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Scientology, the anti-thesis of Truth, Decency and Life

Phil Scott 9/19/99
(415) 927-7573

Revision 1 includes a few typo corrections. No major changes.

This essay will not attempt to address all of the issues related to this cult, but will instead address the mechanisms by which the cult lures and traps its members. And so effectively deprives the person of the joys of existence, their money, family friends, their sanity, and sometimes life itself.

This article will address the historical roots of such depravity, and the mechanisms by which it operates. I will try to be as brief, and entertaining as possible, and touch only on the most obvious aspects of these mechanisms in such a way that the average person can come to comprehend easily. I have written many other articles addressing these issues in much greater detail, some will be excerpted here. (footnote 1).

Historical summary and perspective

L Ron Hubbard from his youth was interested in the occult, later he became involved in studying Aliester Crowley and working very closely with Jack Parsons, both internationally well known and self avowed satanists. Parsons of the darkest stripe, Crowley a bit more covert about his beliefs. I will quote from his infamous book Babalon Working further on in this essay. In that book Parsons takes the satanic oath with Hubbard present and in support. Its an oath to ruin utterly the lives of others, particularly to conjure up and create in a live woman the ‘whore of babalon’ with the intent to ruin the woman utterly, and beyond all mortal limits.

This was Hubbards agenda. It is seen manifest in the lives of those he ruined. and it is seen in the many accounts of his life and times also be quoted in this article.

Currently the cult of Scientology is widely considered one of the largest cult in the world, and the MOST dangerous cult in the world, perhaps more dangerous than any that came before it.

While the dark side lineage of satanism goes way back, the recent links are perhaps more relevant here. Charles Manson is both a satanist and had been a Scientologist for some time, with over 150 hours of cult processing, just prior to orchestrating the absolutely vicious Tate/LaBianca murders. The hillside strangler who killed a dozen or more women in the Los Angeles, Kenneth Bianchi had a connection to the cult of Scientology, perhaps a closer one that we realize, one of his victims was the daughter of a scientology staff member at the cults ‘Advanced Organization in Los Angeles’. Son of Sam, Berkowitz, was found with the name, address and private phone number of senior cult of a Scientology official in his possession when arrested. None of this is an accident, historically a majority of serial killers claim these dark side connections.

This is just the tip of the ice burg I mention these here to give the reader some notion of the common links.


The cult is indicted has been indicted in numerous deaths around the world, including the death of Lisa McPherson who they held captive after she tried to escape, for 17 days, she was tied to a bed, forceably injected with chloral hydrate, sleep deprived until driven insane. and then died, 40 lbs lighter, with roach bites all over her body. While we have some of her captors logs of the event the last few days are missing and those guarding her have been sent out of the country and cannot currently be located.

Again this is just the barest tip of the nastiest situations one can imagine. There over 200 deaths among scientologists, many just days after they tried to leave the cult. Hubbard’s son Quinten and his two friends were found dead in Las Vegas within days of his departure. Susan Meister was found with a bullet hole right between her eyes on Hubbards ship while Hubbard was still on board. Her body was hidden from her father and he was stalked by the cult until the day he died for attempting to get to the bottom of why his daughter died.

Flo Barnett, mother in law of David Miscavige currently head of the cults Religious Technology Corporation entity was found dead the day after she left the cult, of 4 rifle shots. The first 4 shot suicide in the history of the world apparently. David Miscavige is at the time of this writing a named defendant in the death of Lisa McPherson.

The situation is vastly worse and more pervasive than one would think.


The cult is involved in military, commercial and political espionage world wide. Several large books could be written just about he situation in Mexico or Russia or Germany or Russia. I will again just touch a few of the high points. The reader will have to check the references at the end of this and other articles to get the full picture, a study that has taken many investigators decades.

Brainwashing Again I will be addressing just a few of the aspects of the issue.

L Ron Hubbard oddly, or not so oddly, if one cares to trace these connections, wrote the 1955 edition of the US Army Manual on Brainwashing ( his earlier association with the army was with Col. (Snake) Thompson, a man also heavily involved with and interested in the dark side of the occult.). Along these lines one wonders how he was invited, and on what basis, he was chosen to write that manual.

