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  • Award-winning, hard-hitting, much-aclaimed Xenu TV! Staring Bob Minton, Stacy Brooks Young, Jesse Prince, Mark Bunker, Overlord Xenu, and a star-spangled cast of dozens!

  • Question and answer session with Bob Minton and Steve Hassan at CULTinfo: part one and also part two courtesy of Xenubat (Sue M.)

    1. ARS Literati $10,000 Challenge

    2. Picket Picture From San Francisco --- lots of enturbulation started!
    3. Shotgun Bob #1 Fray with Scientology escalates to gunfire.
    4. Shotgun Bob #2 Sandown Police: Shots Fired in Spat With Protesters
    5. Temporary Restraining Order Transcript 1 of 2
    6. Temporary Restraining Order Transcript 1 of 2
    7. Scientology versus Democracy Redux
    8. Shooting in NH: The rest of the story!
    9. How did "Cicero" know this?-Minton Take Note!
    10. Open letter to Bob Minton
    11. Armed Thugs Invade Minton Property
    12. Scientology Lawbreakers Discovered NH Ethics
    13. NH Union Leader article on Minton shooting incident
    14. Jesse Prince & Bob Minton enter skeet shooting event in NH
    15. Associated Press--nationwide article on Minton v co$
    16. Scientologists Invade Radio Station
    17. "Antagonism leads to shotgun blasts"
    18. "Local man helps many leave Scientology"
    19. SPTimes: Minton's feud w/$cientology escalates
    20. REPOST: Scientology versus Democracy
    21. A Real Life View of Scientology/Sterling
    22. REPOST: Why Scientology Hates Critics
    23. REPOST: Dateline NBC: The linkage of Evil with Scientology
    24. Why is Scientology recklessly out of control?
    25. New Canadian Detective investigating Minton for fraud
    26. From the St. Petersburg Times, Monday, Aug. 3, 1998
    27. SP Times: Millionaire_not_charg.html
    28. Who will be the next Jane Kember & Mo Budlong?
    29. An Appeal for Help
    30. Third World Debt 101 (Was: Where is Bob hiding his dirt?)
    31. Scientology's 1st letter to Mrs. Minton 7/25/98
    32. Original copy of my photograph Minton/Henson/Young
    33. Scientology's 2nd letter to Mrs. Minton 7/30/98
    34. The Spotlight on Minton
    35. Jesse Prince in Deposition
    36. Why Scientology thinks it's right to attack Bob Minton's children
    37. Re: Scientology's 1st letter to Mrs. Minton 7/25/98
    38. Re: Scientology's 1st letter to Mrs. Minton 7/25/98
    39. Attacks on my children and Therese
    40. Re: Attacks on my children and Therese
    41. Bob and Stacy rout cult picketers in Denver
    42. Scienos go non-confront in Denver
    43. Cowards of $cientology attacking kids right now
    44. Rinder's 3rd letter to Mrs. Minton - rinder3.GIF
    45. A classic example of the fair game policy at work
    46. Another Boston Picket of Therese and Minton Children
    47. Wellspring -- hope for recovery from Scientology
    48. Re: Minton assaulted by Scientologist; was arrested.
    49. Scientology thugs attack Minton; Minton is arrested for defending himself.
    50. Re: MINTON & PRINCE ATTACKED BY MOB! (Unconfirmed Report)
    51. Details of Minton arraignment
    52. Scientology's criminal attack on Robert Minton
    53. I UNRESIGN from the fight
    54. SPTimes: Scientology's leading critic is arrested
    55. No Scientologists at Seattle airport
    56. Re: Minton outburst -
    57. Assaulted by a Scientologist - S9108a.jpg
    58. Losing One's Religion: A Commentary On Fear
    59. Scientology's criminal attack on Robert Minton
    60. Scientology thugs attack Minton; Minton is arrested for defending himself.
    61. Re: Snow White - FOIA
    62. Stacy's family gets harassed
    63. Toronto picket report
    64. Lawbreakers removed from Columbus airport
    65. Now Maureen O'Keefe is concerned about Therese-New letter
    66. Scieno Assault: Trash the Critics and their Friends-1/4
    67. Re: Scieno Assault: Trash the Critics and their Friends-1/4
    68. Scieno Assault: Trash the Critics and their Friends-2/4
    69. Re: Scieno Assault: Trash the Critics and their Friends-2/4
    70. Scieno Assault: Trash the Critics and their Friends-3/4
    71. Scieno Assault: Trash the Critics and their Friends-4/4
    72. Dateline does an update
    73. Scientology's meddling in US foreign affairs
