present or former Class 8 auditor [in or out of the Co$] examine their folders and see if the tech was standard. If not they should be liable for monetary damages for breach of contract, failure to deliver, and so forth, IN ADDITION to any and all review/repair actions [in the "church" OR in the "Free Zone"] to completely handle any case conditions which were not resolved. [If they claim that any "Class 8" which they have trained is incompetent or suppressive, that should be grounds for the class 8 to sue them for failing to properly train him, or for failing to detect his suppressiveness before they took his money. In any case, it's not very 100% standard now, is it?]

In any case where the folders reflect "reverse auditing" or other actions intended to damage the client, they should be liable for bad faith, punitive damages and criminal sanctions, including RICO violations. Perhaps they should also be barred from advertising, selling, or delivering any kind of counselling activities: letting them do counselling is something akin to hiring incarcerated rape/torture/murder pedophiles to counsel abused children.

In summary, I think there ARE serious human rights violations here, and I think they should be decisively corrected.



Once the Co$ has claimed that Xeno and the OT3 materials are protected [by either copyright OR trade secret] are they not BARRED by the doctrine of ESTOPPEL in law from alleging that any part of those items are in the public domain? I.e., if you can show their pleadings or court record to claim the first [protection], they cannot claim the second [public domain]?.

This should require that a blanket protection decision be made about all the OT3 materials as a block, i.e. it's either all public domain or all protected. The likely thing is that ALL of OT3 would be declared public domain. No?

Doesn't a trade secret claim deny a copyright claim, and vice versa? If you claim both, doesn't it mean legally that you get NONE, because you have alleged information under penalty of perjury that destroys both claims? If it's copyrighted, a true and exact copy is in the Library of Congress. If it's a trade secret, only you have it. If you even ALLEGE that you have a copyright, I think you must be estopped from ALLEGING that you have a trade secret. I think they shot themselves in both legs, No?

Who is in a position to assert that claim? If there's no *true and exact* copy in Library of Congress, then there is NO COPYRIGHT!. If there *is* a true and exact copy there, then they MAY have a copyright, but they CERTAINLY do NOT have a trade secret.

If they claim trade secrets, don't they also lose all rights once the secret gets out? I.e., the burden is upon the secret holder to keep the secret a secret. If he then sells the secret to EIGHT MILLION $CIENTOLOGISTS, and a few of them are careless and lose their materials, or some $P in the org makes them public, that is the fault, and the problemn, of the secret keeper. [There are COUNTRIES smaller than 8 million population. If a whole country knew something, how could you sanely make a claim that it was a secret?]

Apparently the secret holder sold the secret to too many people. The commercial value of the trade secret has simply expired because it's no longer a secret. It has already been sold to too many people to be a secret from anybody except $cientologist$ [who are trying to get the money to pay for it, instead of reading it for free in public documents, like Time Magazine, which they are forbidden to read.] Oh well, patents run out too, after 17 years. The've ALREADY got 30 OR 40 years out of this con job.

There is no remedy at law I know of to sue someone because they know your trade (not-quite) "secret." If someone broke into your safe and stole it, that is a punishable crime, but a third party is not guilty of anything by Knowing such Former Secret once out. Once it is no longer a secret, it's no longer a secret. It has no copyright. It's in the public domain. There is no quasi-secret status. There is no "little bit public/pregnant." IF *ANYONE* IN THE PUBLIC KNOWS IT, IT'S PUBLIC! There is NO restriction on transmission within the public domain. The remedy is to guard the next secret better. IF YOU WANT IT TO BE A SECRET, DON'T SELL IT TO EIGHT MILLION FORMER "RAW MEAT WOGS," [I.E. FUTURE EX-$CIENTOLOGI$T$].

I notice that the Co$ is asserting that this copying of their $acred $cripture$ is destroying the Market Value of those $acred document$. Excuse me? Don't trade secret and market value of $cripture$ arguments CONFESS EXPLICITLY IN COURT DOCUMENTS that the purpose of the Co$=$? Doesn't that violate their church charter and place them in the same tax status as any other greed by the numbers organization? Don't their own pleadings contain sufficient evidence of their true intentions and purposes to discredit, refute and invalidate all of the religious exemption claims? Can't someone request the courts to take judicial notice of the Co$'s own pleadings to hang them with? Can't you get a Summary Judgement on these issues with their own pleadings?

[I had thought that there was a distinction between "fair use" of excerpts [as from one commercially printed document in another commercially printed document] and "educational" use, and that educational use was expressly allowed. However, I can't find the literature from the Library of Congress I thought I read this in, and I don't find it in Title 17 on the web. Did I just mis-remember this?]



I have been accused of over hostility toward and excessive ad hominem attacks upon my Former Savior, [Laff. Ronald Hubbard, Commodore, Founder and Source, Operation Transport Organization], in my prior posts re his lurid crimes and Blazing Insanity. It has been suggested that if I would stop dramatizing my case and find it in my heart to FORGIVE him for his crimes, I wouldn't feel the necessity to attack him so bitterly and aggressively.