Hubbard was a consummate expert in group hypnosis, both by his own admission, and by the published statements of many who knew him. I will be addressing the mechanism of social control and group hypnosis as they combine to ‘brainwash’ the victims of Scientology to the most ludicrously laughable levels, and to creating the most extreme criminal behavior imaginable to produce a group of criminally insane people who will do the cults bidding.

Corporate targets

Fortune Magazine, Time, 60 minutes, 20/20, Turning Point, and many other paper and television news magazines have run long articles on the cults infiltration into American business.

There is hard data and many lawsuits involved in many of these cases, Allstate insurance for example, the IRS to name two. Other connections have not yet become the subject of law suits. Oracle Corporation for instance that writes the data base software used by many top secret government agencies is heavily infiltrated by scientologists. So is Microsoft corporation both firms with backdoors written into their software that allow those with the keys to access any business or top secret file at will. Recently the Greek government raided the cults offices in that country and found top secret Greek military documents. Similar situations have gone on in the United States, Germany, Russia, Spain, Italy, France, Mexico, and Canada. (all documented, see footnotes).

Several converted Russian weapons plants are currently being run by Scientologists who pay a 10% fee to the cult for the privilege of using Hubbards darkly derpraved management policy.

End of historical overview

The mechanisms of Brainwashing

I have published perhaps 50 articles to the internet on this subject, and several in magazines. I will summarize in layman’s terms some of the mechanisms involved here, and quote the following piece in its entirety, with some edits and revisions to make it comprehensible to the greater audience.

Published next in Ivy Magazine, Nov 1999 (see footnote 2)

Control Mechanisms

By Phil Scott USA, comments by others not included.

How might one take over an entire culture? That is the question posed and answered in this article and to a larger extent this essay.

Indeed, how could one take over the top managements of just a few firms or agencies and gain significant control of an entire industry or nation?

The short answer:

If the control mechanism used, crosses national can cultural lines, then cross cultural control is possible.

If the Third Reich for instance had managed to infiltrate its notions into the minds of people in other nations, across national borders and specific interests, to a broader public, not just Germany, and had as its leader, not been a German national, but say a religious leader, then the Third Reich could have gone international and created an alliance of evil, even more vast that we witnessed as founded by Hitler alone.

Hubbard stated very plainly in founding Dianetics and Scientology that the attempt would be to take over and control the world by what ever ruthless means necessary. and he wrote and published many volumes detailing that strategy and plan. (see footnote 3).

He detailed in one of his early books Dianetics Modern Science of Mental Health, that those not deemed up to standard by the ‘super race’ he said his philosophy would create, were to be "disposed of quietly and without sorrow". I suppose he had noticed that Hitler used poison gas. As an aside, please notice that a majority of the German people were so degraded, and brainwashed by this régime that they willingly participated in the most horrendous criminal acts the world had ever seen.

We have close parallels in the cult of Scientology, that in its Guardians Office, required staff to read the auto biography of Adolph Hitler, _Mein Kamph_. ‘for the strategy only’ I was told, as one young GO member proudly showed me the copy on the bookshelf in GO executive offices. (1975 Sacramento California).

Well I’ve diverged a bit. Getting on with the article now.

You get what you reward. L Ron Hubbard said that. And its true.

This is one of the keystones in brainwashing tactics. It works like this. An actual example from Hubbards ‘teaching’.

After establishing ones credibility by lying, or by stating a few obvious facts, or plagiarizing from the work of others, and then calling it his own as Hubbard did --- one starts with a suggestion.

For instance, that we all evolved from clams (thus all the clam jokes amongst the cults critics). Oh yes Hubbard really said this and others have quoted him extensively. Your reference is ‘The History of Man’ a thin volume published in the 1960’s I believe that is also widely excerpted. He went on to describe in great detail how when someone mentions ‘clam’ our jaws hurt and our eyes water all from our recalls in those early days as a clam.