    74. Re: State Department needs to know about Scieno attack on Nigeria
    75. Re: State Department needs to know about Scieno attack on Nigeria
    76. They're all "Shook" up!
    77. Headless Boston Org Routed by Jesse & Stacy
    78. Surprise Confession
    79. REPOST: An Introduction, by Ralph Dorian
    80. Christmas Eve air attack on Bob Minton
    81. Scieno Letter mailed to 4000+ Sandown, NH residents
    82. Re: Scieno Letter mailed to 4000+ Sandown, NH residents
    83. revised scientology picketing flyer - Flyer.pdf
    84. Friendly fire, or clams in disguise?
    85. Let them eat cake.... (Stacy Brooks Young)
    86. Scientology copyrights in flames (Jesse Prince)
    87. Boulder Underground ARSCC Cell: A call to action
    88. Bob Loves Stacy! Oh, My!
    89. Arrest IS the punishment - 1/1/99
    90. Minton's scieno membership form - Org-Washington.jpg
    91. A Dianetic Clear--Scientology's Legs - DClear.JPG
    92. FACTNet's Focus for 1999: Helping People Recover
    93. Re: Come to Flag
    94. 1999 CULTinfo Conference Brochure, Text version
    95. Boston protest 1.10.99
    96. REPOST: Exit Counseling Advice from Stacy Brooks
    97. The enemy is amongst us!
    98. Re: The enemy is amongst us!
    99. Laura Terepin is an OSA
    100. Who or What is Laura Terepin? [LONG!]
    101. Jory Writes a Letter to Minton re Dorian and OSA visit
    102. A Warning on the Evils of Scientology
    103. FACTNet and Scientology Settlement Agreement Signed on 3-19-99
    104. FACTNet final judgment and permanent injunction
    105. Bob Minton has a comment from Teddy
    106. Loretta Miscavige gets a call
    107. Re: Bob Minton Biography?
    108. Re: Bob Minton Biography?
    109. Scientology's criminal attack on Robert Minton
    110. Re: Message left for Loretta and for ars
    111. Minton's Remarks to Cult Information Service Conference 4/19/98
    112. Brian Andrus [and others] gets a phone call
    113. Once more for the good times. [Jesse Prince]
    114. Jesse Prince gives an interview to Danish TV
    115. Affidavit of Jesse Prince
    116. Scientology's reign of terrorism is at an end [Stacy B. Young]
    117. Open letter to David Miscavige
    118. New at XENU TV: Part Two of Day Two in CW
    119. Emancipation Proclamation for Scientology
    120. Nazis and Martin Hunt
    121. Why Scientology Hates Critics
    122. Scientology and Evil--- Dorian Remembered
    123. The persecution of Jeff Schmidt by scientology
    124. More scientology lies and threats via e-mail
    125. Why is scientology afraid of Dandar, Greene and Leipold
    126. Re: Coming Soon (Minton 'arrest')
    127. ARS Literati $10,000 Challenge
    128. Re: Minton and his swastika sign - not a good idea- XENU
    129. An Evening at the Palm: Enturbulation in Philadelphia
    130. Scientology and the Nazis: blood brothers?
    131. The Fools of Scientology attack Mass General in Boston
    132. Flyer for New Hampshire
    133. New threats directed at Therese, children and me
    134. Jesse Prince's declaration in McPherson case
    135. ARS Literati $10,000 Challenge---3 Days left
    136. Stolen documents
    137. Request for evals and estimates concerning Bob Minton
    138. Re: ARS Literati $10,000 Challenge----MAJOR RULE CHANGE
    139. Are there any ethical Scientologist who will answer?
    140. Re: Are there any ethical Scientologist who will answer?
    141. Some history about ASHO
    142. Re: Bob Minton's expenditure - open contest
    143. Hey, Bob Mittens!
    144. A Warning on the Evils of Scientology
    145. Letter to David Miscavige re: Belgian raids
    146. Letter to David: Is the end near?
    147. History According to Miscavige--9/24/99 Declaration in Wollersheim
    148. RE: History According to Miscavige--9/24/99 Declaration in Wollersheim
    149. Vicki Aznaran--- OSA Whore who sold out: back in Wolly case :-(
    150. Re: Vicki Aznaran---OSA Whore who sold out: back in Wolly case :-(
    151. Bob Minton radio interview from December 1998 in Real Audio on website (and transcript also available)
    152. RVY Update by RVY (Robert Vaughn Young)
    153. Scientology's reign of terrorism is at an end
    154. Re: Wrongful death case re: Lisa McPherson
    155. Jesse Prince did nor write or post the offensive message of Oct 16, 1999