There must be a misunderstanding; I WAS AND AM being AS NICE AS POSSIBLE towards him. I CUT HIM *TONS* OF SLACK ALREADY!

What made you think I'm not Profoundly Grateful to HIM for creating a Standard Ethics Presence of Tone 40 Shock Troops to protect me from myself and keep me from hurting others with my vicious misunderstandings and violently evil purposes?

I think he's ALMOST as wonderful as, ... say, ... Pol Pot, ... or ... Hitler.

I HATE it when people talk all that TRASH about the Fuehrer when he did so many WONDERFUL things for the German people and the Master Race. He and his elite group of Completely Dedicated and Ruthlessly Unreasonably Determined SS Disciples SACRIFICED their OWN LIVES [much as Jesus did] for the GOOD OF OTHERS, ... and look at the thanks they get now!

Unlike Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot, who were relatively small time benefactors of humanity and mostly had the good they did die with them, Our Commodore has bequeathed us a lasting legacy of Truth and Religious Freedom unto the generations.

Hell, if Jesus had the wisdom and foresight to create a Guardian's Office of VERY Special Affairs, instead of relying on the Untrained Uncertified Dilettante Amateurs of the Inquisition, Martin Luther would never have lived long enough to spout all those terrible Off-Source lies and perversions that enslaved so many people and damned their souls to hell for eternity.

If you think about it, you will see those Off-Source and Off-Policy errors of Out-Tech and Out-Admin by Jesus were more Suppressive than the 50 million or so murders that Mao and Stalin each dictated.

Because of Jesus' Namby-Pamby "Nice Guy" REASONABLE INABILITY to make the Tough Decisions and Decisively COMMAND, BILLIONS of souls were lost.

Jesus will have to live with those terrible HIGH CRIMES for the rest of eternity. [Or at least until LRH C/S's his CASE.]

So what if SOURCE had a few bad years of reasonableness and curiosity in the 50's when he was just getting started?

He MADE UP for all that with Standard Tech and a Ruthless Determination for YOU to go free, NO MATTER WHAT! You can't hold his minor errors against him forever.

Christianity is FULL of those vicious traps like Forgiveness and Love, Horrible Off-Policy Errors like giving ORDINARY PEOPLE the power to communicate with and Cast Out Demons [without the OT3 course!], and doesn't even have a [NOTS] Parasitosis Rundown!

What good is it, when you really think about it?

Hell, those brainwashed Christians give you salvation for FREE and let you donate later if you want! How stupid can you get? There's NO TELLING how much better off we would ALL be now if Jesus had the Wisdom to DO COKE, so he could RISE ABOVE the bank, instead of just wallowing around in it, dragging other people down to his level. Jesus didn't even keep a Gross Income Stat!

And Jesus did all those cheap parlor tricks like healing the sick [for free, how dumb] and raising the dead. When his staff fucked up and didn't bring enough food, he didn't throw anybody overboard, or even assign Lower Ethics Conditions and Amends Projects; he just made MORE FISHES! Worst of all, he even came back from the dead HIMSELF, just to distract people from the ONLY technology that could set them free, and enslave them with the False Hope of Eternal Life. How tacky can you get?

The Commodore would NEVER stoop to such a low level Con.

If Jesus had a REAL way of freeing people, he wouldn't have had to depend on all that TV preacher faith healing circus stuff. He would have cut straight to the chase with Sec Checks, Disconnect Orders, Reverse Auditing, Excommunications, Declares, Barratrous Lawsuits, Planted Evidence, False Rumors, and Assisted Suicides.

He would have gotten to Pilate with a premptive Dead Agent strike (or much worse) LONG BEFORE Pilate got to him!

Think how much better off we'd ALL be now if Jesus had been a $cientologi$t!

I'm sure Jesus himself is green with envy and red with embarrassment, and is planning to reincarnate into the Sea Org when he comes back, so he can be a Disciple of Ron's $acred $criptures and learn how to MAKE IT GO RIGHT next time.

He's probably just waiting for Ron to lift his Suppressive Declare, so he can join staff. If he has LOTS OF SEC CHECKS and gets off his Pedophile O/W's, he MIGHT even qualify to train as a Dianetic Auditor. Then he could do some REAL good for a change, instead of just Enslaving people with FALSE HOPE.

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

[Don't forget to Salute Ron's picture EVERY DAY, it will build up your Good Karma and AUTOMATICALLY Raise Your STATS!]


Well, if LRH wanted to come around to me and acknowledge all his crimes and ask for forgiveness, *I* might just be inclined to do that [AND assign him a great BIG amends project, since *I* think his Criminal Legacy has set the cause of enlightenment WAY back]. I can't speak for what others should or shouldn't forgive.

However, it is another thing to forgive someone for something they "Never Did."

I'm just pointing out to everyone concerned what he REALLY DID THAT HE NEEDS TO ACKNOWLEDGE to be forgiven for, when he's up to admitting that HE DID DO all that SHIT he blamed on everyone ELSE, and justified in the name of HIS hallucinations.