(quit laughing, this is just a tiny fragment of Hubbards insane notions, it gets quite nasty later, these few words are to explain how the control mechanisms work, and why an insane notion works best in that context.).

So anyway, after you tell a person this story, you appeal covertly to his ego, and imply that only a person in very very good shape is up being able to recall such heavy material---.and grasp the importance of such advanced insight.

In that fashion you see, the mark becomes very accomplished overnight, he becomes ‘important’ and ‘insightful’ and brilliant for being able to grasp these heavy, concepts. All he has to do now is find some way to come up with a ‘clam’ recall. And Hubbard provided no shortage of those. In the hypnotism business its called planting a suggestion, then planting the notion that the person will support the suggestion later.

This strategy is used to convince the person in the case of Scientology, that anyone who criticizes Hubbard or the cult is actually an invader, a space alien, a Marcab to be specific, and must be destroyed utterly---.. and you know, the brutality, crime and utter ruin that has resulted has been almost beyond words. Hubbard has gotten his adherents by these means to believe that they were shot out of a volcano by a short fat guy with wings and a bugle--- then with a smile and many accolades congratulate the person when he can ‘recall’ the event! Presto, instant nut case. And a nut case willing to destroy you utterly if you challenge him, steal records from his companies, files or sneak out one dark night and kill your cat and nail it your front door.

The mark, now will go off an create these hallucinations on his own--- that he was almost run over by a train on Venus for instance just he previous life time in the 50’s! And swear to it! And believe it! And read as telling the truth on a lie detector!

Why? Because he has made it up himself, on the basis of a prior suggestion that this stuff exists, so he does not see it as made up, but a ‘recall’. That’s how the brainwash mechanism works. It is in the end self induced insanity.

Later as he mocks up that he robbed banks ‘this lifetime’ and he knows he didn’t rob any banks at all, just stole cookies, he can attribute this to recalls of dead space aliens stuck to him, all because Hubbard first suggested or implied that such things exist.

How convenient. It all sticks because there is a considerable array of things we do not understand about ourselves and our very probable eternal existence and the universe at large. We get clues all the time. The near death experience (NDE) in small children, Kirilian photography, and much more. And we are looking for some answers and grasp at what appears a real situation because we can ‘recall’ it, and it reads on a meter as truth.

But it isn’t truth at all. One is led to make it all up, from the seeds of the original suggestion.

You see?

Lies. Lies trap a being, and truth sets one free. These are the core issues here. Admitting one does not know, will not trap a person, it’s the truth you see--- so a person even in ignorance, if he admits he doesn’t have a clue, is at least not trapped by his own lies. Just the lies of others and the culture trap him.

As he begins to see that others have lied in these regards (trains on Venus for example, or that he was war hero, in the case of Hubbard), the person can then begin to debunk the lies of others, begin to think straight again and come out from under the brainwash.

With these lies gone, and admitting that he really does not have much of a clue, truth has a faint chance of emerging from time to time. One is not trying to fit the glimpses of actual reality one sees into some artificial fake framework.

Control Mechanisms.

The artificial framework screens out truth, and puts one under the control of the framework. In the broader culture it is almost entirely accidental or the work of special but uncoordinated interests. Advertising, political campaigns and the like. Because of this lack of unity in these various frameworks, we end up with a lack of control across cultures, even a lack of control (or domination) within cultures.

In Scientology we have a deliberately fabricated framework set out, and anyone who allows it to become his way of thinking about things is controlled by that framework, and you see, the organization that supports it, and by the person who dreamed it up.

Do you see the mechanics of that? It’s a crucial issue. The more incredible the thought matrix (set of assumptions) is, and the more deviant from actual reality, the more control is afforded. (That issue is also addressed extensively in the US Army Manual on Brainwashing---. Interesting again isn’t it that Hubbard wrote it).

Hubbard wished very tight and complete control, so we get a very ‘incredible’, synthetic, framework of reality presented---.. a framework that deliberately invalidates much of the existing ways of looking at things, our cultural and personal standards. These are invalidated rendering the individual now under the complete control of this new way of looking at things. (a thought matrix.)