    156. Lisa Foundation Rejected in Clearwater
    157. ARS Poet Laureate
    158. Nonprofits Require Special Handling [Panel mentions Stacy YB]
    159. The Lisa Foundation: 2nd Office Bldg refuses lease
    160. Benetta Slaughter--- Clearwater's Princess of Death
    161. Scientology attacks the children now
    162. Lisa Foundation travails: 3rd and 4th rental rejects
    163. Scientologists, critic, battle in the name of dead "worshiper"
    164. new ISP and email address
    165. Anti-Scientology Foundation Created
    166. Confessions and apologies
    167. An apology concerning Clearwater
    168. Protester of Scientology accused of hitting member
    169. Scientology opponent accused of hitting man
    170. A Commentary on Fear Redux
    171. The Lisa McPherson Trust: Mission, Objectives and Philosophy
    172. Bob Minton: Will he rouse the gorilla?
    173. Transcript, "Dateline NBC", 12/12/1999, segment about Bob Minton
    174. Minton Memorandum in RTC v Ward filed 12-13-99
    175. Scientology leader named defendant in suit
    176. Judge Rulse [sic] Scientology Death Case
    177. Minton Motion to Modify TRO and Petition for TRO 11-29-99
    178. Double Crossed. Robert Cipriano claims Scientologists rewarded him.
    179. A question for reformers of Scientology
    180. Scientology calls lawsuit 'fraudulent'
    181. Reciprocal Temporary Injunctions granted by Judge Penick on December 2, 1999
    182. Judge allows suit against Scientology official in member's death
    183. Scientologists, critics sharing woman's name
    184. Scientology trial moved to October
    185. CW Scieno drama queen Benetta Slaughter held in contempt and sanctioned!
    186. Scn medical abuse trial delayed 7 months (AP story)
    187. A message of hope for the Sea Org of Scientology
    188. Scientology accuses foe in lawsuit of fraud
    189. Bob was served last Wednesday with a Temporary Restraining Order
    190. Foe of Scientology plans move to area
    191. Scientology Problem #1: the Sea Org
    192. Weinberg and Hertzberg: neo-Nazi legal whores
    193. 11PM Nightly News.
    194. Ruling delayed on critic of church
    195. Scientology feud 'concerns' judge
    196. Scientology foe moves in, digs in for a long fight
    197. Scientologists facing protest
    198. legal victory and the reciprocal restraining orders
    199. Minton Motion to Modify TRO and Petition for TRO 11-29-99
    200. Minton Memorandum in RTC v Ward filed 12-13-99
    201. Reciprocal Temporary Injunctions granted by Judge Penick on December 2, 1999
    202. Massachusetts Judge DENIES motion for sanctions against Robert S. Minton
    203. Lisa McPherson Trust closes on building
    204. SPT: Lisa McPherson Trust Opens
    205. Re: Transcript, "Dateline NBC", 12/12/1999, segment about Bob Minton
    206. Re: LMT: Duality of Purpose
    207. Re: A message of hope for the Sea Org of Scientology
    208. Lisa McPherson Trust's Address & Phone Number
    209. Bob Minton is my hero
    210. My encounter with the RPF guy
    211. Lisa McPherson Trust -- It gets better for the good guys if you think about consequences
    212. The Lisa McPherson Trust opens in Clearwater
    214. The Lisa McPherson Trust--- some revisions
    215. Re: What I'd like to see at the Lisa McPherson Trust
    216. New at XENU TV: The not-so-thin White Line
    217. Scientology opponent faces battery charge
    218. Re: What I'd like to see at the Lisa McPherson Trust
    219. Letters to the Editors
    220. Revenge pickets or harassment? You decide.
    222. The Lisa McPherson Trust
    223. A crusader sees evil in Florida city
    224. Trust's goal: Truth about Scientology
    225. Mike Roberto shades the truth so much that he creates a black hole
    226. Another C of S dropout
    227. The white lines won't keep them in
    228. A suggestion for Ben Shaw
    229. Clearwater city manager seems to favor Scientologists?
    230. Where is Mark Bunker when you really need him?
    231. Scientologists ordered to boycott Clearwater business
    232. It's Hammer Time! Mark Bunker gets attacked by a hammer.
    233. 1998 Golden Turkey
    234. Minton Here, Minton There, Robert Minton Everywhere (RVY)
    235. Is Rider lying about Richard Bernard?
    236. How much oddity can one town take?