Let's get a CLEAR picture of who he really was, and what he really did, and THEN we can talk about what parts of that are forgiveable. Otherwise, we are like Gerry Ford pardoning Nixon for unenumerated unindicted crimes against nameless victims that he "never performed." I don't think that is going to wash very clean in this bloody arena.

And before we worry about forgiveness, let's stop the continuous On-Source, On-Policy, On-Target present time crimes, overts, suppression and terrorism regularly commited by his followers in the name of his Truth, Purity and Hallucinations. Let's stop the continuing crimes based on his LIES by revealing the truth about him and his activities. THEN we can worry about HIM, IF he want's to crawl around and BEG for help.

When the postman brings around advertising full of lies and deceptions, I don't make ad hominem attacks on him. I don't care if he has parking tickets and DUI's. I just say thank you.

When the doorbell rings, and the caller announces that HE is THE SAVIOR, and has personally come here to PREACH THE GOSPEL OF PURE TRUTH, and LEAD ME TO THE PROMISED LAND, and I should just sign this QUITCLAIM DEED TO MY SOUL and he will take care of every thing for me [and if I DON'T, he will go out of his way to TAKE CARE OF me], he should expect a pretty thorough ad hominem Investigation & Report. He shouldn't even be TOO SURPRISED if I convene my own little Committee of Evidence.

When I discover upon cursory examination of the local court records that he has been looting all of the houses of the people who weren't there, and raping the small children who were home alone, his protest that HE and HIS GOSPEL are two different things is going to fall on moderately deaf ears. The fact that those $pecial $acred Ritual$ he performed with those cute little pre-school girls he tied up first is the $ACRED E$$ENCE OF HIS DIVINELY ORDAINED AND PERSONALLY REVEALED RELIGION doesn't protect him from any Ad Hominem attacks by ME.

Rather, he has DEMANDED ad hominem investigation and GLOBAL PUBLICATION. I have an OBLIGATION to warn my neighbors.

I think he should get just EXACTLY what he deserves. No more, no less. That MAY include forgiveness, but that's WAY DOWN THE LIST OF IMPORTANCES. He would probably AT LEAST have to ask for it.

STOPPING THE CRIMES BEING COMMITTED RIGHT NOW ALL OVER THE WORLD IN *HIS HOLY NAME* IS THE FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS. He's really just a kind of Embarrassing Footnote at this point in the game.


Only that will remove the ignorance, lies, justifiers and service facs that generate the continuous present time crimes, terrorism and suppression by his successors in interest.



Dear Helena ["Ms. Ho-Ho-Ho, Babble-On"] Kobrin:

I have a question which I believe you are uniquely qualified to answer, i.e.:

[begin question]

Would it be a proper and lawful exercise of freedom of speech to:

1] Compile a list of sources of information about $cientology such as: a] news.groups [alt.religion.scientology,, etc.]; b] netsites [such as Church of $cientology vs. The Net]; c] recent newspaper and magazine articles available to the electronically or digitally challenged.


Make sure it's an 800 number so that Fed Up Org $taff Member$ who don't own enough change to make a phone call can still put in their two cents worth before they Blow [while they still have access to Incriminating Evidence]. Make sure the 800 number is prominently displayed on the list of $cientology Re$ource$.

If 800-SCN-SCAM is taken, 800-CLAM-DIP, 800-X0RG-RAT, 800-SEA-ORGX, 800-BLOW-NOW, 800-LRH-LIES, 800-ME4-XENU, 800-PTS-2LRH, 800-BLACK-PR, or 800-LRH-DEAD will probably do fine. I'm sure there will be MANY other and better suggestions. {800-BORG-RAT, 800-SEA-BORG}

3] Make up a FLYER such as:

[begin flyer]


Communication is Dangerous!

Data Analysis is Debilitating!

YOU MAY BE ENTURBULATED! If You Read Any of the Following:

>>>> insert list from #1 here <<<<

Your church [Co$] has properly Declared that these sources contain information which could be quite enturbulating [upsetting] to you, and which could also get you into a lot of trouble with the Ethics Officer if it is discovered that you have read any of them [especially if you do not reveal such overt/withhold/transgressions to said Ethics Officer and Make Amends for your Treasonous behaviour].

Do not go to any of these internet or usenet addresses. Do not read any information at any of these locations. Do not download any of this information. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! You may become upset. You may require very expensive Auditing to repair your case. You may require Ethics Handling to prevent you from enturbulating others. You could lose your job, your spouse, or your children. This information could be dangerous to you economically, socially, and morally. You might be Declared! You might become Fair Game. Do you really want to take this kind of risk by Communicating? That is against all the teaching of LRH! You don't need data from people who have been there and done that long ago.

You just need HCOPL "Keeping $cientology Working." If you just bear in mind that $cientology IS a "DEADLY $ERIOU$" activity, and they'd rather have you "DEAD" than not be a good $cientologologi$t, you'll be OK. CLAY DEMO AND STAR RATE "DEAD" to make SURE that you COMPLETELY understand it. PREPCHECK "Why don't I believe that?" TO BLOW. This is CRITICAL to your $URVIVAL!