As Hubbard points out the error in the existing cultural frameworks, the brainwashee, and trust me it can be anyone, then assumes that the new mind control thought matrix must be correct. Not consciously mind you, most of us are not quite that stupid, but subconsciously, a little at a time---.until we are totally bought in and fully compromised.

We assume because our ‘recalls’ match the original hypnotic suggestions, and that ones recalls read as true on the e meter, that this new thought matrix is valid. It isn’t.

Its just another control matrix, based on lies, and with a few grains of truth so it will be effective. The issue now for some is to discover who funded the research, and who currently supports the cult in its criminal activities world wide.

End of magazine article

The dark side’s hidden agenda

Regardless of our evolution from lower life forms or not, Life is not just apparently an inorganic compound of rocks and mud. Life itself is unfathomable to us it seems, yet most of us sense these transcendent connections none the less. The dark side agenda is to cut off those links, tell us that we are Gods alone in our own right, that there is no other. No other!!

Hubbards remarks along those lines were plentiful "there was no christ" he said. Hubbard faithfully forwarded the dark side agenda of lies, ruin and degradation all of his life, regardless from which religious or non religious perspective one looks. His was BLACK magic. The intent was to ruin and degrade and separate from life, and we see this though-out his life.

The following is from an interview with an ex cult member, I am leaving the attributions attached.

Excerpt from::

The Bare-Faced Messiah Interviews are webbed at: src/intervie.htm


The Bare-Faced Messiah Interviews

Interview with David Mayo, Palo Alto, California, 28 August 1986


He could be capable of incredible cruelty. On the ship there was an old man on the Royal Scotman who he made push a peanut round the decks with his nose. He had to get down on his hands and knees, he had to go round the deck, quite a long distance in a race with one or two others also in trouble. The first one back got let off and the last one got a double penalty. It was really tough on this old guy, Charlie Reisdorf. The surface of the deck was very rough wood, prone to splinter, so after pushing peanuts with their noses, they all had raw, bleeding noses, leaving a trail of blood behind them. I not only saw it but the entire crew of the ship was mustered - a mandatory attendance - we were required to watch this punishment, to make an example of it for the rest of us. Reisdorf was in his late 50s probably. His two daughters were messengers, they were 11 or 12 at time and his wife was there also. It was hard to say which was worse to watch: this old guy with a bleeding nose or his wife and kids sobbing and crying at being forced to watch this. Hubbard was standing there calling the shots, yelling, "Faster, Faster!". It was indignity, degradation and breaking a person's will, and making people watch. It was disgusting.

They used to have people locked in the chain locker, including small children. It was very dangerous because if the anchor started to slip and start running out, it would turn a body into pulp in no time at all. I saw children locked up in the chain locker.

He had a birthday party on March 13 1968; there was a woman who he ordered locked in the chain locker. During the party he had her brought out. She was filthy, covered with dirt and rust, and had not been allowed to wash or change clothes - she had been in there a week. She was pretty dirty - he brought her out to the party, he said he was giving her a reprieve and permitting her to come to the party, as if that was a nice gesture. She still wasn't allowed to wash or change, so she was brought to the party and had to stay and later she was returned [to the locker]. He said he was giving her a reprieve but it was just flaunting her degradation. It had looked like things were lightening up a little, people thought maybe things were getting better, then this happened and people were shocked and it gave us a sinister chill. She was in a dress.

Why did people stand by? Another common reason was that if a person doesn't make waves they hope to rise up high enough in the org to get to a position of authority, to the top of the org board and "I'll be able to change it." A very high percentage of staff hoped that one day they would be able to change it.

From time to time, Hubbard would cancel such activities, like the chain locker, and blame it on someone else. He said that no one was to be put into the chain locker by his order or decree, and Baron Burez was an evil monster for having chain lockered people. Baron was a US crew member and went into disfavour. He would start such pronouncements with, "It has just come to my attention that..."