    237. Judge frustrated by Scientology battle
    238. Lisa McPherson Trust and David Cecere part company
    239. A visit to the Lisa Foundation
    240. Sen. John McCain
    241. Shedding light on Scientology's darkside
    242. How Scientology destroys families
    243. Judge Penick's decision in favor of the Scientology abortion clinic for the mind 2-15-00
    244. Re: Judge Penick's decision in favor of the Scientology abortion clinic for the mind 2-15-00
    245. Gabe Cazares' speech at Clearwater City Council meeting, 2/17/2000
    246. The Scientology assault on Clearwater continues
    247. Spreading Lies The Scientology Way
    248. Mark Bunker misses another golden opportunity
    249. Judge tells Scientologists to give evidence to family of dead woman
    250. Re: Mark Bunker misses another golden opportunity
    251. DM taking the money and running? Nope.
    252. To the New Dianetics Readers
    253. Re: Mark Bunker misses another golden opportunity
    254. Scientologists 'got in over their heads'
    255. CofS press statement
    256. Letter to Editor. Changes turning area into circus
    257. Picketing and prayer: Restricting freedom of expression outside churches
    258. WTAN - TAN Talk refusing show
    259. On the Road to Total SP-dom.
    260. JUDGE'S RULING 02-09-00 re Injunction Clarification
    261. Message to Scientology Lawyers
    262. Church[sic] wants judge removed in McPherson case
    263. Scientology asks judge to leave case
    264. A cry for justice
    265. Judge in Scientology case won't remove himself
    266. Miscavige and the McPherson criminal case
    267. Scientologists fail to budge judge
    268. Doctors paid by 'church' give defense
    269. Pathologists say clot killed Scientologist
    270. Transcript--news segments on medical experts' press conference on Lisa McPherson case
    271. Mistreatment should result in charges
    272. Chief judge returns to Scientology case
    273. Gerard Renna
    274. Mark Bunker's 03-24-00 Victory March
    275. Scientology: An asset or liability for Clearwater?
    276. NIGERIA: Offshore, offside --- Africa Confidential Mar 31, 2000
    277. REPOST: The persecution of Jeff Schmidt by scientology (08-18-99)
    278. Fashanu reveals giant bank fraud
    279. Minton and Tanja Neuhauser live on German tv
    280. Bob Minton in Germany
    281. A visit from Scientology's Enemy Number 1
    282. Re: Bob Minton in Germany
    283. Re: Bob Minton in Germany
    284. OPEC's Rilwan Lukman --- Clear and Hubbard Qualified Scientologist
    285. Re: repayment of monies from the "freewinds"
    286. Scientology's Nigeria Connection
    287. The reason Bob Minton is valued by critics is
    288. Fort Harrison Avenue may take on new role
    289. Bob Minton in Paris
    290. Miscavige is desperate: Read letter attack on LMT and Germany
    291. A report on the LMT's visit to Germany and France
    292. Bob Minton speech at CULTinfo, 3/18/2000
    293. New at XENU TV: 911 calls from High Speed Chase
    294. Subject: Minton, Schmidt and Nigeria, a market success story
    295. Alternate Charlemagne Award to Mr. Robert Minton
    296. Robert Vesco, Marc Rich and now Robert Minton
    297. CW Demo, Friday 28th
    298. More Nigerian trash written by Scientology PI's
    299. Yet more Nigerian trash written by Scientology PI's
    300. Babangida's Foreign Allies
    301. The oh-so-honest John Fashnau
    302. Circa 1980 Scientology poem from Clearwater
    303. Human Rights Award for Bob Minton
    304. Anatomy of Scientology's Black PR campaign
    305. (4) ''How We Stole $700 million''
    306. Motion In Limine---State of Florida v. Minton
    307. (2) ''How We Stole $700 million''
    308. (3) 'How We Stole $700 million''
    310. (1) ''How We Stole $700 million''
    312. Attack of the Anti-Mintonistas
    313. JUDGE'S ORDER ON STATE'S MOTION IN LIMINE--Minton Trial Monday--Court TV to cover trial
    315. Church[sic] critic's defense up today
    317. MINTON found NOT guilty! Less than 30 minutes deliberation
    319. Jurors grant my birthday wish
    320. Jeff's view of Minton trial today
    321. Opponent of church acquitted of battery
    322. Man who hit Scientologist acquitted of battery charge
    323. Rathbun mouths off