If this notice itself has been upsetting to you, please see the Registrar and run out the lock. If that doesn't work, see the Ethics Officer, as you are PT$. If your computer is $UPPRE$$IVE to you, you may have to DI$CONNECT it! Be prepared for the worst. That will ease the $hock of $enselessly $udden $amadhi.


[end flyer]

4] Distribute such flyers at and around "Org$," at $cientology events and their public parking lots, etc.

5] Publish such flyer as ads in the general press.

6] Use your imagination.

[end of question to Helena]

*I* think this would be a wonderfully "fair use" of the freedom of speech. What do you think Helena? Gee! Why Not? How about Mr. Milne/Thurston/Guilmette? Really? Wow! Any other opinions out there?

Do you think I could get a Judicial Ruling on this somehow?



If Christ doesn't exist, but is a hallucinatory dramatization and a pedophile, and I am "fullfilling the role of the Anti-Christ", am *I* a hallucinatory non-existent pedophile also?

Didn't Jesus have some problem with moneychangers in the temple? Co$ is a temple OF moneychangers who Worship Source in the Power Trend GROSS INCOME. Jesus preached to the poor, sick and homeless, and said the meek shall inherit the earth. Scientology despises "downstats" --- who are responsible for their own condition, criminally Out Ethics, at least Potential Trouble $ources, and probably $uppressive Person$.

$cientolgy Mini$ter$ to anyone who can afford a couple of hundred dollars an hour. $cientology believes that the most arrogant and ruthless will take whatever they want from the raw meat wogs, whose only justification for existence is that they may some day cognite and become $cientologi$t$. Jesus said to forgive your enemies. Tubbard says to ruthlessly crush and destroy them with lies, felonies, planted evidence, barratrous lawsuits, etc..

On the theme, it amazes me that Tubbard would accuse Christ of terrible temper tantrums and violent behavior. This couldn't be Projectionist O/W NATTER, now, could it? Not from a calm, serene, loving, understanding and Forgiving person like Mr. "Fair Game!" Tubbard, whose psychotic rages are globally legendary, and who imprisoned people in chain lockers and threw them overboard in handcuffs to help them "make it go right."

Gee, Mr. Milne, if it is terrible and wrong for evil $P's to mock and riducule $cientology, why is it OK for Mr. Tubbard to mock Jesus? Don't Christians have the same rights as $cientologi$t$? Oh, I forgot, $P's [$uppressive Person$] don't have any rights, do they? They're FAIR GAME.

Gee, Mr. Milne could you please correct me if I'm wrong on this, I don't have my HCOPL's at hand, and I'm quoting from memory. [Maybe you could refer me to the exact materials.] The first duty of ethics is to ELIMINATE COUNTER-INTENTION. The next duty of ethics is to ELIMINATE OTHER-INTENTION. Would Christianity be classified under Counter-Intention to "LRH=SOURCE", or Other-Intention? I.e., will $cientology ELIMINATE CHRISTIANITY along with the EVIL PSYCHS by the year 2000 **Anno Domingo**, or will it take slightly longer?

I'm really curious about this. Maybe you could take some time out of your demanding schedule of Dead Agenting exponentially more henrys, pennys, wallersheims and lermas to answer a few of these questions. Thanks for your help on this. I know you want to set the record straight, and I can count on you for an on-Source response.


"The only problem with $cientology is that there are more Ex-$cientologist$ than $cientologist$ --- and more of the former and less of the latter every day --- so it gets harder and harder to lie to people and be believed... a sad but true auto-coup-de-gras..."

"We have nothing to fear but truth itself."

"I can Prove to you that the Tech Works: Whenever you As-Is Roger Urban / Judy Short / Cory B / Andrew Milne / Brain Thurston, and their methods and lies, they soon disappear. You don't have to UN-Mock ENthetans --- simple Mocking of their foolish drivel reduces them to PT$ Nothingness."

[Right Reverend High Pope Anti-Ron]

[Anti-Ron's Journal #108, reprinted in $P Digest'99]



QUESTION: Are there Really 8,000,000 $cientologi$st$?

ANSWER: Milne is actually Conservative in ONLY claiming Eight Million $ciengologi$t$:

First of all, everyone who has ever bought a $cientology book is a $cientologi$t. When they walked into the org and bought the book they stepped onto the bridge to Total Freedom [TM]. They made that commitment in the Theta Universe [TM], and we won't ever betray them by letting them be stopped by their banks. They are ALL $cientologi$t$. They just aren't all on course or getting auditing right now because they are temporarily overwhelmed by their reactive minds, but we're taking care of that. Would you like to join the $ea Org? Your help is acceptable to us.