The length of time for children would vary, but no one was there less than a day. The average was a week or two. Three weeks was about the maximum. Age didn't matter. The youngest kids were 5, 6 or 7. Old, young, men, women, big, little; it wouldn't matter because to Scientologists the being is ageless so you don't think in terms of how young or old someone is.

Reisdorf affair - if someone tried to do something it would have been worse. Hubbard said that maritime law prevailed, like in days of Hornblower, when the captain of ship has the power of God Almighty. He said under maritime law he had total power over everyone on the vessel.

The idea of being overboarded or beached was terrible. People were beached in sometimes fairly hostile countries, like Algeria and Tunis, Beached meant put ashore without passport or money, just the clothes you stood in and you were on your own. When I joined the Sea Org I often considered returning to NZ but I was a little naive at the time - the idea of being beached was very formidable. I didn't know how to go about earning money and getting home. The other part was being out of Scientology forever and cast into alien world of "wogs".


| Chris Owen | | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |WORLD'S BIGGEST SPECTRUM ARCHIVE -- |

End of excerpt.

One sees here the almost limitless disdain Hubbard showed for others, his intent was not just to degrade the person as an individual in society but to ruin them to the core, degrade and pervert in the sickest possible ways.

And you see in accepting the agenda Hubbard pushed, we end up severing our links to the rest of Life, and the founding entity of all life in the universe, and in the example above--- degraded utterly.

Its that simple. The goal is to ruin you. Just as Hubbard has ruined so many many lives, and those like him ruin lives. By lying and getting you to believe that there is no life beyond your own--- and that you in your glorious splendor can be supreme, ego bait you see? One is left in isolation, prey for the dark side.

In our youth most of us were foolish and brash and inexperienced and we don’t see, and it seems, in a condition of rebellion from our parents and authority, and this is not all bad, indeed it seems to be the foundations on which advance occurs.

Its just that as we get older we do indeed come to see that twinkle in a persons eye..and we see there is something beyond, and we see in the end many things if we are lucky. And if we have not been blinded by lies.

This issue, although I do not have time to go into it here is indeed perhaps the most important issue in a persons life. It is ones personal and persistent seeking of truth that will set him free, not swallowing someone else’s dogma carefully hidden in a thin glossy wrapper of truth.

A brief advice to people still in the cult of Scientology

Hubbards sure fire path to insanity involves the act of validating what he has taught you is your ‘case’---. This collection of mocked up ‘recalls’ is based on his prior suggestions to you as discussed earlier in this piece.

You see, Hubbard said, 'never invalidate a pc' (a person being brainwashed by the cult).... and that of course is crucial core data to the persons ‘advance’ as a brainwashee/

Then he wrote, the spectacularly valid piece 'Rightness of the Being' . Hubbard was correct in asserting that it takes a suppressive person to invalidate another person personally as a being. So we end up the accepting this truth and using it to reinforce the brainwash. That’s a key point.

Hubbard went on to not only plant insane ideas in a persons mind, but foster their creation of more insane ideas! And then he said THESE must not be invalidated.! You see? The creation and validation of insanity all based on a twist on the valid premise that a person should not be invalidated as a being.

He either purposefully or accidentally alloyed this truth with the notion that one does not invalidate a PC's CASE.... then extended that to telling the brainwashee what his ‘case’ was, that the person in a past life, was shot out of a volcano by a short fat guy with wings and a bugle! 75 million years ago! . then restated his remark, that invalidating the HALUCINATION was a suppressive act!


A very crafty reverse---. and by the way detailed in the US army training manual as key components to effective brainwashing and control of the individual....(also written by Hubbard.. isn't that just fascinating?)

Disorienting lies, (the more incredible the better) combined with truth, produces the requisite disorientation and confusion, so that the being can be controlled... and for whistleblowers, this is combined with duress.... including physical torture, and ending in death in many cases.

You see, in order for oneself and his fellow men to survive and live well, and advance---. one MUST invalidate lies. One’s survival as a free being depends on it. Supporting lies is fatal in every aspect. Regardless any very short sighted short term ‘benefits’.