    324. Scientology opponent survives charges, wins award
    325. Human Rights Award for Bob, not Bill
    326. Minton vs. Clinton: Alternative Charlemagne Award for Scientology Critic from the USA
    327. report from the Leipzig event
    328. Minton will sue scientology in France
    329. Alternative Charlemagne Award Speech by Minton June 3, 2000
    331. Smiling delation, a scientology practice
    332. Leipzig last weekend
    333. Leipzig: short history focusing on human rights
    334. Full text of Alt Charlemange Award Speech in Leipzig June 3, 2000
    335. The new uprising for Scientology
    336. Scientology: Alternative Charlemagne Award for sect opponent
    337. Accusation: Scientology is conducting a hate campaign against award winner
    338. Criticism of the Charlemagne Award for U.S. President Clinton
    339. Dispute involves millionaire Minton
    340. Alternative Charlemagne Award for Robert Minton
    341. Stacy Brooks: U.S. Ambassador of good will
    342. Nigerian Senate, General Babangida and loot recovery
    343. Ursula Caberta's speech in Leipzig for Alt Charlemagne Award 06-03-00
    344. IBB's $4.5bn debt buy-back was a secret deal, says U.S. collaborator
    345. LMT phones light up
    346. Re: Nigeriaworld: Minton defends buy-back deal
    347. Scientologists bankrupt on the Elbe?
    348. Hamburg Security Declaration against Scientology legally permissible
    349. Babangida's N450b debt buy-back deals, by partner
    350. Nigerian Senate endorses debt buy-back done by Minton 1988-1993
    351. Senate Committee says Nigeria saved $5 Billion from 1988-93 debt buyback scheme
    353. IBB amazed at Abacha's loot
    354. $5b Slashed Off Nigeria's Debt
    355. Re: Guardian: Minton saved $5 Billion
    356. Miscavige, it's very simple. Even an ecclesiastical fraud like you can grasp this!
    357. Injunction on Minton, LMT, Bunker, Prince and Ward was cancelled in Court today
    358. Who is Bola Ajibola?
    359. Nigerian News du Jour: Critics unsure of Fashanu's real motives
    361. Why John Fashanu Is After Me
    362. John Fashanu exposed, how he lied over the $6 billion Debt Buy-Back Deal
    363. Anti-Minton hate orgy, anti-etc.
    364. Bob Minton for Mayor!
    365. Susan Q. MacDonald's Doubt announcement
    366. My perspective on auditing, by Stacy Brooks
    367. Re: Why John Fashanu Is After Me
    368. Vanguard, Sunday July 16, 2000, Lagos --- Leave Minton alone!
    369. News from inside the Fort Harrison: 'NET NANNY'
    370. PRESS RELEASE: Ursula Caberta to speak in Clearwater
    371. Remarks at CW City Commission Meeting: July 20, 2000
    372. Scientology, Lukman, David Lee, Fashanu and Miscavige
    373. Minton declines offer of Clearwater City Manager position following resignation of Roberto
    374. Re: Slurs Against Bob Minton
    375. More details: Scientology, Lukman, David Lee, Fashanu and Miscavige
    377. Barbecue the body: Scientology learns from the murder of Lisa McPherson
    378. Re: Hammer Attacks Approved by State
    379. Minton assaulted again?
    380. Two Minutes Hate
    381. Tory Bezazian IS a STAR!!!!!
    382. Re: New from LMT Media: Ursula arrives in CW
    383. last night's picket
    384. WLMT - Trust Radio
    385. Benefit concert for the LMT
    386. Scientologists stalk German in Clearwater
    387. Jesse Prince arrested in Clearwater
    388. Scientology critic faces drug cultivation charge
    389. Scientologists "allergic" to Caberta
    390. The real story about John Fashanu's so called private investigator, David "Lee"
    391. Re: LMT benefit concert
    392. A Scientology foe is charged with growing pot in his back yard.
    393. LMT benefit concert
    394. Bob is Xenu! (was Re: Greg and Debra Barnes get their money back from IAS)
    396. Why Bob Minton wears dark glasses
    397. Transcript of Ursula Caberta LMT press conference
    398. LMT Benefit concert!
    399. Re: George Noah, paid mouth piece for Robert Minton?
    400. Re: Arel's Playground / Sexual Freedom League
    403. Re: new hate page
    404. Tales From the Cult VI: Scientologist Ordered To Die Of Starvation
    405. Tales from the Cult VII by Jesse Prince
    406. Outrageous, but Henson's daughter subpoenaed in bankruptcy case
