Why I Created
The Unofficial Minton Papers

Bob Minton working his OT US$300.00 powers
Bob Minton working
his OT $300 powers
in Clearwater, FL
(He's waving $300 around
to attract attention)
It is possible that some day Bob Minton will turn up "suicided" in some judge's pool some morning: The Minton Papers will in that case plot the course Minton took towards that end. When dealing with a sociopathic, schizophrenic business like Scientology, the threat of murder exists.

There are several reasons why this site exists.

If the crime syndicate doesn't approve of my exercising my right to express my opinions, they are free to go molest a pig. I live in the United States of America, and not in a country that reflects their governing ideals of a brutal, rights-free, amoral, terrorist regime.