If your 10 year old child comes to you and says "I am joining the cult of blood and cocaine in order to purify the world of virgins" and "Charlie Manson is the new 'source' of life on the planet".... it seems one would be remiss in not doing what ever was necessary to fully INVALIDATE those certifiably insane notions....NOT the child.... but the notions.

You see?

We have the same situation going on with those of us who were sucked into the criminally insane cult by plagiarized truths, and then perverted to evil ends by L Ron Hubbard, unfortunately, the founder of the cult of Scientology(tm).

Hubbard said that the short fat guy got you big time, then you add in all the details, you think those are YOUR recalls, but they in fact are just follow on’s to the original hypnotic suggestion. No basis in fact, in the case of the cults super secret "OT-3 level’, no basis in geological fact at all, in fact our earth’s geological record refutes Hubbards insane notions completely.... and his other insanities of feeding babies nothing but barley water!, and that smoking cigarettes, and drinking a quart of rum every day, and popping ‘pinks and greys’ was good for your health! are also easily seen as likewise insane, not to mention evil.

One invalidates insanity.... if one is wrong, well the truth will always prevail...but letting such incredible lies stand unchallenged is in fact the sure fire path to insanity.

We have no better shinning example of that than the cult Hubbard spawned, and those in support of it. Its a pretty obvious situation to all except those still under the influence.... and in time, those too will come to smell the coffee, like many of the rest of us have, and see for themselves the incredible damage wrought by this man and his incredible lies turned into brainwash, and a scheme to take all of a person has ever worked for, then his honor, decency and in the end his eternal life.

The Solution is Truth and Decency

I have found that by being truthful and decent in my relations with my fellow men, most particularly where it concerns myself and being truthful with myself---. Microscopically truthful, that the lies that confuse and ruin the joy of life go away. One is in humble prayer to the founder of all Life. One is at once connected and free again. It may be that the water drop alone on some dry rock in the desert is not really free just because it is independent of the oceans--- it may be that one is free as life is joined again. The drop may indeed find its greatest freedom as it re-enters the ocean.

As one becomes practiced at living truthfully ones fellow men can see that he or she is free, and open and honest, and decent---.. and from that many good things flow. Life flows. And with life on that basis, truths come into view and things get better and better.

Its been good writing this piece, I hope the errors it were not too distracting, it was a rush job. I started at noon, and have finished now, its 7pm.

Philip E Scott


1. Over a hundred web sites have literally thousands of pages of documentation that include photo copies of court records, the statements of judges around the world, and the criminal conviction records of high level cult officials, many critical books and articles webbed. I refer the reader to these materials for documentation throughout this essay. For the record I will list several web site in the event that this essay is published separately from other work. http://www.scientology-

Hubbards extensive history as a satanist documented mostly in the 1940’s is detailed in many books and accounts by those involved with him in these practices. John Whiteside (Jack) Parsons book, Babalon Working primary example. I have not had time to find and include the relevant excerpts here although they have been published to the web many times in the past.

2. Ivy Magazine, Editor in Chief. Antony A Phillips PO Box 78, DK - 2800 Lyngby (Denmark) Has published 5 of my articles on this and related subjects over the years.

3. Much of this material is still available I public libraries and thousands of volumes available in private collections, many published in violation of copy right to the world wide web. These sites cannot be referred to here, but a little searching will reveal them. The HCOPL (green) volumes stack several feet high, and are the repository of the largest volume of Hubbards operating policy. Including the infamous ‘Fair Game’ Policy---"and of course destroy them utterly if possible" LRH quoted in reference to how a Scientologist is to treat anyone who speaks out about the cults crimes.

4. Philip Scott is a 58 year old man living in Marin County just north of San Francisco California on highway 101 across the golden gate bridge. He makes his living as an industrial systems engineer, consultant and specialty systems contractor. He has major clients throughout the semi conductor, food, and petrochemical industries, and considerable experience (some disturbing) in our nations nuclear weapons labs and production facilities. He has written and published many articles in his engineering specialties, on management, and other issues along the lines of this essay.