    407. Just-in: Dennis Clarke, head of CCHR, is suspect in two (2) battery cases per CPD.
    408. Let the 2nd annual "Lisa McPherson Trust Literati Contest" commence!!!
    409. LMT Benefit Concert press release (plain text version)
    410. Stop taking 'Minton Money'!
    411. Re: LMT benefit concert - A commentary from Mr. Scary
    412. Jamie Kennedy stalked by Scientology cultists
    413. Slam Poet says Scientology members are after him
    414. Scientology's Art Exhibit - All Welcome...except LMT employees
    415. Why Scientology Hates Critics and Music
    416. New Alternative Charlemagne Award
    417. Scientology's moment of defeat
    418. CULT's EFFORTS FAIL... pathetically
    419. Karin Case departs the Lisa McPherson Trust
    420. Scientology ENJOINED 11-30-2000; BIG WIN for Minton
    421. David Lebeau, Crime Cult Whore, Exposed
    422. Actually, the second issue of Real Freedom is in the works now.
    423. BusinessAge, December 2000, NIGERIAN NEMESIS, FEATURE
    424. Crime Cultist Ben Shaw Tells an "Acceptable Truth"
    425. Crime Cultist Ben Shaw on "Truth", (and nothing but the Truth)
    426. Re: Minton sanction documents on abs
    427. Transcript: Injunction hearing Nov 1 2000
    428. New from LMT Media: Bob Minton interviewed by local TV News
    429. Re: Minton ducking depositions- refuses to open the books
    430. LMT Literati Contest 2000: Essays by Scientologists
    431. Intimidation by assault
    432. NOTICE TO SCIENTOLOGISTS -- December 31, 2000
    433. Lisa McPherson Trust Accomplishments in 2000
    434. LMT's First Anniversary
    435. Thanks Lisa McPherson Trust ;)
    436. Text version of OSA letter re Henson to Minton Probation Officer
    437. What is Scientology?
    438. Thank you Dr. Blüm!
    439. Hearing on Jesse Prince case May 21, 2001
    440. OSA writes to Minton Probation Officer re Henson (917K) - Shaw200dpi.PDF
    441. Greenway and Caberta, OSA pawns?
    442. Greenway incompetence behind continuing attacks on Stacy
    443. The real evil incarnate
    444. Evil Incarnate part 2. This is Teresa Summers. I have worked at the LMT since October of last year.
    445. LMT position on mental health needs of Scientology victims
    446. Mike Krotz, the "Hatchet Man"
    447. Dr. Norbert Bluem: 2001 Human Rights Award Winner
    448. B-A-N-G ---> Scientology attacks Right to Gun Ownership
    449. What make Scientology different?
    450. There are no unlegal aspects of 'secret' debt buy back scheme
    451. New from LMT Media: Bob at City Council Meeting
    452. Report from Court on Jesse Prince's Clearwater Hearing
    453. The truth about the French cases
    454. trial report Minton ./. Weber etc
    455. "When Can I Start My Life?" by Darla de Toledo (Zoe Woodcraft)
    456. Scientology Slammed by Berlin Court
    457. Scientology's "Nigerian fraud" libel punished severely by German court
    458. Scientology guilty of libel and enjoined in Germany
    459. Re: trial report Minton ./. Weber etc
    460. Bob wins, Scientology Loses.
    461. Re: Criminal complaint against Minton
    462. New from LMT Media: Another Couple Speak Out
    463. Shit on the street in Boston
    464. Tory Christman (Bezazian), I love you!
    465. Scientology should be treated differently
    466. RTC chasing $3.0 Million from Minton re Grady Ward
    467. Scientology's demise: Sandy Weinberg
    468. LMT 2000 Literati Contest Redux + 1999 too!
    469. German court's written decision in Minton v. Scientology et al
    470. Re: Brooks - Take your sack of excreta with you!
    471. Jesse Prince Case: Scientology PI's Ordered to Depo
    472. Scientology's BOGUS manufactured evidence of terrorist threats
    473. The final word on Jolie Steckart
    474. Minton's Amended Motion for Hearing
    475. CoS opposition to Minton's Motion for Order to Show Cause
    476. Minton's Motion for Order to Show Cause
    477. Worried about Bob Minton
    478. Bob Minton, American Hero!
    479. Prince Bola Ajibola's Verdict on the Fashanu Report
    480. Pinellas BS
    481. My first post with questions about OT3, December 1, 1995
    482. What bribery buys from Pinellas County Judges
    Bob Minton with the head of Lafayette R. Hubbard
    Bob Minton With The Head
    Of Lafayette R. Hubbard