But wait!, There's More!; there's *LOT'S MORE!*:

Think of all the thousands of auditors who have done OT3. Each one of those $cienoglogogi$t$ has freed THOUSANDS of Body Thetans (TM) from their bodies or selves to be independent beings created by $OURCE [LRH] newly in a new unit of time, and have gone out and taken bodies here on earth to join the $ea Org and help Clear the Planet of raw meat wogs. Unfortunately, the between lives implants and the birth trauma keys them in and they don't all know they are $cientologists yet, but they WILL cognite soon.

By my calculations the REAL FIGURE IS ABOUT 23 MILLION!



{Probably written in November, 1995}

Very interesting speculation has abounded re rumored possible settlement with Co$ by FACTNET.

If, as has been rumored, the Co$ wishes to settle with FACTNET, I see no reason not to DISCUSS such settlement.

If it is true that FACTNET has litigation insurance, the insurance carrier will STRONGLY pressure for a settlement. In fact, they may possibly have the right to settle on behalf of defendants, with OR WITHOUT their permission, depending on their contract.

The insurance carrier/defence lawyers, initially faced with defending their clients from a barratrous invasion and looting under color of law, coupled with trumped up fallacious charges, would be overjoyed to get a settlement that would put millions of dollars in their pockets, instead of an endless nightmare opposing an ruthless corrupt insane organization that is willing to throw millions of dollars and endless personal crimes against opposing attorneys into litigation it knows it may not or even cannot ever win.

It would be difficult or impossible to stop FACTNET's lawyers from discussing settlement with Co$ attorneys. I think it would be VERY interesting and useful to get a firm complete settlement offer in writing from the Co$.

This would do at least two things:

1] It would put a market value on the information that the Co$ looted from FACTNET. What ARE they willing to pay for this information if they have to BUY it, not STEAL it.

2] It would give FACTNET a copy of the terms and conditions attached to such settlement, without (I believe) restricting FACTNET's ability to publish said Settlement Offer at a future date if they decline to sign and be bound by it, or at least introduce it later as evidence against the Co$.

IF the Co$ were to agree to settlement conditions which included these terms I think it would be charming to settle:


1] Return all pc folders to former pcs. Post huge bonds that no personal information has been retained.

2] Unseal all past court records re Co$, etc.

3] Void gag order contracts on ALL victims they have paid off for silence such as Flynn, Armstrong, Cooper, etc.

4] Return of all materials [which they have already been ordered to do and willfully violate Court Orders).

5] Stipulate that no requests whatsoever for sealed court records or settlements with silence will ever be made again.

6] Make all Co$/Guardians Office/Office of Special Affairs, etc., records public.

7] Return all extant documents obtained in earlier secret settlements.

8] Stipulate to criminal penalties for all Co$ members, agents, lawyers, etc., involved in any further dropped or dismissed charges/suits against their critic/enemies, etc.

9] Another 50 or 100 terms to be added as YOU see fit.

Obviously, I do NOT think they would agree to these terms.

So, what if they DO offer to settle for 50 million, with XYZ odious secret sealed terms of settlement?

NOW you go to court, and you have a dollar figure for the damages against FACTNET set by Co$ itself. When they lose against FACTNET, you can go after them for TRIPLE PUNITIVE DAMAGES. They feloniously barratrously seized information worth $50 million to them, and won't give it back, but they will BUY it in exchange for 50 million $ and silence.


In the PUBLIC INTEREST, they should pay $150 million PLUS as punitive damages, AND they should have all of their earlier secret settlements re CRIMES opened for public inspection.

Sure, their lawyers (who are now looking at probably 30% to 40% of 35 million, per rumor), want to avoid a dangerous unpredictable trial and take the money and run NOW NOW NOWI

A settlement to the LAWYERS is a WIN WIN WIN! They are obligatated to their own interests first, the court's interests second, the insurance carrier's ("real" client's) interests third, FACTNET's ("incidental" client's] interests fourth, and the PUBLIC INTEREST ("What's that? Some novel untested sure loser legal theory?").

A settlement that cuts the throat of FACTNET and the PUBLIC INTEREST it represents would be "good" for the lawyers but a HORRIBLE BETRAYAL of a golden opportunity to do REAL GOOD!

So, you tell the lawyers (after the offer) NO SETTLEMENT, NO WAY, *BUT* YOU CAN have *HALF* of 150 million $ when you WIN the case AND the cross-complaints.


You CAN have MUCH MORE, when you WIN the RICO suits vs. Co$!

Then, when you go to trial, you SUBPOENA and FORCE TO TESTIFY, EVERY PERSON they have secretly settled with in the past. Get EVERY past settlement agreement put into the PUBLIC COURT RECORD where it will be accessible forever to everyone on the planet. *FORCE* THEIR *VICTIMS* TO DIVULGE ALL CRIMES AND ILLEGAL ATTACKS AND HARRASSMENTS AGAINST THEM THEY HAVE BEEN FORCED INTO SILENCE ABOUT AND NEVER REVEALED.

Attack those secret settlements as CRIMINAL OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, AGINST PUBLIC POLICY, AND CRIMES IN THEMSELVES, for preventing FACTNET, and the PUBLIC INTEREST it represents, from defending itself from similar, later, continuing CRIMES AGAINST IT AND THE PUBLIC, in the Pattern established by Criminal Church Policy, and look for a judgement voiding all of those settlement agreements en mass.

Use all that evidence for RICO/CLASS ACTION/ANTI-TRUST MONOPOLY prosecution against Co$ and its parallel, sister, daughter and front organizations (including the unincorporated "Sea Org") because they *ARE* *ALL* Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations, and they Very Well Deserve to be disbanded and their assets thrown to their critics and victims and their HEROIC TRIUMPHANT WINNING LAWYERS.







WHY KILL CO$A nostril's

Dated: 1996/01/05

In an earlier article, "LET'S SETTLE UP WITH THE Co$," I suggested that one of their fitting punishments and/or settlement terms should be to PUT ALL "LRH" COPYRIGHTS IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.

This was attacked as being overly harsh and unreasonable.

After further considersation of this question, I firmly believe that this is the MOST moral and proper thing to do, and the most important legal action that could be taken to both prevent further crimes by the Co$lime, and give it an actual possibility for becoming an agency for good and enlightenment, rather that a tool of suppression and terror.

If I had a history of drunken driving accidents that caused many deaths and maimings, how many such incidents would accumulate before I was denied the privilege to drive, and my cars were seized by the state and kept from me?

If I owned a knife store, and I had the habit of going to the park and stabbing people of other races with my merchandise, and every time I got out of jail, I stabbed someone else, how long would it be before I was judicially enjoined from owning and operating a knife store?

If I was a pharmacist, and repeatedly poisoned medical customers of differing religious faiths, how long would it take to have my pharmacy license lifted and my drug store taken away from me.

The "PROTECTION" OF "LRH" COPYRIGHTS and their "market value" is the major legal excuse that the "church" of $lime has for breaking and entering, harrassment, barratry, frivilous lawsuits, etc. They have used this legal pretext to destroy any number of lives, and drive any number of well meaning (and possibly even very skillful) enlightenment facilitators into other professions.

This is the "legal" WEAPON that they use to criminally assault innocent victims and destroy their lives.

If this WEAPON/excuse were taken away from them, they would have no LEGAL PRETEXT for their illegal harrassment of former members and others in related or similar activities.

WHAT ELSE could you do to them that would remove their predilection and pretext for multitudinous wanton crimes against the public and their perceived "enemies": Slapping their wrists and asking them to promise to try to do better? Suing them for their torts and getting numerous judgments against them? Getting the Supreme Court to repeatedly affirm those judgments? Issuing court orders to "be good?" "Disbanding" the GO? Arresting their leadership and sending a dozen or so of their highest officials to jail for hundreds of felonies?

Gee, I seem to recall that someone tried all those solutions, and they don't seem to have worked TOO well.

Much of the "LRH" material was in fact researched and written by others, and issued under LRH's name. In this sense, many of the copyrights are fraudulent to start with, and the actual authors AND THE PUBLIC have been defrauded of truth.

Over and over, LRH talked about "his work" as "his gift to mankind" and stressed that it was to be used by everyone, everywhere, all over the universe, for general enlightment. Why don't we as a judicial society give that seemingly noble dream at least a snowball's hope in hell of happening?

The "Church" of $lime gets a TAX EXEMPTION as a public benefit. Yet they are the only church I know of that jealously seeks to prevent it's "enlightment" from reaching the masses (by any means, legal or illegal) unless THEIR PRICE IS MET. They are NOT distributing enlightenment as a public service or benefit, they are controlling, hoarding, and selling their version of "enlightenment" for MAXIMUM PROFIT. This is NOT a public benefit.

Let's give them an opportunity to do what we have been paying them with a tax exemption for "doing." Let's let them walk their talk.

I really don't know how you can "PROTECT" something that everyone in the universe is intended to know by copyrighting it. Simple irrefutible logic would tell you that the only was to truly protect it (from being hidden and vanishing and not being used and leaving people in darkness) would be to make sure that it was in the public domain so that there could be NO STOPS on its free communication by everyone who was interested in it and wanted others to know about it.

The Co$lime's interpretation of "PROTECTION?" is to keep it completely secret from anyone but THE HIGHTEST BIDDERS, and to dole it out in small carefully regulated dollops, at higher and higher prices, to a smaller and smaller elite audience. The enormous amounts of income generated by this artificially inflated sales price is used to fund an army of terrorists who are grimly determined that NO ONE BUT THEM shall have or use this data, under penalty of . . . [ANY HORRIBLE REPREHENSIBLE CRIME YOU CARE TO NAME].

If ALL "LRH" copyrights were judicially declared to be in the public domain, it would end the shell game of which corporation are they really hidden under. The church wouldn't have to spend $20 million per year "protecting" them from the people who want to use them to help themselves and each other by "legal" assault. The church would be relieved of that terrible burden and would be free to do other things like . . . audit people. Wow! What a concept!

Would this PREVENT them from doing anything they are doing now? Not from publishing LRH books. Not from auditing. Not from training. Not from being "Clear and OT."