    Bob Minton being harassed by Frank Ofman
    Bob Minton being harassed
    by Frank Ofman

    The Lisa McPherson Trust
    33 N. Fort Harrison Ave.,
    Clearwater, Florida
    Telephone: (727) 467-9335.

    Robert S. Minton's
    Fight Against Co$
    clkates's Site

    Pickets and other
    harassment by $cientology
    ethercat's Site

    Bob Minton explains things to Frank Ofman
    Bob Minton explains
    things to Frank Ofman

    Frank Offman: the Face of Scientology
    Frank Ofman: the face
    of Scientology®

    Jesse Prince with Frank Ofman in his face.
    Jesse Prince with
    Frank Ofman in his face.

    Frank Ofman giving Bob Minton a hearty whack!
    Frank Ofman giving Bob
    Minton a hearty whack!

    Bob Minton speaking at the CULTInfo 1999 conference. Picture is copyright 1999 by CULTInfo
    Bob Minton speaking at
    CULTInfo 1999
    Copyright © CULTInfo

    Stacy Young Brooks talks about the book "A Piece of Blue Sky". Picture is copyright 1999 by Xenu TV
    Stacy Young Brooks
    talks about the book
    A Piece of Blue Sky
    Picture © 1999 Xenu TV

    Stacy Young Brooks and Grady Ward, working on Bob Minton's speech at CULTInfo 1999. Picture is copyright 1999 CULTInfo.
    Stacy Young Brooks
    And Grady Ward
    Picture © 1999 Xenu TV

    Scientology: Reformation or Obliteration? The Time for a Decision is Now!

    Jesse Prince, previously second- in- command at Scientology. Picture is copyright 1999 by Xenu TV
    Jesse Prince
    Picture © 1999 Xenu TV

    It's safe to talk! It's safe to listen! The Lisa McPherson Trust is here to help Scientologists leran about Scientology.

    "Inciting violence like this is looked upon as a hate crime in America. Luckily for the peaceful protesters outside his house, Minton's shots missed them and the police came and arrested him before he could do more." -- Anonymous Church of Scientology spokesperson known as 'Qwerty08'