It might eventually prevent them from charging $100 for a book that someone else could profitably sell for $10. Would that be bad? It might force them to enter the marketplace of ideas on a more equal footing with others. It might force them to stop charging $300 and more per hour for services that could easily be delivered for $25 or $50 per hour. It might eventually force them to stop funding their intelligence/ terrorist network, and their army of barratrous unethical lawyers. Would enlightenment suffer from that loss? It might eventually force them to stop retaining Clean Gene Ingram and directing his criminal career. How many would suffer from that deprivation?

It would give them a chance to do what they SAY THEY ARE DOING: training and auditing people and providing materials for others to do the same. It would offer them an equal opportunity to see if they could compete with "squirrels" and "suppressives." That might do WONDERS for their sense of responsibility and ethics. They *might* even rediscover the LRH of the 1950's who actually knew something useful and was willing to share (not ransom) it with his fellow man.

Could this hurt them?

Could this hurt the "public benefit?"

Would it make YOU live in fear of speaking YOUR truth?

Would this damage LRH's original purported intentions?

Can YOU see any better solution to the problem?

Sincerely yours,

__________ [Co$igned]

Body N. Thetan [TM],

$P3X++; KoX8.08; Henry#7; Apo$tate1.OhOh; Joker&Degrader1.1; NO.T8-P ["Freedom from $cientology," Provisional Certificate issued pending completion of InTurnSHip]; Now Co-Auditing NO.T9, ["Freedom From $cientologi$t$"].


All opinions expressed are strictly those of Body N. Thetan [TM]. Permission to freely reproduce is granted to everyone EXCEPT: Church of Scientology, Religious Technology Center, Co$, Scientologists, $cientologi$t$, their front groups, adherents, co-conspirators, agents, co-plaintiffs, dupes, assignees, attorneys, Rondroids, lackeys, employees, employers, blackmailers, blackmailees, etc., generally and specifically, jointly and severally. Penalty for each infringement is $10,000 U.S. per character per reproduction per day, minimum, payable in gold upon demand. Malicious Reproduction Mandates triple penalties. Reproduction or transmission in any way whatsoever validates this contract and its Mandatory Minimum Penalties. Possession of data, printouts, copies, etc. is prima facie proof of reproduction or transmission. May not be sold OR fixed-price-donated except by written permission of Body N. Thetan [TM].


Saint Kill Manor, Beast Grimstead, Sucsex

Remimeo BPI

THE COMMODORE'S PRAYER **********************






* * * * * * * * * * * * * Copyright (c) 1981 by Verner Ayre Hearte Jr *ALL RIGHTS RESERVED* [Don't copy this, or you we'll sue, And then we'll break your legs in two!]


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In Techtalk #12, Magical Mystery Meter, I analyze the tone level of $cientolgy's CASE ATTACK as ENEMY. This is representative of RON's own tone level, and is the reason he saw "CASE" that way. On occasion, he got up to liabilty, screaming and yelling, punishing bodies, blaming others and pretending HE was perfect while his GOOD WORKS were criminally undermined and destroyed by the Suppressive Persons surrounding him . . . but generally he was in ENEMY, seeking to "destroy utterly" everything that he opposed. Naturally, he opposed everything that didn't WORSHIP him and SACRIFICE EVERYTHING for him: past [all wordly possessions], present [24 hours per day, all relationships, one's body itself] and future [the next billion years].

Being a career criminal, his overts of all kinds were endless, and of course his motivators were endless too. And what was his BIGGEST MOTIVATOR? OT3! . . . all those BODY THETANS and CLUSTERS of body thetans, stuck to him, crawling around under his skin, driving him into the endless madness of shrieking frenzy about GERMS and BT's.

And WHO was the evil galactic-class criminal responsbile for his desperate MOVTIVATORS? Who was the Ultimate Suppressive Person, who UTTERLY DESTROYED, not only civilization itself, but even the individual beings who comprised it? Who else but. . . XENU! Xenu *DID IT TO HIM*, but he, the noble hero, was setting right all the UNSPEAKABLE CRIMES the evil overlord had committed on him . . . and you!

RON'S MAJOR CASE OPTERMS = ZENU [evil overlord implanter, destroys utterly] vs. HUBBARD [noble hero, brings total freedom]

Of course, Ron's parasitosis was probably caused by his drug habits [I suspect cocaine, but it could have been something else], but that really isn't important. What IS telling is HIS assignment of cause. He spent many years trying to audit out his motivator by getting rid of his "Body Thetans." We know it didn't work. He died with a butt full of Vistaril, a psychotropic drug used to calm down shrieking madmen.

Using his own interpretation of the overt-motivator sequence, and benefitting from the observation that his incident and ENEMY tone level DID NOT resolve from his handling of it, we might naturally wonder if *HE* had ever committed any overts similar to those he accused Xenu of.

Xenu's supposed major crime, of course, was IMPLANTING. Since he was dealing with discarnate souls or entities, his implants were accomplished with extremely strong electronics. But the Commode [the self-proclaimed author of a US government manual on brainwashing] wrote fairly extensively on how to implant people WITH bodies.

His recipe for the most damaging implant was very simple: PAIN + DRUGS + HYPNOSIS. Put a person in an altered state of consciousness, subject them to extreme pain, and hypnotically induce them. THAT hypnotic message will be laid in at an unconfrontable level, and the subject will automatically and uncontrollably dramatize it, because to reject the hypnotic message will instantly activate all the suppressed pain.

And the implants that Xenu created BOUND beings hypnotically together in CLUSTERS.

We know that El Commode was STRONGLY AGAINST drugs [for OTHER people, in later policy], although he himself consumed huge amounts of drugs and alcohol during most of his life. We also know that in the early days he experimented extensively with auditing under the influence of drugs [speed, for instance], and used drugs to make his own children pliant and controllable [phenobarbital laced chewing gum, for instance]. Later, he was MOST STRONGLY AGAINST psychedelic drugs like marijuana and LSD, [perhaps because they have very strong anti-hypnotic tendencies, and tend to bounce people *OUT* of hallucinations . . . even if into OTHER hallucinations?].

If we look at the design of the Sea Borg, we can see that, in fact, it is an IMPLANT organization, designed to forcefully and hypnotically instill standardized robotic values and behavior. In other words, it is a large scale hypnotic induction machine. It is run on very similar policies to BASIC TRAINING in the armed forces, except that it runs for a billion years, not just six months.

Instead of using PAIN DRUG HYPNOSIS, the Sea Borg uses PAIN DRUDGE HYPNOSIS. Rather than using drugs to put the person in an altered state of consciousness, is uses DRUDGE: endless years of bad nutrition and no sleep will derange your body's chemistry so desperately out of whack that you will be barely attached to it, and your resistance to hypnotic induction will be NIL.

North Korean [Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.] brainwashing prisons use very similar techniques. These practices are also used in MANY other cults, such as Moonies, Hare Krishnas, Aum, etc. None, however, use them more savagely or ruthlessly that the $cientology $ea Borg, which has perfected them to a highly developed art, perhaps even a true "science."

Forcing the person to destroy ALL his existing social and emotional relationships, and commit continuous major overts against everything he formerly valued [burning ALL his bridges, in other words, and FORCING him into the condition of ENEMY], raises his suppressed psychic and emotional pain level to excruciating heights. The physical pain of a heavily damaged body ground on endlessly over no sleep and bad food makes the whole package violently unconfrontable.

If you add to that the continuous violent psychic and emotional abuse routinely endured by Sea Borgers, and the CONTINUOUS THREAT OF "LOWER CONDITIONS" WITH *EVEN WORSE* PUNISHMENT, for ANY unacceptable THOUGHT OR SPEECH, the ONLY refuge they have WITHIN that situation is the adoption of the psychotic hallucination that "it *IS* ALL WORTH IT, because we *ARE* THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE CHOSEN, WHO *ARE* CLEARING THE PLANET, FOR RON!"

You REALLY DON'T need drugs to DESTROY a person and remold him in your own robotic image, if you have TOTAL CONTROL of his entire life, including his mate, his children, his time, and his every thought and communication.

And what did El Commode create with his extensive research into pain drudge hypnosis . . . A HUGE CLUSTER! The Sea Borg is HIS OWN private cluster of robotic beings, blindly doing WHATEVER they are told, in HIS HOLY NAME . . . thousands of bleeding psychic hemorrhoids, tightly clustered around the world's biggest asshole, squirting endless mind-poop SPEW for them to gobble up thankfully and chant "Hip, Hip, Hooray!"

In fact, I really do think that SOMETHING LIKE "the OT3 Incident" actually DID happen, because I ran a piece of it in one of my VERY FIRST Dianetics sessions, LONG before I had ever heard of OT3 or what was in the materials. When I finally read them years later, I thought "Oh!, That's what *THAT* was all about!"

To be sure, I don't believe all of Ron's bullshit about OT3. I don't think it's the KEY source of aberration at all. I don't think everyone went through it. I don't think the "OT3 Course" is the best way to handle it. But I *DO* think *SOMETHING LIKE THAT* DID HAPPEN. I DO think that there WAS a LARGE operation to round people up and implant them. I DO think *SOMEONE* must have been in charge of it.

Having lied about almost everything in his past that we can check, including his military career, his childhood, his research discoveries, his purposes and motivations, and of course his many crimes, we might well wonder if Mr. Hubbard didn't lie about his distant past too. Knowing him to suffer from so many severe hallucinations, we might also wonder if he even had any clue about what lies he was telling himself. Knowing what crimes he himself committed that he hysterically accused others of, we might wonder what much earlier similar crimes he might have committed.

Seeing that his own case got worse and worse over the years, that his natter increased exponentially, and that he most violently opposed and villified Xenu, for supposedly commiting crimes VERY SIMILAR to those he actually spent the last decades of his own life committing, inexorably leads me to this one simple question:


Konchok Penday
Technical Writer

"Get Your Ducks in a Row @!"